WATCH: Trump's coronavirus task force gives update at White House - 4/7 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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    1. Vipar

      Such a liar

    2. Corey Lumpkins

      This is something that makes you Hummm🤔 I have often wondered, how does a Bad Businessman, who likes 2cut corners, become LEADER of a country? Most all his business ideas Were bad 1s or poorly built,Except Trump Tower's The place he lay's his head.. So my question is If their was a system set up buy a former leader 2deal with viruses & out breaks, But when the New Leader Takes over & SAYS O i dnt think we Need this anymore it a waist of money But then the Very thing the new leader said we didn't need anymore. IS THE EXACT THING EVERYBODY NEEDS Ebola got Squashed out quick Hell i 4got all about H1N1 Why there was a office set up 2 deal with viruses and outbreak not anymore

    3. Jack Straw

      Notice that the presidential seal and presidential flag are missing from the podium and the room since March 13 day he declared a national emergency .

    4. Santiago

      Where is the presidential seal they removed it

    5. Aliyu Ahmad

      trump dosnt have a good policy

    6. Backin Theday

      Our democrat governor in WA state thinks it's a good idea to give his updates at the same time as the President. Probably why none of us listen to the governor, he is just not credible.

    7. Von Google-Experts

      The secret services warned Trump in mid-January of the pandemic. Donald is now arguing that there have been official WHO reports that have waived travel restrictions. How smart is that? Steering the most important country in the world on the basis of more or less public press? Better prefer Twitter then asking its own experts, who are paid dearly from taxpayers' money. The truth is probably a lot easier. He didn't listen to these people because he thinks he knows everything better.

    8. N Louise

      Where's the presidential seal and the presidential flag? We know what's going on and so does anyone else that is paying close attention. God help us.

    9. Sunrise Morninglory

      He us lying about the woman who was on death's door, and then her husband rushed to the drugstore and got her hydroxychloroquine, is a load of crap!

    10. Sunrise Morninglory

      The Navy Captain is a hero, unlike our cowardly draftdodging president.

    11. Sunrise Morninglory

      If you want to thank our medical communities, send them the fecking supplies that they need! Your lip service is disgusting!

    12. Sunrise Morninglory

      Why is the turd always late?

    13. Gary Glover

      Greatest president ever.

    14. Frank Cicero


    15. Willie Lapier

      Americans don't wake up listening to this crap there point is to scary you we have a nuff stress alot of Americans remember allways wash hand do what's right for you and family thanks god bless America 🇺🇸

    16. Stefan Stefan

      This is what should look in future stop importing from China start producing in American, stop being a consumer country, rest assured that among all those medical equipment made in China will not work

    17. ojodelyambo


    18. Tú P

      Going down as the worst president and incompetent

    19. Sky Paul

      It is the judgement day, yet the machines didn’t terminate the world but the corona evil kills people first. Corona go, corona go...

    20. Stefan Wichler


    21. Covert Geopolitics

      ANTI-INFODEMIC: "The present invention has been devised to attenuate any bacteria, virus (including the AIDS HIV and COVID-19 viruses) parasites and/or fungus contained in blood..." NONINVASIVELY - Virutron

    22. Molly K Key

      Where is the presidential seal??? * on podium???

    23. Alexandre Thibault

      PLEASE! Stop covering live those MAGA rallyes!! In those times of crisis, we absolutely need the media to fact-check every thing before airing it; people ARE DYING when you cover that free air-time for Trump for him to go all in campain mode.

    24. Jonathan Simmonds

      How much of a cretin does a president have to be before you lot (Yanks) wake up and put someone in the WH with intelligence and ability?

    25. anonymous world of pain

      Thank God our president is not Donal Trump otherwise we would have lot of dead's.

    26. ShallowDepression

      Big Daddy Trump laying it down, Trump 2020.

    27. Jessica Lee

      Love from Canada. 💖✌️

    28. Johnny4ME2U

      I only watch the *Washington* *Post* Why watch the Fake News Station .

