Why Nike Oregon Project Crushed Mary Cain And Distance Running

Nike and the Nike Oregon Project are destroying the sport. Here's why.
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Published on 6 days ago


  1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

    Hope the best for Mary Cain moving forward, really deserves to mop some peeps in a dirty race.

  2. Bryan Ryder

    This is one of the most unimportant things of this entire story, but my god was Mary Cain unbelievable as a runner. But no matter how “fast” or “slow” you are, no one deserves to go through what she experienced with NOP. Under all the medals and fast times people from that group ran, what really went on behind the scenes is disgusting and absolutely disgraceful. Really appreciate your insight on this topic and I’d love to see you really start getting some more content out here again!

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Bryan Ryder been uploading much more frequently lately man, been trying to at least once or twice a week! Thanks for stopping and appreciate the love!

  3. Drikus Steenkamp

    We can make liste of petision aigenenst him and let the atheltes that has excperenced singe it

  4. E Mat

    The NOP is not a concentration camp. Cain was free to leave anytime she wanted. Not only did she not leave but she tried to rejoin this past April. "My Coach Yelled at Me". Sooooooo that's what coaches do Snowflake. Mary's parents are doctors. They knew what her training was and said nothing. Bascially Cain is crying because she never mached her HS success. So she blames the coach. She needs to look in the mirror and quit piling on Salazar. "My coach was mean" *snooze*.

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      E Mat the argument that she tried to rejoin, doesn’t take away from the fact that NOP partook in malpractice during her training. Claiming “the coach is mean” is wrongly simplifying salazar’s and NOP’s core issues. If you want to disregard her weight issues as being a “snowflake”, (many including myself would strongly disagree) then fine, but don’t forget he strongly pressed her to violate USADA regulated standards, as well as many many other athletes in the program. There’s a difference between not being able to take the heat of training (which obviously is not the case if you look at her accomplishments) and not wanting to conform to a corrupt system.

  5. Cavalcade of Death

    Women can't take pressure.

    1. Cavalcade of Death

      ​@Super Saiyan Mayne Train Women quit in the face of pressure when men push on. sorry, mate. That's been my life experience of working alongside women. And when they quit, they look for the nearest available man to blame. Feminism has taught them to find a man to blame and to frame it in the context of 'abuse'.

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Cavalcade of Death I’m not even going to attempt to respond to this outrageously ignorant comment.

    3. TheWeirsKid YT

      This is so false but ok.

  6. B.J. Martin

    I dumped Nike many years ago for so many reasons.

  7. Sean Santos

    First, Mary was very fast for a high school girl, she was never fast for an elite level woman. Second, Sifan seemed to do fine under NOP and Alberto. Third, you can't be so naive as to believe that morality or ethics have anything to do with it. This is big money sport, the days of the "clean" athlete are long gone. Finally, what do you make of Mary wanting to rejoin the NOP last April?

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Hope I can add a few clarifying points for you, 1. Mary cain’s PR’s of 4:24 and 4:04 would essentially win any D1 Championship race, as well as compete extremely well on the world scene (Emma coburn has never broken 4:20) 2. Sifan is a case example of success, not the guideline (if one out of ten athletes succeeds, did the coach do well, or did the athlete do well)? 3. I don’t think the argument “everyone is doing it” makes it any better. That is the issue with the sport entirely. Doping strips any credibility from an athlete and a coach forever (once your body has reaped the benefits of improvement, it can’t be undone) 4. Mary Cain’s hope of coming back to a program that (at the time) she didn’t fully understand had caused her great pain doesn’t take away from the fact that they have issues. When somebody in a relationship is abused, and wants to come back to their abuser, is it their fault, or the abusers? I’ll leave that up to you. Hope this broadens your perspective a bit Sean. All the best.

  8. SANKU

    Good commentary, Ive subscribed!

    1. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      SANKU appreciate it brotha!!

  9. leo alex

    I am BURNING all my Nike related products. I will NEVER buy or wear Nike again.

    1. leo alex

      @Gavin Sellers Too late, already burned. You must really hate women to want to wear a symbol of hatred towards women like the Nike swoosh.

    2. Gavin Sellers

      leo alex give it to me

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      leo alex it all starts with us mate.

  10. Jim Murray

    Have you ever seen a 300 pound runner setting any speed records?

    1. Rob Ford

      At your best your a moron...

    2. Samuel Côté

      Super Saiyan Mayne Train keep it up man ! 🤘

    3. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Samuel Côté I can get behind this. My point more so is that 6 pounds for a 1500 runner is significantly different than for a marathoner-she can air more so on the side of caution than others. Completely agree with you regarding her weight though-you can’t argue with results! When you’re the best, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Appreciate the response brotha.

    4. Samuel Côté

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train Totally agree with the things you said and really shocked about the situation Cain was in. But let's not say that a weight loss of 6 pound is insignificant at this level: it CAN be a huge factor for some athlete. Different people have different bodies and everyone have their own optimal ''race-weight'' at which they perform best. Cain's race-weight was possibly heavier than most athlete her height - but it was the weight at which she was performing best... she proved it.. Salazar shouldn't have put so much pressure about her weight..

    5. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Jim Murray does it look like Mary Cain weighs 300 fucking pounds? The difference between 120 and 114 for an elite runner, especially focusing on mid distance events, is nearly insignificant. Especially since Mary Cain was already the FASTEST girl in the COUNTRY to begin with. She got slower running with NOP. Your comment is ignorant.

  11. Bob Coakley

    Great video. I was wondering what happened to Mary Cain. Now I know. www.soyouwanttobeafitnesstrainer.blogspot.com

  12. kong xiaoli

    Mary Cain reveals that she is emotionally and physically abused by a system designed by Alberto and endorsed by Nike. “Young girls’ bodies are being ruined by an emotionally and physically abusive system,” Cain said. www.dianjinwa.cn/video/53583.html

  13. The FOD Runner

    Hadn’t seen the video yet, will watch now but read about the article today, absolutely savage stuff, so sad to hear a talent was wasted and butchered 👎

    1. Sean Santos

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train She had parents. Her father is a doctor. You're being emotionally manipulated bro. [and do watch the loaded language]

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Sean Santos I mean this in no means sexually or inappropriately. He took advantage of her inexperience and youth-joining the program in her late teens (just graduating high school), there is very little she could possibly know about the post-high school or collegiate running culture, and her first experience of it was crushed. What’s most frustrating is that there are others who go through this, who don’t even realize it’s wrong because it’s all they know. I can see how my point may have been confusing, hope this helps brother.

    3. Sean Santos

      @Super Saiyan Mayne Train "took advantage of her"?

    4. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Running Through It it’s pretty pathetic man, especially considering she joined as a minor and a grown fucking man took advantage of her.

    5. Running Through It

      It's tough, especially having seen similar stories when I was coaching collegiately, just seems like she had no support system and was taken advantage of by a coach who she had trusted since she was 16.

  14. Liam Dennehy

    The adidas solar glides are great if you’re looking to replace your pegs

    1. Akbar Nur Pribadi

      Skechers razor 3 ;)

    2. Super Saiyan Mayne Train

      Liam Dennehy ill definitely look into them, thanks man!!

  15. Michelle Martinez

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