Why 17-Year-Old Can’t Get Out of Her Seatbelt

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    It was an unusual emergency when a 17-year-old girl got hopelessly tangled in her seatbelt. Her mom watched in disbelief as her daughter tried to break free. So how did Gracie Davidson find herself in such a bizarre situation? She was in the back seat of her mom's car when she fell asleep. When she woke up, somehow, her seatbelt was tightly wrapped around her waist and she couldn't release it. Police outside Dallas, Texas, were called, but this was unlike anything they'd ever experienced.

    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Inside Edition

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      1. Gina

        she have sexy feet !

      2. DAFUSER

        Her first time actually putting on a belt, she gets stuck.

      3. Nuclear Muscle

        So how exactly did the seatbelt get stuck, Inside Edition? 🤔 There's no explanation in this video.

    2. Jonas Páll Gudmundsson

      Must have been a slow news day. A REALLY slow news day..

    3. rareusername

      well,, at least she didn't get her hands stuck in a roll of duck tape like this one girl in my 7th hour last friday

    4. Morisa Robinson


    5. Morisa Robinson

      Can't they unbuckle here?

    6. イサxaker01

      So cheerful

    7. Sir Lynchalot

      She looks delicious

    8. Goku Black

      She cute lmao

    9. Trevor Lemke

      Lmaooooo nice

    10. Illusion67

      When you got nothing else to post. *Inside Edition* : "Why 17-Year-Old Can't Get Out of Her Seatbelt"

    11. Polish Filipino

      I blame all these comments about p0rnhub on the fact girls want to look all cutesy and stuff in their Unbelievably short shorts

    12. Sam M.

      she bad

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      2. Sam M.

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      4. Sam M.

        @Goku Black she's probably like 16 i can hear the FBI coming

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    13. FirstName LastName

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    14. ManMadeDesaster

      when you need to call the fire department to get out of your seatbelt

    15. DinoNoah

      there a house on fire. but the firefighter help a person in a seat belt

    16. Skelly

      0:34 P0rn hub:this is a good idea

    17. Kristian Nikolla


    18. benefactionhindrance

      Seatbelt hack. She didn’t want to go to school.

    19. xXRetro GameXx

      Knife anybody? 🤔🙄🙄😑😑😑

    20. Globular Egnima

      Wtf America where was the army

    21. rBullitt

      0:34 *dont look down* *don’t look down*

    22. Zikry Azmain

      Shouldn't the manufacturer be more careful about seat belts

    23. Adam

      Well if she was 18 p0rnh4b would came and make it "step sister stuck"

    24. awhiteguy24

      I did this once as a kid. Except it was on a road trip and I was bored so I just rolled around the car with my seatbelt on still. Too my dad like 20 minutes to get me out

    25. Drakesden

      0:32 Oh, yeah, no doubt.

    26. Drakesden

      News worthy. America...

    27. theunknown

      Something tells me there was a simple way to undo it but they just didn't have the brains

    28. Evolution Square

      uhm... shouldn't everyone have a seatbelt cutter in their car anyways? For emergencies.

    29. Furret Boi

      0:50 She's just casually getting pulled apart whilst on her phone. Nothing rlly.

    30. Jameson Oof

      almost 188888888

    31. Jameson Oof

      her bank account is about to be good

    32. cbej

      Forgive me if this sounds like a dumb comment. They could try and use scissors.

    33. DJ LOOPY

      That cop was enjoin hes job that day!

    34. 20somethingsWorld

      Why couldn’t they get special scissors and get her out ?

    35. Yeesack Films

      Ngl she kinda fine tho🥴

    36. G

      this is ridiculous, how is this news worthy?

      1. Eqvnt

        this is a meme channel

    37. Clara Bell

      This was on TikTok

    38. Eloy R

      I’m 17 too

    39. vinpin

      her @?

    40. SkyfalconTin

      My blanket strangles me in my sleep