The Woman Who Changed Drug Development



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    From a new method of drug design to an antiviral agent for herpes, Gertrude Elion's works totally transformed the world of drug development.
    Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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    Published on 2 months ago



      Make an episode on Satyendranath Bose

    2. william polo valerio

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    3. inyourgenes

      If you are sick and religious, then just use the power of prayer.......afterall, you won't want drugs because they are created by atheists using logic and reason.

    4. FNHot

      This was good, and didnt feel like you were desperately digging around for a woman to talk about. Just she was a good scientist, who did great things, happened to have a vagoo.

    5. Doctor Dan

      There needs to be a whole series about people like her and the contributions they make!

    6. Number Eight or Nine?

      can we build proteins or grow cells to our specifications?

    7. Lizzard

      Never heard of her before but I LOVE HER.

    8. Gags

      I ate a BLT once while listening to Dr. Dre.

    9. Jake Johnson

      didn't sound free when he said pay me

    10. culwin

      Nobody is named Gertrude anymore.

    11. Aniyah White

      Henrietta Lacks had a profound impact as well

    12. Ikpa-Agodo Kingsley

      Thanks champ... You've always got a lead fan in me. Forever in my heart.

    13. Crazy03

      For some reason, u remind me of Elon Musk.

    14. javier lynch pearcy

      This video lighten up my day

    15. MammothBehemoth

      The Woman Who Changed Drug Development: ------> Martin Shkreli

    16. Gustav Löwgren

      Can't find any streets (or libraries or anything) named after fer on Google maps. And no mentions of anything such on her wiki page either. Let's make it happen, people! if/when a new street or hospital or school is planned in your area/city, suggest they name it after her :)

      1. Doctor Dan

        Let's do it!

    17. 18matts

      Well humanity should be thankful for her! Nice video to learn about her history

    18. Kathy Fausett

      The revolutionary process that Elion developed is, for all practical purposes, known as tweaking. That's what most drugs on the market do. They don't correct the underlying malfunction, but rather tweak the incredibly complex processes so lab outcomes look more favorable. A simplified version of this process in the computer industry would be called a "work around". This approach hasn't been very productive in helping sick people function better, but it has been incredibly profitable for drug companies.

    19. watbenikgoed

      So, I suppose most people think this is pretty cool, but as someone who is now doing a master in drug development this seems incredible. Those drugs are (1) really cool and (2) rational drug design has had an incredible impact on the farmaceutical world In my book, these people are genuinely genius

    20. Pit1993x

      Yes! Thank you for another entry in the great minds series! One of my favorite series since SciShow's inception! :)

    21. D.S.C. 123

      I recall the steps achieved before AZT's invention. Sorry Scishow but AZT was a dangerous and harmful drug that for a time was the sole HIV/AIDS drug considered effective. It was as deadly as the disease. The side effects made people wish for death. You should know better-or at least ask someone who does. Perhaps you can do a video on the development of antiretrovirals *after* AZT.

    22. BLAIR M Schirmer

      How many unknown male scientists who did far more did you gloss over to arrive at Elion? And where's your video discussing how women are overrepresented in STEMM, where the 2nd M stands for Medicine? --When can we expect that?

      1. Bogwedgle

        All of them. All the female ones too. That's what happens when you make a video about a specific person. You don't talk about everyone else.

      2. T. Vinters

        - Citation needed -

    23. Tomás de Lima Freitas

      N U C L E O T I D E S

      1. Tomás de Lima Freitas

        I mean... There was a little too much repetition of this word, maybe the script was not rewied that well...

    24. Art Boman

      I know this field. This video (and channel often) is bs propaganda

    25. a52Productions

      I was so afraid that because she was a woman in the 60s she would get the Rosalind Franklin treatment and never get the Nobel Prize. Glad to see she got the recognition she deserved!

      1. Doctor Dan

        I was worried about the same thing!

    26. Аскар Косдаулетов

      Whole video I thought drug means marijuana or heroin 😂

    27. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus

      Thanks SciShow for that shout-out for my gal Trudy!

    28. Ryan Vickers

      Incredible how far we've come. It's hard to imagine there was a time when the idea "what if we actually think and use logic instead of just making up random stuff that feels right?" was revolutionary and brilliant. Actually, now that I think about it, we may not have come as far as I'd like to think. Too often these teachings are still ignored in other fields to this day.

      1. 666Tomato666

        @Nathan Levesque immunology for one: antivaxers or general opposition to reality: conservatives

      2. Nathan Levesque

        fields such as

    29. CharlineLikesC

      Where did Michael's blond strand go?

      1. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus

        I think he`s not a zombie anymore. _izombie - tv series_

    30. Mistaria Spellsinger

      "Way faster"? Like, so Valley Girl! Totally.

    31. Phillip Otey

      Funny how we can't buy some of those drugs in America.

      1. r. ridderbusch

        ...unless you're filthy rich!

    32. PhantomQueenOne

      Thank you Gertrude for helping to develop Acyclovir so I could get over shingles faster so I wouldn't need to be quarantined! Very intelligent woman and a visionary that helped so many people!

      1. PhantomQueenOne

        @Doctor Dan They didn't have a chickenpox vaccine when I was a kid... and I got it! I had to have my hands covered with socks to keep me from scratching. I made sure my kid got vaccinated for everything! No way I would want her to have hell that is shingles. And sadly my insurance won't pay for me to have the vaccine for shingles because I'm not old enough.... ugh! Just give it to me damn it!

      2. Doctor Dan

        @PhantomQueenOne Yay! I'm doing a Lego shingles episode next month! I'll share it with you when it's posted!

      3. PhantomQueenOne

        @Doctor Dan I've had it three times now, every time it was brought to a quick halt. Yay science!

      4. Doctor Dan

        I'm happy that you're better!

    33. Yusef Daniel Hassoun Harmouch

      Oh, i love Scishow and out of all the mini series, Great Minds is my favorite!

    34. Ryan Chapman

      women in stem

    35. Veronika

      This was such an awesome video!!!

    36. John Johansen

      0:27 The year of the pandemic that killed around 2% of human population. In some countries, as much as 10% of national population. The Spanish flu.

    37. Adam Nelson

      We still remember your skunk hair... Go away and bring in Hank.

    38. Scientific Humanist

      Hurray for women scientists! 👍🏼❤️😁

    39. Joe Meslovich

      Acyclovir saved my Mom's life when she had mengioencephalitis from shingles. I'm genuinely happy to learn more about the woman that made that drug possible.

      1. PhantomQueenOne

        Your poor Mom!

      2. Doctor Dan

        That's wonderful! Happy to hear that she's doing better!

    40. Billy Fowler

      We need more women like Gertrude Elion in this world.

      1. r. ridderbusch

        Agreed. Universities are full of them now, and my daughter is teaching them in her own genetics lab at a major University :-D