*Wears AirPod Pros Once*

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    The AirPod God is back and he still can't hear you.
    Drop a comment below if u suddenly feel broke-r.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Playboi Carter

      Hey guys it’s Austin

    2. daenerys targaryen

      "Do you have them?" I feel attacked😂😂

    3. Remmy UwU

      My phone picked up the “hey Siri what time is it”. That’s all

    4. moh

      My Siri came up when he said what’s the time

    5. fel -

      Galaxy buds are better.

    6. minni3mous3

      dude theyre just earbuds

    7. Mage Chicken


    8. Theodor Watson

      "Samsung- Oh theyre prolly gonna explode!!"

    9. Rylandos Shlong

      Why does he look like Bart Baker?

    10. Luke Scarlett

      We’re outta toilet paper...

    11. Tenz Tops

      Oooopss I just buy Soulja pods lol

    12. Daniel Ng'ang'a


    13. Big Boy

      It’s weird seeing people from like, 4 months ago in the comments not knowing that not much longer *this* is happening lmao

    14. ʟᴇᴛᴛᴜᴄᴇ

      I have Nokia earphones...

    15. MURGMA7

      I'm good with my beats wireless.

    16. ChimChim_ney

      Is his acting exaggerated? I can’t believe some people are actually like this

      1. Ramsey Bolton

        He isn't.

    17. ChimChim_ney

      I’m not American, and I refuse to believe that these kinds of people exist

    18. Pro_devilsgaming


    19. Tigerblood Pulse

      WTH when he said hey Siri every time my phone went off

    20. ACarr272

      You have Soulja pods? *who hurt you*

    21. TaeTae on earth

      *This type of humour is Gold bruhhh*

    22. Omar Heredia

      Fuck you for making my Siri answer your question lol

    23. Mpotatoes16

      Hey guys this is Austin!

    24. ProfessionalWalrus32

      “I just postmated Chick-fil-a on a Sunday!” 🤣 killed me

    25. Enigma

      Какие же айфонщики любители выебонов...

    26. So PZ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> best part?

    27. Hunter B

      “Smasung! They’re probably going to explode!” 😂

    28. Kieran Eustace

      This is why I refuse to switch to apple. Y'all act like this

    29. Abdul-Basit Piracha

      Lol watching with air pod pros

    30. army time

      I don't have the airpods too but I have custom color airpods does that still make me, r I ch

    31. Jack Stewart

      When he said hey siri my siri cam on

    32. Isabel isabel

      I like you

    33. Pink Guy

      Lol I’m listening to this in AirPods pro

    34. sincitycrackajac

      “Hey Trent, do you not know what the fuck oat milk is?!”

    35. Giants victory

      “Hey guys this Austin”

    36. Ellie Noir

      The Soulja Pods point was actually pretty accurate.

    37. Collin Norman

      Who else’s HomePod activated after he said hey Siri 😂

    38. alexis apostolakis

      this is why i hate southern california

    39. Ema Golob

      And there is me having my headphones i got for one dollar from chinese store

    40. Banjo Billy

      In all seriousness, Skullcandy makes really nice wireless earbuds for $50.

      1. Smoke Boi

        Didn't know it was throwback Thursday

    41. Moonlight yee

      Is this an ad for the AirPod pros???

    42. M J

      Hey guys, it’s Austin!!!

    43. Cave Dog Gaming

      Fucking hate airpods

    44. Iceneko

      headphones are way better: you can't change my mind

    45. Bryson Jenkins

      Ok is anybody gonna talk about how Austin Evans was in the beginning

    46. Bektur Aibekov

      You know I got the wirefobia loool

    47. F L Λ S H S L I T


    48. danielle globig

      People 10 years from now Whaaaattttt you dont have the new air pod x s 2 pros your so outdated.

    49. Webtoon Lover

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> I’m watching this video with a pink version of those 😂 *maybe I’m just a Pilot*

    50. MaX V3RSTAPP3N

      That Austin cameo tho 100%

    51. sawy sauce

      I mean this in the nicest way possible, you make a really good douche face.

    52. Richie Demo

      "it was you or the kombucha in to and your personality isn't that bubbly" Ah, I see what you did there.

    53. Manny S.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> hahahaha. Wirephobia

    54. Komrade Komicz

      Wait. Austin Evans??

    55. Nicholas Chamoun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="211">3:31</a> This is especially accurate right now

    56. Jules Meuwissen

      I lost it when the subtitels said broke intensefies.

    57. Jayleen Davila

      The dislikes are from the people that wear airpods pro

    58. Jayleen Davila

      *trying to zoom in a mac* “Can someone call tech the iPad isn’t working” 😂


      Imagine not watching this on air pod pros

    60. Project: CREATE

      lmao can y’all stop profilin californians plz lol

    61. Caleb Guffey

      I was sitting at school and a add popped about the pros and my day was dead.

    62. dannyboi

      I am 100% with him about the soulja pods

    63. The Vative

      "its either you or the kombucha on the tap in the kitchen" lmfao

    64. Megan McCrea

      His acting and his delivery are on point 😂👌🏻💯

    65. Max Wang

      I want to punch this guys bad.. Even though he’s acting..

      1. Sky Ray

        It’s cuz yer not whi, a mail , swag , and or haven’t been laid this year.

    66. Shakeer

      Business expense

    67. Joshua Johnson

      As long as you can hear the music or video clearly, your good. Don’t let society tell you you have to have these to be “cool”

    68. Nicholas Flores

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> did anyone else’s actually go off mine did

    69. Vixly

      You only have AirPods pros? I have AirPods mega x plus, poor people.

    70. SanFranOM

      austin evans

    71. Iyaaz Bhamjee

      did anyone elses siri pop up when he said hey siri

    72. Jack Pada

      "we need toilet paper *how is that my problem face*" People now: uhhhh

    73. Landen Penner

      This dudes acting is amazing cause he makes me mad during videos with a bitch in them

    74. Rishav Nath

      Here in LA people are like this ..

    75. Crack up Raukura

      Bro when u said hey Siri for some weird reason it worked and turned mine on

    76. Yashvardhan Gaur


    77. Jj Barnes

      White ppl dez days

    78. vasa di

      the boy austinn

    79. Gmoney _04

      Bruh man's has so many other USselrs form other communities

    80. friggyk

      *OMG I LUV TREVOR WALLACE ! Subscribing to his channel was the best thing I ever did I can’t believe I barely found him this year*