This is the PS5 Controller...

Austin Evans

Austin Evans

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    The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for PS5 is...unique. 🙃
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    1. Austin Evans

      ok I lied the controller has already grown on me

      1. SAIF_U.S.BOX

        @ChloeWade the shittest thing for gaming pc

      2. Maisum Akbar

        gaming is gaming

      3. Maneeto

        Austin Evans your dick

      4. TheJoJmaster

        InfiniteThe1 who asked

      5. Brandon Scott

        Fear saavy Xbox has 0 good exclusives so it’s garbage they can’t even do halo right anymore

    2. Druh Bude

      The ps4 bums are crying in this comment section lmaooooo 🤣

    3. Art A

      This buttplug mayonnaise gurgling beeitch is a Xbox fan boy.

    4. Cormac Connolly

      I like it, the black one is far better though

    5. Bob Stark

      I need the light.

    6. bob bilbo

      he says the dualsense looks outdated but xbox has almost the exact same controller as last generation🤦🏾‍♂️

    7. bob bilbo

      he said ps4 looked boring with angles, but the xbox is just a big black block 😑

    8. kenan ozturk

      Your an Xbox fan boy should have no say on anything about playstation, you say you don't like the ps5 controller yet xbox has not changed there's at all image wise, let alone talk about performance when your so far up Microsofts A** 😅 not sure what your on about plus you updated your comments to say now you like the ps5 controller 😅 you also say Sony gave a dig to Microsoft yet you don't like that and you are crying at home in your mums basement digging back at Sony because your a xbox goon and did not like what Sony said to Microsoft, PlayStation is for the players, the real players, unlike Microsofts power your dreams, PlayStation don't need dreams because playstation will always be the the best powerd console that xbox want to dream about. P. S the ps5 will sell alot more units then xbox, FACT😂 check back to this comment this time next year and you will see, ps5 will have more sales and users and the better performing console , oh don't forget the exclusives that playstation have and companys are jealous of that Microsoft are trying to match in the future by targeting sonys Asian based exclusive developers. If you want to play decent games and have fun ps5 is for you, if you want lots of other added pointless features and basically the same console go for the xbox x because apart from some tweaks and graphics it's the same as the xbox one oh and the controller 🤔😂

    9. Dylan Callahan

      He better chill on how it looks. You know there is gonna be different colors to it that will make it feel a lot more better. And does this guy want a ps3 controller or what. I have a lot of questions on what he thinks...

    10. miki geh weg aus mein ACOUNT

      Me: "buys PS4 in the year of ps5 reales" Me: "doing the same thing untill my last day"

    11. KingLazTV

      Lmaoo ps5 has more speed

    12. That Boi Lim

      There are gonna be charcoal versions of the controller and system

    13. Olav Dale

      I dont like the look on the conteoller but ps5 is fure🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. Nick Weber

      I get the sneaking suspicion Hes on the mocrosoft payroll lol. And this controller is fucking stylish. Sorry its not a black brick

    15. Rushikesh Reddy

      Are you playstation or xbox?

    16. Martaze Brown

      How do he know how fast or slow the console is if it hasn’t even been revealed yet?

    17. Firecellar

      I think the Xbox controller and the ps5 controller had an affair

    18. Malik_smith leak

      I care about the lights 😭😭

    19. Adfer r

      *Xbox simp certified*

    20. TripleAJ

      *Talks about the power difference but doesn't mention the ssd and cube allocation reinvention* He's paid off. This is not an objective analysis.

    21. Jesse Lawson

      I’m honestly glad Austin had the luck of his house burning down. To bad he wasn’t in it ☹️

      1. Jesse Lawson

        Kevin Barbeau I’ve met him in person when I moved to sanfran, I don’t care if I’m being rude or not. He is a douchebag for no reason. He almost started a fight with like 6 of us but his manager paid us off to not talk about it. I didn’t take the money but the others did. He is a DOUCHEBAG!!!!

      2. Kevin Barbeau

        Are you implying you wish he died!? Dude, don’t say stuff like that!

    22. ALLRED

      this dude has a <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:1</a> like to dislike ratio probably because of his opinions

    23. The Skiddy

      Everyone saying "the unreal 5 tech demo", stfu, that's work from the game devs, the ps5 just runs it, the Xbox series x is much powerful by specs, don't get me wrong I'm a pc player, but I hate seeing ps5 dudes trying there best to be better.

    24. bot man

      Cool content

    25. Andrew Hector

      He quiet now since the unreal engine 5 tech demo was released

    26. southpike1000

      I really wish presenters would really get into the data to see what is going on. You don't need brute force when you adopt parallel processing. Why do you think Epic Games chose to demo Unreal Engine 5 on the PS Dev Kit rather than the XBOX dev kit? Sony is holding some interesting surprises that Microsoft won't be able to keep up with.

    27. priyesh pushp

      Really! you are this dumb to call it ugly 👏👏👏👏

    28. Abdullah Khan

      Like here if you still have the ps3......

    29. Abdullah Khan

      Would you be able to play with your ps4 friends with your ps5?

