WE ADOPTED OUR FIRST PUPPY! FT. Zoe Laverne & Cody Orlove

Cody & Zoe

Cody & Zoe

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    ZODY IS BACK BABYYY! We're going to be posting constantly now, so get ready, and join our family! We appreciate all the love, and support from the bottom of our hearts. Hope you all love, and adore Drip.
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    WE ADOPTED OUR FIRST PUPPY! FT. Zoe Laverne & Cody Orlove


    1. Eyeshadow Life

      Aww drip 💧

    2. kiara rodrigues

      i want a freakin dog but my dad thinks im not responsable i take notes from zody

    3. Camila Sanchez

      zoe I love you and cody so much ignore the haters💖💖💖🍩

    4. Black _Txars_*

      But thisis not the first time u adopted a doggy named Zody

    5. Jon Cunningham

      Name him drip

    6. Rylee Ferguson


    7. Tobi TheTobinater

      All the comments: WHo ElsE MiSSes ZodY (btw I miss him as well) Me: OH MAH GAWD!! LOOK AT DA CARRRRRRRRRRRR!

    8. IIOmqLATTE


    9. chloe stans zoe

      Drippy poo💕

    10. zody Fam

      He is adorable

    11. The Odd Potatoe Life

      He is so cute

    12. Izzy Mccoy

      i love you gyes so much ily xxxx

    13. Izzy Mccoy

      i love you gyes so much ily xxxx

    14. Anissa Lewsley

      Awh his so cute and adorable do you still have him?

    15. Scott Brooks

      Now it's not zody it's dzody

    16. Leafy

      drip pls

    17. Setareh Sanchez


    18. Alessandra Iannalfo

      I've watched this video all the time like 1000000000000000000000 times I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. melly rose

      When zephaniah said "is that yours" that's the most British accent I've ever heared 😂

    20. Mirna Rojas

      OMG 🐶

    21. Camila Arana

      I think u should name him Cow drip or fin drip

    22. Camila Arana


    23. Pamela Wade

      Name him dragon


      Zody !

    25. Aalura Sharp


    26. Stich Tube

      Cody:Our First Puppy Zody The DOG:uhhh whay about me am i nothing to you Name:.Moo Moo

    27. Gabby TV

      I thoght you would get a pet cow👑♥⭐

    28. Xdhollywood Daniell


    29. Anahi Gonzalez

      I think you should call him Bryan

    30. Anahi Gonzalez

      SO CUTE!!

    31. MsCurleeQ

      Name him drip

    32. Asalah Alrefaee

      I know there’s been some hard times with her TickTock and everyone putting you down I really want you to let us talk to you and I really love you all do so please don’t leave your comments off

    33. Sweet 好吗

      U should name it rocky

    34. manuel rivera

      Where's zody?

    35. Holly Mast

      He’s so cute

    36. Olivia Pierce


    37. aepchan

      What happend to Zody?

    38. jayleny sorto

      You should name him Zody

    39. Lola Changur

      cal him oreo

    40. Sanyla Steele


    41. Alejandro Hernandez

      You should name him DRIP

    42. Brandy Feeback


    43. james hays


    44. Allison Tavares

      You should get him a raised dog bowls because it helps them digest their food other wise big dogs stomachs can flip and he could die or have health issues

    45. Tommy Tran

      I kinda feel bad for there other dog Cody

    46. MynameisPandora

      Zoe: our puppy has the hiccups

    47. Gustė ir gustux

      How about Zody???

    48. It’s Angie

      Cody and Zoe: “we are adopting our first dog.” Zody (their real first dog): wtf, am i a joke to u.

    49. Scar Bar


    50. Aleah Cornette

      My sister want to see zoe my uncle air bushes and my sister has a shirt of Zoe and cody

    51. Ava Robson

      What happened to zody the dog😢

    52. Ashley Gastelum

      His name zody I think plz

    53. Ashley Gastelum


    54. Ashley Gastelum

      I love you are my idol

    55. Aurorarose68 cunningham

      Drip awww 🥰

    56. The LoudHouse

      hey my name is Zoey and best friend loves you guys

    57. Martha Cerna


    58. Suhail Cruz

      His name should be Oreo

    59. Shane Sweet

      The amount of likes I get on my comment is how much everyone loves drip

    60. Munish Kumar

      My user name is rosey_life

    61. Munish Kumar

      Omg Zoe follows me on tik tok

    62. Gracie Houseman


    63. Ava Marie

      Zoe I’m getting ur merch xxxxxx

    64. Elyana Fowler

      Yesterday I got my puppy and it’s a husky it’s a boy and my brother named him Frodo

    65. Cadence Furse

      Name him drip

    66. Fall out! At the disco

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="383">6:23</a> “it’s for headphones” ...that’s for poop bags zoe

    67. Fall out! At the disco

      No hate, but if it’s their first dog (I know they had zody but like they’re actually going to raise and keep this one) they should’ve probably gotten an adult (2-4 year old) dog. They’re easier to care for and they don’t get adopted as easily as puppies. Again, no hate, just thought it’d be a good opportunity for them to use the platform to send a really good message

    68. Julia The Best

      A Oreo

    69. Julia The Best

      He looks like Oreo

    70. Lillie Todd

      Name it drip

    71. Bh Star

      You can maybe name him ace or baxter

    72. Justin Stevens

      Such a cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    73. Florina Ana


    74. David Bailey

      Call him max or teddy

    75. Marley Wink

      Oreo is a cute name or bolt

    76. Rosaleen Morin


    77. Donna Titus

      You should name the dog zodi or Charli

    78. william knowles

      i loved it is i loveeeee zoddyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    79. Laura Butler

      He is the cutest thing

    80. Jermarily Clausell

      Cody.. i like you your. Are cute .ugly girlfriend.. Uglyy-yyyyyyyyy always