The Weeknd - Until I Bleed Out (Official Video)

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    Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Until I Bleed Out"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:
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    Music video by The Weeknd performing Until I Bleed Out. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Chango o


    2. hectic pimp

      I went through 14 ads of "hIgH nOtE" but overall the album clapped cheeks😎💯

    3. junior lcn

      Que bala foi essa?

    4. Sudarshana R

      This album will be in my favourite albums list. The songs in this album is really really awesome and the weeknd has nailed it👍👍👌

    5. Kana Beats

      genius to name himself the weeknd cuz who doesn't like the weekend. Still blows me away

    6. Mia Bradvica

      I'm telling you, listen to this while you're high, I highly recommend it

    7. typeofjulien

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> how It feels laying drunk in your bed. This album is a straight up masterpiece! #XOTWOD

    8. Baby Carrot

      I wish I died😔

    9. Michael Kessler

      Reminds me of House of balloons 🎈❤️

    10. Aditya S

      Things that doesn't exist : Haters of The Weeknd..

    11. Kaitlynn Frazier

      “I keep telling myself I don’t need it anymore” hits me too fucking hard

    12. Teddy Y. Triant

      plot twist: he wasn't act out, he is actually high af and his crew start filming

    13. Muzicaa Studios

      I hope he does the video of snowchild

    14. Muzicaa Studios

      Best album 2020

    15. rifa rashid

      this video holds so many emotions

    16. Sinalo Mlindi

      I'm not mad, I'm disappointed that this hasn't reached 100 million views. 6.5 million views for such masterpiece? Pathetic.

    17. Mavi Rodriguez

      i love it

    18. Francesca Donatiello

      La più bella dell'album..

    19. Hybrid Prince.

      I understand fully how this feels .

    20. Segodi Mokgobi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="140">2:20</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>, "but your mind wants to leave but you can't go"

    21. Utta Ghoul


    22. Dont Blink

      This reminds me of the song outside. Not the message, the sound of it.

    23. Wes Yates

      I think a lot of fans (short for fanatical) forget this guy is a musician and artist. It’s ok for him to create from his emotional Experiences. I love his music and the videos are awesome too. However I think a lot of you thinking and saying “he is going back to his old ways” “I really want him to be ok” these are not ok. His music isn’t a cry for help it’s a milestone of how far he has come and the song is his story. Real musicians get wrapped up in reading comments from fans. I feel sorry he has to read such garbage from what fans perceive as as subliminal messages in his music. The dude is killing it, has great people around him. He is responsible. Let’s celebrate the art and the person. Not your opinion on his mental health. If you care that much write him a letter and actually do something -comments are so lame.

    24. Mess Nabil

      Im gonna listen to this music until my ears bleed out

    25. Marcel Dubenion

      This song is a representation of how my alcohol addiction was. I have been a sober 2 months so far. I don’t need it anymore part really speaks to me.

    26. iKydey

      I'm not even a big fan of the weeknd, let alone this album. But holy fucking shit bro, this ENTIRE album is a musical masterpiece. I cant even explain u know. Just woah

    27. Dillan Mistry

      House of balloons?

    28. Antony Walters

      Check out my latest vid! You will NOT be dissapointed!

    29. Mesmeriza

      This is flawless.

    30. HOTTEST 90sBaby

      Crazy how much I relate with I think the women is DRUGS lmk if I’m wrong

    31. KxNG on 60fps

      How many red suits does my mans have

    32. Nickoland Wolfe

      I love weekend no homo...this nigga sings ma life every time he me i wish him long life!! Long live Weekend

    33. King Wynter

      Man breakups are hard this song just does for me I appreciate him for making this amazing song

    34. abhishek khanna

      Autotune!!?? I thought he didn't use it...

    35. lita nev

      so this is what happens now, take in your eyes as an example, at first i did NOT like that song at all but i love the weeknd so much but when i kept listening to in your eyes its became my favorite song.. He is amazinggggg

    36. Matthew Paaz

      How does this not have more views..?! It’s a Masterpiece

    37. Gordon Holmes

      Watching the video makes the experience of listening to the song so much more fulfilling and taking a looking into the life of Abel...complete revolving door of fame, drugs and success/failures tied into one. Deep.

    38. Habibi DA9

      Weeknd isn’t only an artist; He is a legend!