      1. Lxst


    30. Xeno54 35

      For my in put I think they should place the thumbstick as the xbox based on the bulkiness of the controller because from the look of it it seem as it's not friendly to players with small hands

    31. Mukesh Danu

      DISLIKE for the GUY

    32. Ayy Shaddy

      yessirr best console

    33. CERMAK

      Will you be able to use this controller on the PS4PRO?

    34. Gaige Coy

      I think a new look is usually has a professional look(Simple) And now they have a lot of new things and its great

    35. venom ksa

      you are obviously Xbox baitch

    36. Mehnesh Gaming

      Playstation started as games developers & they will still be good on that. But as build quality & OS they are trash. They should focus developing games & Xbox focus on building consoles

    37. Gaming Center

      You know that this ps5 is so little slower than the series x then to most gamers they won’t fell a difference

    38. Lil Carnitas

      one thing we have against xbox is our controller.we have a new controller and it looks cool and xbox umm has the same controller for the past 10 years

    39. Lil Carnitas

      him:excited for series x also him:ps5 umm......Its nice i guess

    40. Frazer Logan

      click baiting prick

    41. Biggie Cheese

      Not tryna disrespect but that haircut gotta go

    42. GRIDLOCK

      You really don't like playstation do you

    43. Zouhair Eddahmani

      Bro , it’s the first time that I watch your videos and I can assure you that you’re an xbox fan 100% .

    44. Dumb Catz

      personally in like the layout of the xbox (having and xbox one for ages makes you like that) but in still going to gt the ps5 for other reasonns

    45. Dumb Catz

      but the ps5 controler looks good

    46. Destiny boy 2

      Nice video

    47. alex vega

      Ps3 players wya

    48. moses mutale

      Please say it with your chest....meaning be real and stick to your xbox and have fun saying new features..

    49. BreakYourself

      One thing was definitely confirmed in this video... this guy takes it up the a-ss big time....just like his mom and sister.

    50. XxYoungIcexX _

      Now ps4 players cant complain how big xbox contollors are. To be honest xbox controllors are the best. The ps4 controllors are just ugly.

      1. Puff is Jiggly


    51. Jonathan Woo

      man, xbox sucks, it always has and always will.

    52. Spooky_Senpaii

      u are so stupid, u cant talk of xbox in a ps5 videos i like, coca cola talking about pepsi or idk u are the worst

    53. Spooky_Senpaii

      xbox pay this guy to talk shit about the new ps5

    54. Zoom bey

      It looks sick not ugly

    55. Tide pod gummy

      I don’t know why he accused Sony of taking shots at Microsoft simply because they said they improved the recharge time and battery life of their controller. Seems a bit rude, just expressing my opinion lol

    56. NipNeb

      A sharper angle great a better angle to accidentally stab my self again with it

    57. Felix Rios

      This nerd is a xbox fan so anything he says he deep throats xbox so his videos are ehhh. Smh try again man.

    58. Black Rose

      To the people that say stupid shit like "Xbox paid him to do this or why he's talking shit about the controller" are stupid af. Do you y'all know what a review is?

      1. Puff is Jiggly

        They just don’t understand that a person can have their own opinions and not get paid for it.

    59. brain_killer 2.0

      Better then Xbox

    60. Rodrigo R

      Its sucks like your clikbites

    61. Malcolm Covin

      That controller looks dope as fuck hands down the best controller design yet

    62. Cris Betancourt

      You’re literally just a hater. Xbox won’t beat PS5

    63. Tyshaun7057

      It looks like it has a rubber bottom grip if you look very close

    64. Kurama

      Lookin like a pair of thighs...

    65. Carlos M

      who is this asshole????

    66. SAM TheDZ

      He is a playstation hater.

    67. Louis Morales

      WoW I don’t know you and I’m not going to follow your channel because of this video! I can see you are a major PS hater! Lord dude stay with what you like and don’t bash other people preference! If you’re a Xbox guy ok talk about Xbox and stop the bashing to other consoles that’s not nice!

    68. DJ Eta

      Im a ps fan but they screwed the ps5.. im very dissapointed becouse i belive that u cant put grip on it becouse it moves

      1. DJ Eta

        U cant put a grip on it becouse it can strech. Try searching video of using ps5 controller ob yt ur google you will see

      2. mutalix

        What are you trying to say? Put a grip on it?

    69. Brady Ott

      looks like ur an xbox person...

    70. Damon crawley

      I like how it looks so those facial expressions you can probably keep...for the sake of a non biased view of the controller

    71. AK Chicago

      This dude looks like the poster boy for an Xbox lol *loserrrrr*

    72. Snoopy

      Why is no one talking about how fast he spoke at 1.46

    73. Chase Playz KMC

      The controller looks like a Xbox controller that was dropped in paint and became autistic

    74. Trixter

      im a fan of the gaybox I MEAN xbot oops.. my bad I meant gay box. GOD DAMMIIT

    75. delante mickens

      This guy knows what he's talking about he's wearing a dreamville shirt. How cool is that😎👍

    76. Dark Knight

      The ps5 controller looks even better than the Xbox series x itself

    77. Adrin Nosrati

      I'm just gonna let the 48k dislikes speak for my emotions. Good job Xbox fan boy on another video

    78. Quality Shit Edit

      I like the new controller....

    79. xurcedpump

      He is a Xbox simp

    80. Omega Clan

      Damn he messed up on talking he was like look at jedjkw