tv shows and movies I will NEVER make videos about

Alex Meyers

Alex Meyers

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    Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
    To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
    ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
    ZOMBIES is hilariously dumb...
    Home Alone 2 literally makes no sense...
    Victorious was kinda dumb...
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    1. Sammie Cole

      Honestly highly respect all the reasons you have, you’re doing great man!😀🤩

    2. Dan Robinson

      Thanks for doing this I like this type of stuff and congrats on 2 million

    3. Emma Johnston

      You should do 'Derry Girls'.

    4. Pasteldenn

      the oa , you can review it!

    5. Ava Redfern

      I’m a simple human, I see Brooklyn 99, I click.

    6. Koala Williams

      The fact you had to make a video explaining this is hilarious in itself. And also like, where is common sense?

    7. Mausefell

      Your videos are amazing the way they are. I also think it wouldn't be as funny if you made these videos with cartoon shows or anime to be honest.

    8. alice

      He’s obviously so smart and put a lot of thought in his works. Props to you, dude!

    9. Brown haired gacha girl _


    10. Riley Paige MC

      Congratulations on 2 million !!!!!!! WOOHOO!

    11. void Jacob

      Do big mouth

    12. Sasha

      Would you do cop shows though? Like not B99? The weird cop shows? Like: Castle Grimm Private Eye Deception Limitless

    13. Flamehunter8

      yes but teen beach movie

    14. Emmahlea

      Do doctor who! Start with the either the Weeping Angels episode, or “Rose”

    15. Mariam Elnidani

      Could you do I’m not okay with this?

    16. Salamata Bah


    17. ada fm

      I’m really glad you touched on the subject of cultural shock when it comes to reaction videos; specially since I’ve seen so many Americans give their opinion on Élite and you can tell they don’t know anything about the culture out there and why the show chooses to be that way it is. I’ve seen it happen with other few tv shows but Élite is one to often be criticized for not looking like American teen shows and it’s just annoying

    18. Kashish Prasher

      Think you're ever going to do You're the Worst?

    19. Mah M

      What does everyone think of Elite?? Cause I really wanna watch it

    20. kayla martinez

      Yupp it’s big facts that stuff gets lost in translation. So some things just don’t come off the same or the way it was in intended

    21. LucyTheScottishCarrot

      Can you review Titans?

    22. Water Sheep

      He kinda sounds depressed ngl

    23. Shm Show

      Then please watch killing Eve it’s drama and thriller you will love it

    24. Hidayanizer 16

      About the bollywood, the video would not be able to be seen, due to t-series copyright striking it down so fast

    25. Ralph Bou Chahine

      Please cover How I Met Your Mother. Its an AMAZING show. Trust me

    26. Listen Tome

      So why not for cartoons do live action reactions

    27. Mavra Hamid

      Duuudee you have to review "Merlin" pweaseee

    28. Will Marq

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> That's a great idea man!

    29. Blue Spinel

      The office isn’t even a good show

    30. Adam

      The thumbnail was a bit misleading but the video makes a lot of sense

    31. Klthm

      U should do a vid about Locke and key

    32. Madmaral

      He should do American Horror Story.

    33. I Want The Sweet Release Of Death

      I love Brooklyn Nine Nine. But God I hate the fanbase.

    34. Taylor W


    35. Allen Xav

      What you do and how are you do it is absolutely perfect to me, I say keep it up and stick to doing only what you want to do, because that will produce the best content! You’re amazing man and Your content is absolutely amazing

    36. lalnun yee

      Ahhh Boys Over Flower

    37. Andy Duarte

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine should get the Fox cancellation treatment that good shows would get from Fox 2000-2005

    38. CjMationz

      Please do Teen Wolf eventually the show gets more and more interesting.

    39. Jennifer Supports You

      Dude, why is Alex’s voice so soothing?

    40. Cezar Hirsescu

      Can you please just try a cartoon just once to really see if it works or not

    41. Kpophasbeen Good2me

      Technically speaking, he's a hypocrite for making this video, I know what he means but he just did, in a sense, make a video about all of them.

    42. Tczhandsome Tczhandsome

      Do Locke and Key, it's on Netflix

    43. Teo Van de Reep

      You just said you wouldn't make videos about these shows you just did...

