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    Thought I'd try a random vlog again!
    Jordz: Astrojordz
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    Bas: bastakespics
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. sotuur aeei

      Literally no one: Me: just saying but big booooooobs spotted

    2. Sam James

      Hey Simon I’m writing to you today as one of my friends loved your videos in fortunately they took their life today but I knew he buzzed overer you as do I and all I’m looking for to celebrate his life to get an honest mention of his way name which is also the same as mine being Sam. We both loved your videos but unfortunately he’s not here to see tomorrow after today and I promised I’d get a shout out from you... sorry for putting the pressure on you but it would mean a lot to me and Cameron

    3. Abdullah Aldred

      What rapper concert was he at

      1. sotuur aeei

        I have time travelled I think ksi is gonna win

    4. Asayin1

      It's Ari from fortnite

    5. Vishal Wadhwa


    6. Derek Mc Cabe

      Simon do you still play with UTR you should start playing again 🤘🏼

    7. Jon D

      Who cares

    8. huttio srreu

      Literally no one: Me: just saying but big booooooobs spotted

    9. Mensah Jayden

      Sidemen members are the best youtubers

      1. yaliso gioouy


    10. Deathrow The greatest grim reaper

      Congratulations ksi you’ve done it!!!!

      1. yaliso gioouy

        12:38 im just saying huge jugs spotted....

    11. Doofen849

      That hoodie dropping tom

      1. huttio srreu

        Ksi won

    12. dan mitchy

      music at the start?

    13. KS I

      Why was Simon hugging a floating head at the start? Thx for liking

    14. joshua willis

      Would love to see the uk USsel scene do their own version of band aids ‘Do they know it’s Christmas time’ this would be a great thing to watch and hear plus raise awareness for countries that struggle to celebrate the holiday. Just a though?

    15. Dylan Cromwell

      Where is the reaction to the ksi vs Logan 2 fight

    16. O ca

      11:44 look behind the person Simon speaking to

    17. Aimee Ryan

      Where’s the childish hoodie

    18. Ramesses

      Dutch people are just... so boring

    19. normal human

      I have time travelled I think ksi is gonna win

      1. vbddfy euuyt


    20. Ashley Hipol

      Yo I was feeling the whole ghost busters thing 😅 I literally yelled ghost busters when you asked that chick the question 😂 took her daayys

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        The start is so heart warming

    21. Booby Smithisoon


    22. exotic gaming

      It's a bit late

    23. Aryan Patel

      everyone who looks at this spam simon to react to jj's new song

    24. Sammy Butt

      12:38 im just saying huge jugs spotted....

    25. Zoe Birkinshaw


    26. lewis Horsley

      Ksi won

    27. Bryan Barraza

      11:25 young gib

    28. George McCarthy

      She did not win fair and square at all, in fact I want VAR decision on this

    29. Jollie Mallari


    30. Jollie Mallari


    31. Jollie Mallari

      Mr beast

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Who was Simon hugging at the start?

    32. Tomorr Celaj

      All of England:kSI Ez WiN DRoPIng LOgAn

    33. This a Robry

      12:51 chick on left got massive jugs

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Who ever though Logan was gonna win You are CLOWNS C-Constantly L-Losing O-Only W-Wanking N-Not S-Smart

    34. Thuvavy Is Hype

      The start is so heart warming

    35. ghausia p


    36. Rabbi Kankolongo


    37. HB GAMING

      KSI has done it

    38. 2 cool 4 school

      Ksi because he’s black

    39. Pierre Reyes-Rivas

      4:16 💀💀💀

    40. Minecraft Asmr

      I bet u they went to the red light district

    41. Harry TG

      it 20:41pm and its not out

    42. Harry TG

      When is sidemen sunday

    43. gtoss chddy

      Ngl I felt sorry for that one guy - “Kong” 😂😂

    44. WeRise

      12:56 👀👀👀

    45. NamZy

      Whos here before from shannon brings not saying lets go champ again

    46. SocialCake

      Who ever though Logan was gonna win You are CLOWNS C-Constantly L-Losing O-Only W-Wanking N-Not S-Smart

      1. gtoss chddy

        I'm here after KSI's victory!!! Anyone else🥊

    47. Eleonora _*

      Who was Simon hugging at the start?

    48. Cookies :*

      ksi won

    49. Sup P

      Who is here after KSI won? 👇🏻

    50. ytJORDAn 10

      Who here after ksi won

    51. Ab Gaming

      The start bit looked fake

    52. Mainly Alki


    53. Josh Zuniga

      Let’s go ksi!

    54. Rohan Uppalapati

      Who’s here after the fight? 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

    55. Silent Gaming

      7:34 BTEC chrismd

      1. Krystal Stunting


    56. Michael Nhlane


    57. KiranK28

      Jj ❤️👏👏

    58. noob gaming XD

      Ksi won the fight

    59. Skrodd

      Whos watching this after the rematch happened?

    60. Zainab the best 11

      Ksi won !!! YAY