Which Car Jump Starter Is Best? Let's find out!

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    Jump start a car using the best portable car battery jump starter. Compared 8 jump starters, including new supercapacitor car battery jump starter made by Autowit, lithium ion jump starters, Harbor Freight Viking, Noco Boost GB 40, Sanrock, Topvision, DB Power, Audew, and a sealed lead acid jump starter made by Duracell.
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    1. sauercrowder

      This is surprising, I have the Noco Sport (smaller one) and have used it successfully on a friend's Accord. Seemed to work great, but the battery might not have been completely drained.

    2. Stefan Butz

      I bought a Topvision. very happy with it.

    3. Paper Tiger

      mr yell at me....no thx my antigrav jump starter still going strong after 4 years

    4. In Dang3r

      They can be the best of the world, useless if they can't ship to the world. Apparently I can not pay to get them sent to Romania. Was using Paypal.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    5. Boston Parker

      I would like to see the Halo tested and added to the list. These things work great for lawn mower batteries.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the video idea!

    6. Hachiro

      I'd love to see a part 2 video, with more brands. One I'd like to see is the Roav Jump Starter Pro by Anker. I love the Anker products I've gotten so far, their quality is awesome, and I'd love to own more xD

      1. Project Farm

        Great suggestion! Thank you

    7. steven7650

      One problem is you jumped connecting ground to the battery. When jumping you should connect ground to the chassis so as not the charge the battery, while the starter is pulling current. If you still have the units would love to see a re-run in this scenario. Great stuff!!

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    8. De-bodgery

      Lithium jump starter test: The capacity ratings for lithium devices are very commonly egregiously exaggerated. Please do an add-on to this video where you put a smaller load...like 5 amps on them. Time how long it takes to run them down til they shut off. Many watt meters will show this information as well. Now you can show actual amp/hours vs advertised amp/hours. I looked up the TOPSTARTER product and in their specs they say it has a LIPO battery. 1. You need 4 cells in series to get to 16v. 2. LIPO 20,000mah high capacity cells are common. 3. 10-15C is a very common discharge rate in 20,000mah LIPO cells. 25C is much less common. 4. High discharge rate LIPO cells...like 65C are somewhat common. High discharge rate LIPO is expensive. 5. High capacity and high discharge rate LIPO is NOT common and very expensive. 6. For less than $100 for any of these lithium units, it is highly unlikely they use high discharge rated, high capacity LIPO cells. 7. My suspicion is these are probably 10C or 15C or maybe 25C cells getting pushed beyond their abilities. 8. How much the jump pack voltages sagged under load confirms this suspicion. Voltage sag is a good indicator of the discharge capability of the cell. 9. 500 amps would need 25C, 20,000mah cells to NOT overly stress the LIPO cells. 10. Probably, all these jump chargers work on 10-25C large capacity LIPO cells. 11. The jump starters that performed poorly are probably using 10C and the top performers 25C cells. LIPO cells can do a few bad things when they get stressed too much: (Get used at too high a discharge rate) 1. They swell up as gasses form inside the foil pouch. Use these jump packs very much for jumping cars and I imagine the cells get very swollen. 2. Push LIPO too hard, they get hot enough to catch fire or at least swell so much they burst their foil pouches. In either case, the jump pack is toast! 3. Over stressed LIPO cells rapidly lose capacity and their internal resistance rises too. 4. Repeatedly stressed LIPO cells die young and short out internally. My expectation is with something like 8-20 jump starts that most or all of these jump packs will be useless or have greatly degraded performance. The C rate of the LIPO cells will significantly determine how many jump starts you get from one of these units. I'd love to take apart a couple of these jump packs to see what was really inside. This would make for a great part 2 add-on video! Look up the cells inside to discover their manufacturer rated capacities and then with actual capacity testing, you get to see just how badly the capacity and discharge rates are exaggerated.

    9. De-bodgery

      Weird...youtube duplicated what I wrote.

    10. Jacob McKernan

      You seriously made a 30-45 day line to get the Audew.. They gave their thanks to you personally on their page

    11. Kevin Huggins

      Great test!! I've been wondering about these little packs! Definitely going to stick one in the wife's car!

    12. David Clifton

      I must say based on reviews I’ve read, I thought the Noco would be a top performer but ended up being one of the worst performers. I am so glad I didn’t buy that lol I’ll get the Audew now.

    13. Tristan Brown

      Amazon is out of stock with the Audew battery lolol EXCELLENT!

      1. Tristan Brown

        @Project Farm I apparently had been hit with a rare sugar rush from two slices of apple pie. Sorry for my comments getting wild last night :D

      2. Project Farm


    14. Tristan Brown

      HAHAHA That harbor freight battery charger is a piece of shit! Bye, HF STOCK!

    15. Ravendon

      It would be nice to have a ranking, links to Amazon and skus

    16. john morris

      The capacitor jump starter is the best. What happens when you forget to charge the lithium type up. The capacitor type will last forever.