    44. omamuzo ogodo

      The fact that catnoir likes ladybug who is happens to be minette or what's are name who likes Adrian who happens to be Catnoir is frustrating and yet you can't take your eyes of it. My uncles and my cousins with me of course would sit down in front of the TV every night just wondering if the whole thing would be untangled. That bit is actually the most if not only compelling part of the story. 😁


      Do House MD

    46. Ashma Rimal


    47. Spoik Jansen

      wow man very nice explanation and a good video good you cleared that up :D

    48. Danielle Bullock

      Alex could you commentate the TV Show Siren? Season 3 just premiered and I think it would be a good show for you!

    49. king David the great prick

      Meatcanyon art style

    50. Candice Byfield


    51. Táltos66

      Sooo… why is his voice so annoying? He never answered that one.

    52. michelle mckew

      Miraculous ladybug is great but I see your point .

    53. Ezra Solomon

      Still, do a Brooklyn nine nine video. I’m a Brooklyn nine nine Stan

    54. Foo Lessig

      Tiger king

    55. Foo Lessig


    56. Chandler Sun

      Still waiting for Looking for Alaska

    57. Ernest Seah

      Luv Luv L💖uv your cute angry baby ....Horror Movies please.Be safe & healthy 😁

    58. Methmi Karunaratne

      u have have to do "when calls the heart" and "a series of unfortunate events". do them Do them DO THEM DO THEM DO THEM DO THEM DO THEM

    59. the-breakfast-club

      Can you react how to get away with murder??

    60. frosty giant

      Props for actually taking the time to really explain instead of just saying "I don't wanna so there bleeh"

    61. Kaley Yow

      Grey’s anatomy

    62. Connor Iquada

      Damn props man I can tell u put a lot of thought into this

    63. kelly linda

      I have a question:will you do stranger things or glitch techs soon....(like you😜😜)

    64. Cycling Urchin

      Your reasoning for not doing kdramas is very reasonable. There's a lot of cultural differences I notice when I watch kdramas and English shows.

    65. Gabriela del Mar

      I love this! I agree with everything you said and its great to see how you make your videos in terms of production value. Keep it uuuup

    66. 123kidxpac123pac

      Inbetweeners is the one you need to do

    67. Sarah Talbot

      U should do the unlisted

    68. Jai Cilento I LoveThatGuy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l

      *☼ uber congrats on the 2M man.* Long way from the streets of Japan. 私はこれのためにグーグル翻訳を使用しませんでした!私はヤンデックスを使用しました-なぜ私は嘘をつくのですか?おめでとうございます!

    69. Kaitlyn bottorff

      You should do key house from Netflix

      1. Kaitlyn bottorff

        Or what ever they show is called

    70. PassionatelyMarie

      anyone one here that doesn't like brooklyn nine nine that much? i started watching cuz of all the rave and cuz everyone said it's so good. i just can't get into it, i gave it a few tries but i gave up. watched like 2 episodes but idk the humor is just off. i don't think it's that funny. maybe simply not my humor. i laughed with a few things but for the most part it didn't leave me dead. for instance friends or himym for me are actual funny shows. they make me piss my pants and genuinely laugh. don't drag me if i don't like it and you do. it's just my opinion. i'm just stating it.

    71. Londyn Everglade - BNHA Hero OC -

      I have one more question: what about Teen Beach movie? 😂😂 (I know someone else said it already but I also had it on my mind the entire video)

    72. monsterkind

      you should review scales - mermaids are real

    73. Manga Reader 831

      i have a one word response for this video Understandable

    74. Barney Hibberd

      Do Brooklyn nine nine and it will get so many views

    75. Barney Hibberd

      Can u plz do Brooklyn nine nine

    76. Sophia Nash

      Just saying I'm so happy that he used zombies as an example a lot.It made me remember the video that brought me to this channel.

    77. Sophia Nash

      i love the way you do your videos rn,Please dont change them!

    78. Mark

      It's amazing to see how much thought you put into making "dumb" videos about dumb TV shows. It's obvious why you have so many subscribers.

    79. WFarkhandajabeen Waseemzahoor12

      Please do miraculous ladybug

    80. Dani

      Buuut... Maybe you can try? Just once? And when the audience reaction is not good than we will all forget that this happened 😂