TRICKS Advertisers use to make Food look delicious



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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. xXGachaCatBobaXx

      Sssniperwolf: Like something you put up your- Editors: Uhhhh let’s just cut that out....

    2. xXGachaCatBobaXx

      Sssniperwolf: Like something you put up your- Editors: Uhhhh let’s just cut that out....

    3. xXGachaCatBobaXx

      Sssniperwolf: Like something you put up your- Editors: Uhhhh let’s just cut that out....

    4. Aaron Oli

      Food advertisers be like: oh shit

    5. Ruby Bodrry

      I'm a bit what no a lot defend so bad

    6. Ja̸des̸_Drea̸ms̸

      Sharing is caring! 2018: well then I don’t care 2019: not when it comes to mah food! 2020: I think I have spoken already do I even need to say it..

    7. Ronnie Feaster

      Who knew what she was gonna say not the first one?Commet down your answer cuz I know

    8. Jason Montgomery

      poor chiken

    9. Just Jillian

      “THEY USED A HAIRDRYER-“ Me: *thats a heat gun..*

    10. Albert Sales

      I am so sad

    11. Allyson McPhail

      This makes me have food anxiety....??????????

    12. Imane Talal

      whos watching this in 2020 me

    13. Bella Kirk


    14. i love cats

      chick fila be throwin the fries in the bag i still love them tho

    15. Emma Wolff

      When I found this stuff out I was like, MY LIFE IS A LIE!!!

    16. My cat: Baby :3

      "I mean like baby i like you either way" lol that is funny

    17. Nissar Ahmad Mir

      I might be a weird person but I kinda like soggy cereal.... Like if u kinda like it 👇🏻

    18. Alise Campbell

      I'm getting hungry

    19. sidra saloum

      They are not talking hours just to take a pic of the ice cream 🍦

    20. Dino Gaming

      I don’t care if it is ugly it’s all about the taste

    21. Naiga Irene

      I like the way she begins every video with "hey its me" 😅✌❤

    22. Stephanie Fontenot

      Yeah you should see Sam and Cat Sam and cat:win the texting Competition Cat:(gets a measuring tape out of no where and measures it)this isn't even a foot long(:(

    23. Everything Aesthetic

      Me: watches pizza hack Also me: orders pizza and puts glue in still me: gives it as a gift to the workers

    24. Vivienne Vanhorn

      When she said French fries no one would say they were pretty I saw something on TikTok and they did that

    25. Jamie Ramm

      I have brases os i can't have chips candy or soda

      1. Jamie Ramm


    26. PoppyPrincess And Devil_Chan

      When you look at a COVID-19 and don’t giggle DO I THINK THIS IS SERIOUS!? AND IM ON USsel EVERYDAY!? WHO AM I????

      1. Sxnken -

        Who am I?! What are you even saying?

    27. Henry Talampas

      that s not a chicken they did not feed it at tha farm

    28. Pug Love

      Now in 2020 if we use toilet paper in chicken. Me :Noooooooo I will take that

    29. Amariah Binford

      Well at least the fries still edible hahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m stupid

    30. Redflame

      At Subway we literally throw bread into a bread form, thaw it a bit then put it in the oven.the sizes vary

    31. Summer Bendig

      when I make pancakes, its actually puffy and THICC

    32. Alexandra Morrill

      Mom: get off of your phone right now. Me:showing mom sssniperwofl mom now: watch sssniperwofl all day 😁😂❤️

    33. MiaKatGaming

      spoiler corona virus is coming

    34. Shiromi Torayoshi

      Me:sees pizza ad Also me: looks at my pizza...... Me I’ll eat it

    35. stopmotion things peridott

      Me:WHAT(wacthing that they use glue for some good strechyness on pizza!) im a fool to belive that no more

    36. Colten The Gamer

      SSSniperWolf if you want a really cheesy pizza go get pizza at Tim’s pizza if they’re open

    37. Kwan lian Chan

      And 🍟🍟🍟

    38. Kwan lian Chan

      And burger

    39. Kwan lian Chan

      I only love to eat chocolate and cotton candy and pizza

    40. Kwan lian Chan

      I cant trust my mom fuz she is died and i got a step mom she is sooooooo mean

    41. Elite Gamez

      pls notice meee

    42. Elite Gamez

      Hi sssniperwolf

    43. Jacobdc Teller wlif

      Your mean

    44. Devin Mendoza

      T H I C C E R

    45. Liberty French

      Our lives are LiEs

    46. 「 B e l l a P r o u d h e a r t 」

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="287">4:47</a> looked like shaved coconut 😇🤍😊🤍

    47. Arnab Kumar De

      Commercial: Stuffs toilet paper in chicken Me: So that’s where my toilet paper went 😑

    48. Emily Scott

      yo i am i qurenten

    49. Anime Randomness

      if they want it natural then just leave it the way it was MEANT TO LOOK!!!!!

    50. Zahra vlogs

      Sooooo sly

    51. Isabella Sanchez

      Food was my best friend Now it betrayed me 😔😭

    52. Carolyn Engel

      thats the same tipe of serup i use

    53. Lacie Holloway

      Me: oh no I feel bad for that chicken Chicken: yep me too I got stuffed with paper towels Me :lol at least someone was stuffed

    54. Patato Gacha life


    55. Kylie Newberry

      Mom. Bad

    56. Faith Clarke


    57. Rollely YT / BEE ARMY

      It’s not the look it’s the taste

    58. Heidi Canada


    59. unicorn narwhals

      Lia “baskin Roble”

    60. 嘴炮独运轮舔郭骗的烂菊花

      Why did SSSniperWolf spit while I was eating

    61. J E S T E R

      To make them look T --- H --- I --- C --- C --- E --- R

    62. Billie Jones

      She insalted my mom she is a manager at subway

    63. CP Justice

      Wait a minute…paper towels in turkey WE NEED THOSE YALL B- sorry…

    64. 齊藤愛真

      Normal burger tastes good tho. Its fine as long as it still looks like a burger.

    65. kitty sushi's

      I have a pizza cheese of. Liter zisar ..

    66. Ava Forsting

      I don't have a mom

    67. Clark Acord

      Is sssniperwolf did you know that I had it at the cheesiest piece of pizza before it was before coronavirus and I went to the fair and it was amazing and I even met my friend that I can text her on Snapchat hehehe do you want to know what shelter 👁️👁️ 👄

    68. Xx_Kaitlyn Light_xX

      Oof, I wish my ice cream looked like in the commercials 😂

    69. Jazelle Cruz

      I love your Chanel 🐺🐺🐺🐺

    70. Jazelle Cruz


    71. Skittles

      Maybe she’s born with it maybe it’s glucose

    72. Paul Parkin

      I can't believe SSSniperwolf has 105 likes let me guess SSSniperwolf has 20M SUBSCRIBERS

    73. Cute cookie Plays

      Just a couple minutes from dinner Now I’m not hungry lol

    74. Sunny_Playz

      So, you're telling me you can't trust PIZZA???? PIZZA?????

    75. Anika Jurisa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="523">8:43</a> why don't they just use yogurt?😂

    76. Rianna Arora

      Where I live McDonald’s is smart They put the fries on the tray horizontally in the basket Can’t mess with these megaminds🤣🤣🍟

    77. aldrinvince Yt

      Yeah i think does are lies but mozorela stick dont

    78. Md Nazrul Islam


    79. Tegan Savage-morris

      NOO the fries😨😨😱 MY CHILDHOOD RUINED 😭😭😭