We REACTED to our old videos together when we DATED.. **EXPOSED** FT. Cody Orlove & Zoe Laverne

Cody & Zoe

Cody & Zoe

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    We hope you all enjoyed the video! Join the family if you haven't already. We love each, and every single one of you. Thank you for listening to our story about Zody. Forever in our hearts.
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    We REACTED to our old videos together when we DATED..


    1. Szofi Mavridisz

      Zoe the whole time: 😗✌️

    2. Maria Carrillo

      Hey zody love ya

    3. Bianca Delgado

      Why did y'all break up y'all are the perfect couple

    4. mia castillo

      ZOE your so so beautiful and Cody you're always going to be beautiful girl remember that if people bully you Zonuts will help you please don't follow me on Tik Tok please I'm so grateful for you my Tik-Tok thing is zoedonutshop

    5. Annabelle Jindra

      “What do you have in your pocket” I’m scared

    6. Mikki vella

      Do pranks

    7. Hailey Hernandez

      I miss your old intro

    8. Mya&Niyah Gang

      I was crying at first bc i thought yall wasnt dateing😭😢

    9. Cayla Cordova

      Zoe is The Best she is so Kind Ant nice And I Am a 🐄 Cuz I am a big Fan And I love Them so much

    10. Tori LeDrew

      When now there’s no tour because Coronavirus

    11. Aricelis Rodriguez

      Y’all look so cute together

    12. Amanda Campbell

      The first vid though

    13. editz_crige lol

      what's in the box challenge

    14. Kelsey Schinzel

      I'll probably like it

    15. Lora gacha

      Hey can I get you Instagram I’m going to get Instagram went im 10

    16. Emma Torres

      when zoe said i’m scarred i felt that

    17. Clownery Sis

      🤴🏿👸🏿 MELANIN LOVE GOALS 😍😍😍

    18. ATC_ Reymiko_YT


    19. the cloud squad

      They have changed do much... Ugh it sucks 😣

    20. Ginger Is stupid

      They are the most cringes couple ever

    21. jami p

      Cody going through zoe's phone

    22. jami p

      Zoe going through cody's phone

    23. irene cordez

      i hope zody last forever

    24. Summer Wood

      cody :and I wasn't a good looking guy and I still aren't Zoe: shut up

    25. Ohsnapitz Shaldon

      When Is the Next Video??

    26. Danielle Ramsey

      why did zoe use her middle finger, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a>

    27. Deemah AlHomoud

      JUST SAYING Zoe laverne is not a Zoenut she is a kind person and I really want to meet her I mean she's never mean only if you make her lose her temper its obvious that your letting her heart be broken i know that well it doesn't mean if I didn't meet her it means I I dont know her I saw her tiktoks and she is never mean I am a really big fan and im not joking Zoe laverne if you see this ii want to say I LOVE YOUUUUUUU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ now dont be mean to other people thats just rude what if someone made fun of you Or be mean and rude to you SO STOP MAKING FUN OF ZOE LAVERNE AND OTHER FAMOUS USselR/TIKTOKER CHARLI DAMELIO FOR INSTANT

    28. kiara rodrigues

      none srsly nobody not even a piece of skin me: WHY AM I NOT TAKEN CRYS;-; also my sister:EWWWW WHY U WATCH THEM me: EWWWWWWWWWWWW WHY U WATCH ANIMMEEEEEEEE LEMME BE LIKE

      1. kiara rodrigues

        does anyone else just saw how Cody grabbed Zoey's but I went OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 8:48

    29. Uzair Qayyum

      I am sending zoe some messages on snap chat plz chat

    30. irene cordez

      when it was the first video then they watched it again then they try it again they kissed they are still dating in 2020

    31. Jianna Mccumbee

      Did u guys break up cuz i luv yall together

    32. Belkis Rivera

      zoe:watching a zonut video her:dowsnt like:(

    33. Zoe Finnegan

      I love you so much Cody and Zoe 💜

    34. Zoe Finnegan

      Did anybody else see that little hair hanging on Codys face

    35. Brooke O toole

      Can u go on tour and come to Ireland

    36. Logan Beale

      I’m from TikTok user loganbeale0

    37. Marisol Collazo

      My Dream Is To Visit Zody When Social tour Is again🥺

    38. Madelyn Velasquez

      I love you guys

    39. circus baby

      Why are u to soooooo beautiful xx

    40. And I OoOoOoOp Skskskskks

      Ok I love y’all but y’all are throwing all this exciting stuff out there and I love that most of the time but this is....off

    41. Gabby TV


    42. Sweet Potato

      Do a dare video

    43. #welcome to the pug squad #welcome to the pug squad

      U guys are still dating right?

    44. Santiago Manzano

      We love you Zoe and Cody

    45. Melissa The weirdo

      Cody: you was a little baby Zoe:I still am. l-

    46. Legos for life b.e.d

      Omg I love you Zody

    47. Jillian Mowrey

      Zoe I Love you

    48. Zoey Munguia

      The way she kept on looking at him soooooo cuteee

    49. taliyah sc

      Nobody.. Zoe and Cody <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="477">7:57</a> 😂😂😂😂

    50. Zody Zachariah

      I randomly searched up my name on USsel and this couple came up. Cool that I'm named after a famous couple

    51. Ella Ginn

      Cody: I didnt look the best and I still dont Zoe: shut up

    52. iitsoliiviia

      Why are you posting videos of you guys making out. Most of your fans are like 8-10 years old they dont need to be seeing this

    53. Lxser._.cherry

      Zephen: “COME ONE ZOEEE” Cody: “Yeah come on zoeee”

    54. Zoe Laverne


    55. BTS V

      Zoe ❤️Cody ZODY

    56. Pradip Rai


    57. maddie macayan

      "it was fetus laverne, i was like 16 in that"

    58. Cecilia Tavarez

      🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I'm Huge fan

    59. Khloe Hill

      What the heck I had a dream meeting you guys and now I want to meet you guys

    60. Paradise MSP

      HII ilysm i wish i was ur bff

    61. Nena De la casa


    62. melaniemartinezMya crybaby

      Did anyone notice how she like forced him to do the handshake

    63. Süñsēt Wøłf

      Cody: we always look in the comments! Me:hmm... NOTICE ME!!!😂💞💕🥰

    64. xMeliix


    65. Star Bucks

      Who watch this 2019 Leave a like

    66. Nicole Cuellar

      You guys so cute never want you guys to break up

    67. Nancy Calderon

      You should prank your friends that zoe is pregnant

    68. imatreehouse 999


    69. Maddi Cain

      cody: let’s make a video Zoe: *looks on tiktok* *scrolls thru a zoe fan page vid zoe: what kind of video zoe: *scrolls back to the vid and likes it*🥺🥺

    70. Savella Oberto

      I am going to need Zoe to do my makeup I love her makeup

    71. Damian Ortiz

      What happened to the pranks do u guys not do that anymore

    72. Chelsea Cruz

      Nobody Not even a single soul Not even Einstein Me: *sreenrecording the rares*

    73. Hanar Palani

      I love ur TIk toks

    74. mysterious mustaches

      No one : Literally no one ; The comments: no one literally no one

    75. Orlaith Conway

      i love this girl with all of my heart

    76. Aundrea Bejarano

      No one: Literally no one: Cody through out the whole video: OMG oh my OH MY GOSH

    77. Sasha Shariff

      fetus laverne- zoe 2020

    78. Ashley Gastelum

      Hi I love you your my idol

    79. Mike

      Craziest and the cutest couple ever!

    80. Zoe Laverne

      When zody talk to each other like a baby Me:AWW🥺💞