What's Inside A Camel Hump?

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    A camel's hump doesn't contain water or bone… it’s fat. And each hump can store up to 36 kilograms of it that can sustain the camel for weeks or even months without food. The fat is incredibly nutritious and people are even starting to use it in cooking for its health benefits. But the camel didn't actually get its hump in the desert. In fact, Camels originated in the Canadian Arctic millions of years ago. And they used their fatty humps to survive long winters.
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    What's Inside A Camel Hump?

    Published on 7 months ago


    1. QTee

      I won't be having camel fat, thanks 😒

    2. Don Pit

      Wassup with the eyes? Like i get it but really lol

    3. Farda ZM

      Is it possible that camels get out of the fat in their humps?

    4. TV 5 Sw

      Even when you are in Desert u dont need GPS and most of Animals Know the direction

    5. rightTwix

      I love this channel, learn alot about science and animals ☺ And they are saying, "dont worry the camael isnt harmed" lol if you about to die and that's all you have is camel fat then my life over the camel lol.... unfortunate that we have to do that

    6. Der Morris

      If the theory that the plates on our planetes moved and shaped over time, from a single continent to the different parts we have now, then I doubt that there was snow where the mummified fossils were found back then. Not a scientist by any means but I also think we can't really tell.

    7. Benefits of Bravery

      I love the narrator’s cadence when he speaks it’s amazing and his voice keeps my attention yay! Happy USsel scroller here.

    8. Muhammed Bin Qasim

      I want to taste Camel Meat

    9. Ismail Dihaj


    10. Alam Pranata

      In Antartica There’s a two young people who adventurous a world. And they both get hunger. 👦 : man... this is the last food i’ve been bought. Yep.. a camels meat... 👱‍♂️: yes please... bring it up.. a many many years later.... *”Did you know that camels used to lived in the Arctic Tundra?”*

    11. mimikyu løves fnaf

      i learned on my school that a camel in his body that's water in it :/


      Quran (8<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="497">8:17</a>) : Then do they not look at the camels - how they are created?

    13. shah nawaz

      Don't know abt you guys but I store me Fat in me Belly.


      I knew that since i was 6 now im 46

    15. Jalon Glover

      I'm getting Rush Hour vibes.

    16. rеtro

      So you guys didn't learn this in like...4th grade?

    17. My Piano Music

      What's inside's next video: What's inside a camels hump? *Proceeds to open the hump*

    18. Big NIgga

      So your trying to tell me i can feed an entire army only using Camel Fat Alone?

    19. carlmark inopia

      Well, why Abraham, Jesus and Mohammed used camel on their travels?

    20. DefinitelyNotGene

      my life is a lie

    21. MirrorMommy

      I think that camels are native to Africa and just like the Woolly Mammoth...there are winter Camels.

    22. Kyle Busch 18

      I knew camels store fat in their humps by preschool

    23. Raigou

      "iconic hump"

    24. bsteele593

      No camels always lived In the desert!

    25. ActuallyFabio

      Or you can just buy a toyota yaris.. its much faster and can seat up to 5 people.. and never runs out of fuel

    26. Reem Maaroof

      ﴿أَفَلا يَنظُرونَ إِلَى الإِبِلِ كَيفَ خُلِقَت﴾ [الغاشية: ١٧] Then do they not look at the camels - how they are created? - a verse from the holy QURAN📖

    27. Fuad MM

      Im Somali so any question...?

    28. Ness lopez

      oh no , poor camels :S :S sorry guys your great survival adaptations now will be your demise in our human world :( they will be in factories soon like cows

    29. Elias Enriquez

      Camels are now my favorite animal second from dogs since I saw their salty milk

    30. Shamus Bob

      Camels feel like I'm watching a Star Wars fan theory video on a background creature, like it feels alien and ridiculous of an animal. Imagine being an alien and you come down here in your ufo and the first thing you see is a Camel, you'd think you were gonna see wild ass creatures to follow but then you see naked humanoid monkey dudes listening to Linkin Park.

    31. megadestroyer454

      If you thought that a camel's hump had water in it after 10 years old please never talk to me.

    32. Mian Asif

      Allah says to nonbelievers in Quran Then do they not look at the camels how they are created. Chapter 88 verse 17

    33. Jesse Gonzalez

      I'm watching this on Wednesday! Hump Day!

    34. Said Hussein

      People just talk about it ,,,but me this is my life I grow up in camel farm ,,,we use it ride and drink the milk for months with out water but we dont eat the hump and but it back together ,,,the only time we eat the hump if we gonna eat it all

    35. Cheese Head

      Have we not learned from the spread of the cornavirus? Stop eating this "exotic" animals

    36. De Santa

      Now it's weird to see how only female human have hump under their waist

    37. Emmanuel Anajao

      Camel is my spirit animal because I am always dry and thirsty.

