*Wears AirPod Pros Once*

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    The AirPod God is back and he still can't hear you.
    Drop a comment below if u suddenly feel broke-r.
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. weedsmith 93

      Hey Austin This is Guys

    2. MrMisterMan

      the funny part is airpod pros are 160 on amazon

    3. Mr. Caption

      0:03 NO On NOticE AusTiN EvanS???!!

    4. Modig

      This video turned on my Alexa

    5. VintageRyn *

      That moment when he looks better with beats on then the AirPods in 😂

    6. Matthew Livingston

      apple: release air pods pro trevor: "im broke again"

    7. * sleepy hannah *

      I felt so Gucci when I used my mom’s AirPods once. I never used them again T_T

    8. ohjac

      hey guys, this is austin

    9. Andrew Ayad

      This is so funny!

    10. Tremmor500

      I just got these for my birthday and I have 100% become this guy.

    11. Jaysway13

      I got so scared when my home pod responded to “hey Siri what’s the time”

    12. o

      I got proooooeeeesss callleeennn a yung ncka moeeeee sheeeeeccckkk weessss

    13. Joseph Barroll

      Don’t talk shit about my skull candy

    14. Aidan Basler

      This is hilarious. More of a joke

    15. Datwo

      What jacker are you wearing?

    16. Kate Morrissette

      Drew a picture of headphones to a 7 year old for pictionary Didnt know what it was..asked if it was a flute... Called me old because I included the wire...damn I am old 😂😂

    17. Popular Star

      lol 😂

    18. will thomas

      Videos like this really make first impressions really bad for u and this is my first ever time looking at your channel

    19. will thomas

      BICTH explode and first of all galaxy buds are not cheap and the air pod pros just came out so give it some time and the price will drop

    20. Sagey Universe

      Hey guys, it's Austin!

    21. Dre

      “Are those version 1 AirPods? Didn’t know it was throw back Thursday” I’m CTFU 😭😭😭

    22. Paka beenboutit

      It sucks cause I’m watchin this w the old air pods on😂

    23. Mobile Slayer

      U should be a actor

    24. SmockySaiyan

      Im watching with normal airpods

    25. Puii Hmar


    26. Chris Coleman

      you guys will appreciate that I'm watching this with the original iphone corded headphones

    27. Joshua Yoho

      1:10 When he said that, Siri from my phone responded

    28. John king King john

      One quick call to daddy later 😂😂😂

    29. Ef_gamer 23

      He is flexing like lil tay

    30. Lone Killer

      Me: (Laughs in wh1000xm3s)

    31. Cole Pfeiffer

      Not gonna try and flex but I’m watching this with my pros

    32. Cody Fisher

      You activated Siri on my phone lmaoooo

    33. Mc_Yeetus Deletusツ

      Walks into headphone store: Smells like *A F R I C A* in here

    34. FAINT

      "Feels like sex on my eardrums" Lol

    35. LR

      I’m still have wired Apple EarPods

    36. Potato Boi ._.

      0:02 he looks like Austin Evans

    37. Ali Ghazian


    38. Oh Mushrooms

      I watched this on Normal AirPods 😂

    39. Benjamin Iskander


    40. Muhammad saad Waheed

      Lmaooo. But those bullets are much better

    41. MrCheeks

      Austin Evans at the beginning

    42. Owen Smith

      Do u actually hate Samsung products? Or wires?

    43. Immensebooch

      rhino from loveliveserve: ITS SMELLS LIKE BROKE IN HERE

    44. Nicolas

      This is the whitest video I’ve ever seen

    45. Analking Skinwalker

      Oh no im broke again That's pretty much every apple user who wants to flex their new device each year

    46. Russell Simmons

      Why don’t you have 10 million subs?

    47. Josiah Castro

      0:30 😂😂😂

    48. Josephina Carlucci

      *one quick call to daddy later*

    49. NexoSchmeckt

      airpods are broke get bang and Olufsen peasent

    50. Ernesto Castellanos

      2:39 Arent those Shures?

    51. Jim Graf

      Galaxy buds are the best and cost less money l. Cant go wrong

    52. Donny Patoine

      "No, I'm not fired" power move 101

    53. Peter Günter

      Has anyone else noticed the socks from the other dude at 04:20 ? 😂

    54. Definitely not Sethharvey

      What songs playing in the background?

    55. GriffiNx

      Made my day

    56. Manuel Jimenez

      Mo Mamba....more like....Pro Mamba

    57. Ur MOM

      Listening to this with AirPods Pro 🤑

    58. JSLoverThree

      I live for these videos.

    59. Viper Hyper

      Now complains in rich again

    60. Glitched

      You can easily tell that he’s a Virgin