    17. Big Kat

      Out standing sir. Thankyou

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback!

    18. massivereader

      I bought a Clure JNC660 1700 Amp 'Jump-N-Carry' five years ago because that's what the AAA fellow had last time I had to call for jump service . I've used it dozens of times, sometimes for multiple jumps between charges. I've never had a lick of trouble with it. It's a big sucker though, built sturdy to last.

    19. TheChewy78

      Good to know that the same audew jump pack that was tested here I also bought earlier this year in May should be a good buy . Have not had to use it much yet, but maybe now want to see for my self how well it will jump our old Ford 7600 farm tractor that we don't use much.

    20. Cody

      funny how the ones with the flashy lights and stereotypical marketing colors / graphic design performed like garbage.

      1. Project Farm

        Great point.

    21. Todd

      I cant decide what muppet this guy sounds like....

    22. MMM mm

      Haven't heard of most of these.. I see a type s at costco all the time and a stanley power station at sams (and it has a tire compressor built in too).. I think my mom bought a halo from qvc. ever tested any of those?

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the video idea!

    23. TopDedCenter

      Thanks to Project Farm, AUDEW jump packs are sold out. They even put a disclaimer on their website thanking/(blaming?) project farm for all the customer traffic.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    24. Jacob McKernan

      You are doing the peoples work sir

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you!

    25. Minnesota Prepper

      You are such a BOSS!!!

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the positive comment

    26. Dasdfjkl

      If a jumper battery is under 16 volts when fully charged, it means that there is something wrong with a battery cell.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    27. Dasdfjkl

      I have a Trekpow G22 and it peaks at about 1100 amps for about 4 seconds, staying above 1000 amps before turning off. It goes to 75% after three load tests. I used a HF load tester so accuracy isn't spot on, but the jumper has a lot of juice. $89. After using a jumper battery you have to charge it right away, after it cools and periodically charge it about once every 4 to 6 months.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    28. William Kraft

      Posted on the Audew.com website. Thanks to Project Farm Channel The Audew Jumpstarter is very popular and almost sold out. Starting Nov. 12, 2019 if you purchase the product at the price of $84.99 you need to wait 35-45 days processing time. "As of today 12/10/2019 the price is still at $84.99"

    29. Belgarionsedge96

      I find your results interesting cause I’ve had a Noco gb40 for about 3 years now and it’s started everything I’ve stuck it on even a 6.7L Cummins with no battery at -30 *F

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback!

      2. Dasdfjkl

        I think both his HF and gb40 were defective. Makes me think QC isn't good on the cells the Chinese companies use.

    30. Aqil Bintory

      Nicely done... Thx uploader... keep it up.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback!

    31. sdavrider

      I'm unable to find the Audew on Amazon. The manual you showed stated 20,000mAh. The only Audew on Amazon looks different and rated for only 10,800mAh. I have two Noco GB40 and I agree that the cloth bag for this price point is unacceptable. I found it discharged several times before i found a padded case that would fit.

    32. Senachie

      What was the model of the Audew that you tested?

      1. Krokmou

        @Project Farm It did not anwser to the question but ok

      2. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback!

    33. Senachie

      Thanks so much for producing this video!!!! I have often thought about purchasing one of these units to have in my vehicle for emergency situations, but I had no idea how to evaluate one brand against another. Your video makes my selection ever so much easier.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you

    34. Todd Crenshaw

      Can you teach the news reporters to give unbiased opinion and fact based information? :) Thanks for doing the testing and reporting that you do. There are some items where personal preference (opinion) is also important but you've always mentioned that it is "your" opinion. Wish the news reporters and news media would learn how to do that! I've sent this link off to my uncle who was impressed when a neighbor got his Kawasaki Mule started from such a compact device. I sent this to him so he can see for himself what the differences are and which would fit his needs best. Thanks again.

    35. goferizer

      I keep one of these in my 04 Suburban. It helped my wife start the 5.3ltr from a totally dead battery at an airport one cold night. I walked her through it over the phone. I've used it twice. This instance and once for my 450cc Foreman ATV. Worked like a charm. The model I used is a DBPOWER 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter. Amazon $80

      1. jennifer zeng

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      2. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback!

    36. Nick Aye

      Top 5 best channels on USsel!

    37. Ryan Fehr

      Great video, as always. It'd be nice if you did a follow-up test on durability and lifespan, as lithium ion batteries can't handle discharges well... Shortens their life a little bit each time. I suspect they wouldn't last as many discharge cycles as the other types.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the video idea!

    38. joseph waldner

      I have the NOCO GB70. 2000amp. It's helped me out but would never do what those cheaper models would do I see after this video. Guess I won't be buying the 4000 amp model I thought I needed.

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    39. Classic Salsa

      I am not sure as per right now but for years Dewalt was making the drill bits for Milwaukee including the ones for there chipping hammers....

      1. Project Farm

        Thank you for the feedback

    40. Uil1980

      Audew sold out thanks to Project Farm!!!

      1. jennifer zeng

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