    38. adrian marshall

      How ignorant people are to not believe in a God, a creator. Why didn't all animals adopt to their conditions?? Arctic or otherwise?

    39. Sergio Acosta

      cuatemoch blanco ay te hablan 🤣

    40. Baburo101

      Guess what day it's! 🐪

    41. KenC

      So theyre like back boobs?

    42. 1M

      🧜ussel.info/video/video/safWj2WZzWqcjas.html For more information

    43. NathanDrake

      Oh sheesh thank god, for a second i thought this was a ‘whats inside’ video

    44. Humble Servant

      Science is no longer accurate and viable, until its stops being biased and racially fabricated facts. Until then, I will believe the science of God, not man: for man fabricates fact to raise one self preserve racial interest like the this guy below link : en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piltdown_Man. Respectfully Submitted.

    45. Danny

      I’m a spoiled American that needs to learn the metric system so I can translate these units. 😂

    46. Wei Hao Tai

      The drawn eyes on the camels actually trigger me


      In Holy Quran the creation of camel explained in very comprehensive way before 1400 years ago

    48. Maxamed Rashid

      I lost when he said “ a lot people though inside camels hump are water”

    49. Me And The Ph

      All my life I thought it was a bone😂

    50. 6ix9in.69 Alshikh

      geelka guruskis waxa kudhax jira guruskale oo bisel la aan lacuni karo karis ubaahnen ma arkin balse calaamad dahabi baa guruska gela korkis lagu sawiray dabka loonkis waa dahabi dahab cidkasta waa jeceshahay hawenka iyo doowladaha soodanalo away carurti iyo culimadii

    51. Beast My Life

      Talk about being built to last.

    52. David Dar

      they should do a "whats inside xxxxxx?" series

    53. bigmeanben

      Lol I just got an ad for csmels

    54. muslima chowdhury

      *Is it just me or someone else* *finds a camels dumb chill face* *extremely cute..??*

    55. Private Beckham

      Who Ever Scrolling through the comments have a nice day "Hennessey" Lyrics Video🔥🔥👇 ussel.info/video/video/qYPGeWmK0ZyHbac.html

    56. Adnan Fareed

      My humps my humps my humps my lil camel humps

    57. sam sung

      Camel toe?

    58. Ismail Mimox

      WOW! so this is why our god Allah tell us in Quran "Do they not look at camels, how they are created?" Surah Al-Ghashiya, verse 17

    59. gamerboy striker

      I thought camel has a mountain bone now i know the truth

    60. Liberty

      My girlfriend has a hump were she stores her fat too.

    61. Aman Ansari

      Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming)

    62. Ngọc Huy Từ

      Who drew the eyes of the camels deserved an award

    63. Duaa rana

      Subhan Allah.

    64. أبــو مــالــكــ

      أَفَلَا يَنظُرُونَ إِلَى الْإِبِلِ كَيْفَ خُلِقَتْ - 8<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="497">8:17</a> Then do they not look at the camels - how they are created?

      1. ?

        لا تعتمد على مترجم قوقل يالحبيب

    65. Master slave

      We were taught in schools than Camel stores water in the hump. Such a bloody Lie!

    66. Glory !!!!!!

      I 💙 🐫

    67. Bipul Mohanto

      This is the animal we will send to Mars accompanying Elon Musk and his car.

    68. Afthab D8

      If humps with fat. Why dessert heat not made boiled the fat😁🙃

    69. UNiCoRn PeGaSuS

      Ffs 115 liters in 1

    70. osama

      No. Stop,DONT start cutting up camels humps humanity,PLEASE

    71. Imkumwapang Mongro

      How cool do you wanna be? -As cool as a Camel

    72. Varun reddy

      make a video on whether large scale vegetation is possible to produce in antarctica. if we grow vegetation on antarctica & what challenges will be on mars poles to do the same.

    73. Ahmed Seeko

      Xooloyohow waa kurus 😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😂😅

    74. Big Smoke

      It's meat

    75. EpicGuy

      *Fun fact: their pregnant*

    76. مريم بنت نوح

      "أفلا ينظرون إلى الإبل كيف خلقت" سورة الفاشية Do they not look ( amazement and wonders )at how camel is created??

    77. Jyoti Kumawat

      Poem h ya story

    78. YourDonkeySoWrong

      Since fat don’t preserve as well as bones, there is possibility that dinosaurs also had humps.

    79. Justvibe Annaya

      In the thumbnail it look like cheese 💀

    80. IC3Y kitty

      What about geckos?