TRICKS Advertisers use to make Food look delicious


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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. Alex The Potato

      Ssniperwolf: NO ONE LIKES THEIR CEREAL SOGGY Me: offended ;-;

    2. Justsome Animations

      Well from what I heard (I’m not sure if it’s true tho) food commercials can’t use like cgi or stuff like that for their commercials so they do stuff like this

    3. Mollys Life

      Hey I finally found someone who is gluten free like me are u allergic or diet I'm allergic

    4. XxLuna GachaxX

      Oh my lord, DOES SHE NOT REALISE ITS 5 MINUTE CRAFTS 😰🥺🤦‍♀️🤚

    5. Cristina Barbieri

      SSSniper wolf: orange peel pits ya try it out Me: nah then i can`t eat the orange

    6. Morgan C


    7. Cookie Oreo

      Sssniperwolf more like snifferwolf 👍👍👍👍^ω^^ω^^ω^^ω^😊😊😊 Love yo vids 😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😄😄

    8. Vicki Salcido

      Yum food!

    9. L Crystal

      did u call the potato a potater

    10. Sophie Shutov

      *sharing is caring * not when it comes to cookies and candy and cake and ice cream

    11. Awa laye Gueye

      I can fix that big cheese Burger because I said a whole wide a big wad of pasta in my mouth before🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    12. Michael Del Castillo

      In got a Pizza Hut ad while watching😹😹

    13. Funtime with Ballora

      Reaper be killing me in every comp game

    14. Maria Govea

      For some reason, they taught us this in art class...

    15. Rampaging Dakotaraptor

      Strawberry isn't classed as a berry, or fruit. I found that out... The seeds on the outside are the fruits... My life is a LIE. I saw the strawberry and felt like commenting...😂

    16. Unicorn Frost Cake

      The kitchen chair is lava 5... 4... 3... 2... 1! Like if you weren’t on the kitchen chair!🤣

      1. Amy & Galaxy

        Your kind of asking for likes. But even though I ain't liking BUT I am not in the kitchen chair so ye. I am in my bed.

    17. Alyssia O'Field

      OMG when I saw this I thought, well Im not eating out tonight...

    18. TBNR_mrpeanut 2404

      Sniper i think moto moto likes u

    19. TBNR_mrpeanut 2404

      Sniper I ink

    20. alpacahunter1

      Get the Subway salads

    21. Julia Van Doren

      Is the ice cream edible

    22. Sarah Arnett

      My Little Caesar's has a lot of cheese and it's great

    23. Tide Girl

      7:25, doesn’t really work

    24. Cupcake fishsticks

      “You could be the UGLIEST person on earth but I would still date you cuz you’re a person.” -Lia 2019

    25. Jilly Mcgrew

      Food is the real catfish

    26. Jilly Mcgrew

      Your the best I love your videos

    27. Jilly Mcgrew


    28. Jilly Mcgrew

      OMG or LOL

    29. Kelly Lam

      This person making this visit got fired from a commercial job and he decided to expose them😂

    30. Cat Person 2.0

      A Minecraft stack of likes

    31. Mark Graham

      I play fortnite I am dolphinfan017 Can u please add me. And text me please

    32. Ggirl Wii


    33. Ggirl Wii


    34. Ggirl Wii


    35. Ggirl Wii


    36. Ggirl Wii


    37. scpnerd6666

      me:hmm whats on youtube today? SSSniperWolf: Pizza glue :3 pizza ad: sup bros me: **LIP SMAK* BRUH I AINT FALLIN

    38. Mica Charles

      I care of how food tast like.

    39. cris orozco

      Me comes to the guys who made the ice cream Also me : hi can I eat that Guys who made them: no it’s- Eats* Also me : I knew it sssniperwolf was right Ice cream guys: SSSNIPERWOOOLLLFFFFF

    40. Dr. Ricciardo

      i am vegetarian r u

    41. Rachel Fitzgerald

      "Orange peel pits" 😂😂😂

    42. Angelic Orta

      me: do you want some pancakes friend:sure,does it have syrup me:yeah umm oil

    43. Trive's

      A had zoon pizza en het was reel

    44. Lesbian kawii Pup

      “Sharing is caring” Not when it comes to me pizza and cookies :3

    45. Tracy Burke

      I have plastic ice cubes but they're colored

    46. Andrew Evans

      Try going to Fat Burger and getting your mouth around one of the XXXL monster burgers 🍔.

    47. Randomness Person

      0:12 she opened her mouth before the potato came up 😂 not hating

    48. *Furby -Ball*

      The bubbles on the beer are real

    49. Ryker Irontooth

      ʏᴇᴇᴛᴜs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴇs ᴏғ ғᴏᴏᴅ!

    50. Azxlial _

      That’s a WASTE OF FOOD

    51. giovanna banana

      3:35 baskin robbles

    52. POKES #1 FANGIRL

      With something you put in your...BURGER XD

    53. Humor Productions

      6:00. 0.25 GO

      1. pete Avila


    54. Miguel Robles

      9:22 that wow is so funny XD

    55. raven warfield


    56. Countess Coloratura

      @ SSSniperWolf Seeing all of that delicious food made me drool

    57. Krîššÿ

      I cant belive its jot glue coat -lia i cant belive its not ɹǝʇʇnq -s,ɹǝɯɹɐɟ ɹǝʇʇnq

    58. Olivia Kiwi weirdo

      I think I’m like u where if someone’s live streaming I won’t watch unless I’m notice. In a few you tubers live streams I asked questions and they never answer them. Am I the only one?

    59. cbecker

      you said toilet paper when it said paper towels wait sssniperwolf uses paper towels as toilet paper ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????