UPDATE on my Son...



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    Update on my son Simeon!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Axel Backus

      Hes so cute

    2. Gabriel Mendoza


    3. Jayce Bundy

      Shut up m9 press the like button

    4. Joseph Tulis

      Simeon: m,ma Madylin: he's about to say mama Simeon: ma foot hurts Ian. I am so proud

    5. Revolted Daisies

      AAAWWWW Look at the stylish wittle bwaby too adorable ^w^

    6. Joshua Mayoral

      Imagine if simian hears ssundee saying mommy or foot in the backround

    7. Joey Macari

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="334">5:34</a> Like father like Son

    8. Sameerhaq 2005

      Ian: can I make you smile?? Simeon: cries instead

    9. fortnite x

      😢😢😢😢😢 he is so cute

    10. spriggy

      when you realised what ssundee did to get his son

    11. Elias Khoury

      yall need to learn to siaat

    12. Elias Khoury

      mami mami mami mami

    13. Elias Khoury


    14. Sarah Edlington

      So adorable

    15. Ike Illedaguy

      Whats good is that in about 5 or 6 years simeons gonna love cobblestone

    16. switch 1_

      7 mins of ssundee being a dad

    17. Nick Yeets

      His scream sounds like when Ian is playing prop hunt and the seeker gets close to him but doesn’t see him lolllll

    18. Santario Nichols

      Who disliked?

    19. Hyper_ LIL

      He has your hairline😂😂 (so cute)

    20. CloperZ

      This brings me nostalgia, I started watching Ssundee at 7 years old and now I'm 15 i don't even know what to say right now.. much love Ian ❤️😢🤧

    21. Camille Beecher-Wilson

      IT'S NEVER GOOD FOR THE BABY TO CRY. P.S he looks like baby Yoda

    22. Statiicz_wolf_

      He is so cute

    23. Birch Hicks

      Aw he is cute

    24. Bannanna TatterTotter



      Doooo a other update of your son

    26. J trickz

      he looks like my brother when your son was a baby and my baby brother looks like that

    27. J trickz

      he looks like you ssundee

    28. X's Homework Review

      Madylin say mama Simeon siot Ian I can explain

    29. Ju-ne 1334


    30. Debra Shiroma

      i hate you m9

    31. Debra Shiroma

      he is so cute

    32. Didaq Danser

      I I I I just do not under stand dude why is there dislikes at this video dude🤔🤔

    33. gamer destroyer

      your son is soooooo cute

    34. balloon master

      He little chubby baby

    35. AJ Gaming

      Your sons birthday is 2 days after mine

    36. The Official Kids Club

      Well done on the 14 million subs

    37. luis

      AHHHHHH foot

    38. Flesh hunters

      Simeon's first word: Mommy Madylin: YAY his first word! Ian:😏 Madylin: wha.... oh... oh no *sigh* Ian: MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!!! Madylin: WHY ME?!?!?!???!

    39. Abdulrahman Khaled

      He is so cute man I was happy when I saw him I was calling my bro telling him

    40. C.D. KID

      Madylin:hi honey

      1. C.D. KID

        Ian : fortnit

      2. C.D. KID

        Simeon : mommy mommy mommy

    41. ツSurya Gedipudiツ

      Why would people dislike this?

    42. Parzxy

      Simeons first word would be: FOOT

    43. Lachlan Miller

      Clearly the baby likes madylin

    44. Momen Aljaghassy

      He is so cute can we see and update now

    45. Sara Reda

      Simion 21pounds big at 5 months old Me 8years old and I am 26 pounds big Now that is an advendger level threat

      1. iTz Longi

        Bro you good?

    46. Julius Naranjo Perez

      can he walk yet

    47. Banana Vlogs

      Kindergarten teacher: what job does your dad have Random kid: my dad is a business man Random kid 2: my dad is a dentist Simeon: my dad is a fortnite USselr

    48. Don Duli

      He do be cute doe

    49. Hayden tegtmeyer

      When you see ssundee as a USselr that does nothing bad then you think about where babies come from 🤔

    50. Mr Bobby Mr Bobby

      Most people just have their baby pictures shown to their friends

    51. Dax Bailey

      Can we try to beat lazarbeam

    52. Amanda Kimler


    53. Rusher GamingYt

      chunky boi

    54. Roger SanchezC

      Madylin:come on say papa Simeon:FOOoOoOoOoOooOoOot Ian:i can explian

    55. Siddhant Mithare

      He is even more cute this vid

    56. Friendship King

      He looks about the same as my baby brother

    57. vernando lim

      So cutw

      1. vernando lim

        So cute

    58. Chloe Auld-Schipper

      he looks like hes 1 years old now!!!!💕

    59. ShadowFishyYT

      Madylin: Come on say mama Simeon: FOOT Ian: I can explain. Tonyy did this not me

    60. Kermit The frog

      At first I thought his sons gender was a foot or mommy Edit:this was uploaded a month ago and I didn’t see it duuudeeee

    61. Team Theory

      He is soooo adorable

    62. KeeganKraze

      I’m just now returning to this channel..... *WHAT HAPPENED*

    63. May Shaibani

      He is sooooo cute😁😊😍😍

    64. king toxicran

      He is a little bundle of joy

    65. Alex Harrington


    66. Beckham Rotzler

      Is Simeon eating crackers for a week👼

    67. Javier Serrano

      lets forget the fact the ssundee plays games, he is actually a really good dad

    68. Blueberry 999

      SSundee: say daddy Simeon: I'm gonna foot your foot SSundee: I am so proud of you

    69. Killyaself

      Lov your vids btw

    70. Yaksh Garg

      Holli days are for Indian people from Asia Hindi people

    71. William Moore

      How many sons do you have

    72. Brady Texeira

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="313">5:13</a> thats so cute.

    73. Tan Chin Kuang

      simon look like foot and ssundee is caszy

    74. Jason Gray

      do another update

    75. Archie Cornthwaite

      omg i used to whats this guy in 2016 and i remembered this channel and watched his new vid my guy just turned full religious

    76. Hacker 107


    77. Tatiana Kandiah

      Madalyn: say mama Simeon: mommy mommy mommy Sundee: listen I can explain

    78. we like fortnite sweat

      So cute