    29. Jesús H. Carretero

      We are tired of lies. The official number of infected people is a big bullshit. In reality, there are many more infected than the authorities say. Governments around the world try to keep this artificial numbers as low as possible to appear to have done well, the purpose of this, is just to give a good image. But the reality is that only those who have tested positive are counted as infected, who are usually those who have arrived with severe symptoms at the hospital. But we already know that the vast majority of those infected only present mild symptoms. They also lie with death numbers. There may be 50% more deaths, but among those infected and people who have already passed the virus, there are 10,000 times more than what is said. Given this circumstance, the mortality rate (percentage of deaths among the number of infected) is much lower than what is being said. Being the mortality data crucial to determine what should be our behavior and actions against the virus. We have health service that has professionals who are working hard, but they do not have enough resources. They are abandon sick people to die, for not being able to connect them to respirators. They inject a sedative and let them just die. Why is healthcare saturated? Because it is a system totally intervened by the state. Faced with a private and free system, an avalanche of clients means an avalanche of economic income in health sector, which economically encourages the managers of the heslth centers to hire more staff, expand infrastructure, obtain more machines and resources. The economic vein for the sector would also attract new investments and new centers that compete. People, in society, must have freedom to solve our problems, instead, we trust the state to solve them. In this way what we have is confinement, impoverishment, hunger and death. I am not english speaker. Please correct my words. Thanks.

    30. Ape Of Naples

      Liar In Chief. Get rid of this insanity in November.

    31. Steven Gleave

      Fake fake news.

    32. Patrick Tonic

      Trump 2020 🇺🇸 🦅 Who's with me !?

    33. maxwell murray


    34. Nguyen Long

      bổ ích

    35. somedeveloperblokey

      Get rid of this child before he kills you, America.

    36. Riema monbebe91

      They still haven’t spray the country what are they waiting for 🤔

    37. Baz Baz

      Omg he has killed 100s of Americans

      1. Baz Baz

        What a clown I fell sorry for all Americans

      2. Baz Baz

        Sorry thousands

    38. Pawel

      Numbers don't lie . And some country's have been mass infected by design .As is shown by the numbers. The new world order ruled by China!

    39. Kirk Long

      Please start holding “China” accountable. Media needs to start doing that instead of focusing on Trump he’s just doing his job like every other leader in the world. If his travel ban was taken more seriously we would be in a better place but no one wanted to listen to trump back in January when 430,000 flew from China to US. Notice how China’s cases haven’t moved from 80,000 in weeks lol they are lying and continuing to leave wet markets open allowing more potential outbreaks. Wake up people they are watching us crash and burn.

    40. ty ty

      they said the president was warned about this virus but he chose not to do nothing about it he said hes a cheerleader for this country and didn't want to cause panic WTF we could have all Ben prepaird and not lost family members that's crazy

    41. Docena Benjamin

      Nano silver kills Viruses!

    42. lil windex

      Trump 2020, it’s the local then state’s governments job to stop the spread of diseases like this and federal gets in as a last resort, so for those who don’t understand how government works there u go and trump has done the best job he can and if Nancy pelosi wasn’t distracting him with a bullshit impeachment he could have jumped on this immediately

    43. Antiseptitan

      Ananı senin trump kafamı bozma..

    44. Ginger Paul

      Hopefully general shepherd pulled the right files for the task force

    45. Robert Gantry

      It's a load of horse schitt, and Trumpie is in on it right along with all the other lying, piece-of-schitt politicians.

    46. kamote me agarras

      Hey guys how many more months we gonna keep this so i gonna start selling t 👕 with the name love coronavirus

    47. mike hanley

      I haven't seen the Presidential Seal or the Presidential Flag for a couple weeks, why are they gone?

    48. Whicker Boy

      Mitigating, hydrating, medicating, hippies running to the hills, rap on brother, rap on.

    49. Bruce

      I love how Trump is learning how many countries there are in the world. You can tell he is stunned by the number. Two weeks ago he thought there were maybe 2 dozen at the most. omg he is so stupid.

    50. Free HongKong

      *BLACKS 4 TRUMP 2020!* Keep up the good work President Trump

    51. afnan geographical sciencesciencey

      Trump should resign

    52. Fuck the system

      Ever notice how the people who suck the government dick never seem to lose? This situation is messed up and people are blind sheep. All of this could have been prevented

    53. bar taf

      Trump is big fat liar just like FOX news

    54. Junrui Chang

      We are in a tough condition! At least we see president Trum, the over 70 years senior frequently shows up to social media and works so hard to fight the COVID-19 with us! Wish the coronavirus over soon!

    55. Junrui Chang

      We are in a tough condition! At least we see president Trum, the over 70 years senior frequently shows up to social media and works so hard to fight the COVID-19 with us! Wish the coronavirus over soon!

    56. Tiffany Bourgeois

      I have to keep us in the past or will all die. End of the world if i go any father. Sence aall of germany is dead.

    57. H.R. T

      The man is a moron, bigley!

    58. Tiffany Bourgeois

      Im from the future thats the only way we can fix problems like this

    59. Tiffany Bourgeois

      Thesd black people need to leave.

    60. Tiffany Bourgeois

      Im in the under ground railroad. The windmills failed. I had to turn them on or we all doe theses black people invaded me. Over stones that dont belong to them. It fuels the ship

    61. Razor 1960

      You want the truth, ? You can't handle the truth!

    62. Dude

      Love trump 👈👈💜💜💕💕💚💚💙❤💛💜💛💙💛💜💚💚🥰💕💜😘😘😘💜💜💚💚👈

    63. Shan Patt

      I will never vote for Donald Trump

    64. Tiffany Bourgeois

      You have to figure out to fix this on ur own. Im at war. I ahouldnt be in the past but i went under.

    65. Tiffany Bourgeois

      Realtime is down. The blacks invaded the fbi.

    66. Tiffany Bourgeois

      U need to know the truth of the world you live in. You live underwater. Everyone from the titanic refused to board thw ship germany went in there place. That why ur now usa. It sucks. But we need to pray for germany to fix this problem. He winded up in the wrong country. We all know how nuts he is.

    67. Spam Fried-rice


    68. Doc Dan

      Bubonic plague was a significant and easily arguably the worst epidemic in history....

    69. montarbo 1st

      >Who let the orange orangutan out?

    70. Joshua Guillory

      The government could try to use so-called chemtrails or something in the sky to try to make it appear as Christ or some light of the world, who cares nothing about the world (the people) but more so (so-called cares) for the world (money world). airy dimensions of reflections

    71. John Smithy

      155,000 people die everyday! 2 people die Each second around the world.... this is all stupid....

    72. Joshua Guillory

      People seeking position and possession over truth

    73. Joshua Guillory

      The spirit of Antichrist is disunity. Because Christ is unity!

      1. Joshua Guillory

        @Sunrise Morninglory The Bible is a myth, a book of allegories and plagiarism. And the government or people who accept the current government accept and live as devils. Anyone who does not believe in world peace or a system or universe or unity without money is a devil. And every espionager on the planet who is a part of the gameplan or agenda to stop world peace or (to stop) people who live speak and want world peace is a devil. If you're so-called white, or East Indian, Arab, or Black, or Chinese, or Mexican etc and you are too racial for world unity you are a devil. Because any of those things is fear, World peace is love :) Christ is love

      2. Sunrise Morninglory

        So you acknowledge that Trump is the Antichrist or at least one of the Beasts and horsemen of the apocalypse?

    74. blue boy

      Haha, task force, my arse. That would imply getting the job done competently....with force. The track record so far, implies otherwise. Pointing fingers at others doesn't hide the fact that Trump messed up big time. The proof is all over the place.

    75. Andre Roy

      idn't he plan everything in advance? Are the respirators not yet distributed? He says it's a war ... I find that he's losing a lot of soldiers in a short time. I wonder if he did his battle plan right. What is the plan now ?? Difficult to follow.

    76. Joshua Guillory

      Is it more so sick people, or sick people, sick in the head and heart, and or the virus, which they say is taking over it all!!!! ???

    77. Andre Roy

      thought it was just a flu. Isn't that what he told us?

    78. angela griffin

      You want the reporters to say thank you! You want the entire United States of America to say thank you! HELL NOO you want props hell make all of the USA sick just stop talking ! Get out of office you freak !!

    79. Chris Awudu

      Trump is the worst president in the world.. Hi to pigros

    80. Kristian Tamberg

      Comic Ali from Bagdad