    39. Molly Percocet

      When's he gonna stop looking so beat up???✌

    40. MAX LM

      HEy guYs whOs wATchinG iN 2020

    41. ML Simmons

      He never disappoint me.

    42. Black_Dove

      "New R&B Vibes" was suggested to me by USsel's AI. Trash. Nope. Drop me off and the 1970s, I won't be returning.

    43. Antonio Rangel

      Very few artists tell stories, their greatest nightmares or things that hurt them and make them into beautiful music. Abel you have a unique gift, your voice, songs and the stories they tell.

    44. DloyaltyTv

      The weekend the Goat like this if u agree

    45. EDITA Selimović

      This is Awesome why only 6 million views ,People these days hmm

    46. Linda Hill

      The meaning of the song is literal. I'm sure people can relate to it on many levels, but he's talking about addiction. Anyone who's ever gone HARD for a long period of time understands this feeling. I've been there. Scared for no reason. Just want your "life back." Not talking about a Friday Night of drinking/getting high; he's talking about going HARD and the psychological aftermath. Legend.

    47. Emilly Roriz

      A real masterpiece this project. I don't know if he sought help in psychoanalysis to understand his demons, but if that is not a way to sublimate his pain, I don't know what it is anymore.

    48. Симона Ангелова

      Doctor: You've got only 4 minutes left Me: The Weeknd - Until I Bleed Out

    49. Mohnish Singh

      I just hope this album ages well .

    50. skyymarley

      someone needs to save him. this makes me so sad

    51. Alexander Tunick

      don't understand why it's only ~ 6 million view? Damn this song deserves hundreds of millions

    52. Krasen Maximov

      6 mil views. Damn shame

      1. Mess Nabil

        Well I thought the same thing as you

    53. Aditya Pandey

      Drake and Weeknd, both have the shallowest songs out there, even if they're good

      1. Lam rof


    54. Ray Schrader

      House of balloons.

    55. Sleezy

      The dislikes are the blood cells.

    56. Razzo gaming

      I love her but i wanna forget her and the things ive done but the drugs won't let me cause i can't have one without the other and I can't change her she only loves me when im sad she only loves me when i have no fear and all i have are my bitter sweat memories so im stuck in an never ending melancholy never to escape afraid to touch the sky again and afraid to fall in an sentimental prison

      1. sum lover

        Facts 🔄

    57. Liam Dunn

      2.25 always hits so hard. Ever been to a party and taken a break from the madness to see how youre holding up? But then realize you're not in control and then a sharp twinge of fear rears its ugly head. That imagery hurts my soul man.

    58. Oscar Morales

      Yesterday I almost cried watching this vid. It was not the first time i played it, but, when you repeat it again and again, It finally ended up hurting...

    59. Jonathan Bailey

      Love his music, but lets be real... he's in a personal hell rn. I'm praying for good vibes for ya

    60. Danae Cruz Vigueras

      Love u forever 😍

    61. Kyla Johnson

      I just spent so much fuking time writing a comment and then the video goes to a different video dammit.

    62. Tarot Divine Online

      🌹Omg.... the video’s are so dark and destructive!!! I hope that you are okay ?! you have so much beautiful music in you please do NOT ruin yourself take back your power 👀.... 🕯please take care of yourself 🙏💓

    63. favreFOURLife21

      This song sounds like it’s from Trilogy

    64. pure vocalś

      Until I bleed out cover

    65. Dee Serieux

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> in the song isn’t that Bella

    66. Shaby 28

      This is art.

    67. STOOP1DD Playz

      When you feel like crying to a but you don’t know the reason.

    68. Val love love

      This man is just magic ❤️💯🎼

    69. Paula

      i was fine but this hit me deeply

    70. Patrick baker

      House of balloons yoo I feel da vibe

    71. Adi Vandanapu

      what an utter disappointment, i dont like this song

    72. Ryan Harlow

      Major Thursday vibes from this video

    73. Q M

      Dude should really get that nose checked out its been broken for like 3 music videos now...

    74. Eduardo Costa da Silva

      Even i that hear rock and heavy metal songs (those's my favorite genre), I've heard the Weeknd because it's pretty good!!!

    75. Allan Lloyd Lim

      Kinda the Stranger Things era ✨

    76. joccy 36

      Recently hearing this masterpiece at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a>AM , THIS HITS SO DIFFERENT 😣,but I love Abel so much , I've been a fan since the start,& I hope Abel is okay during this quarantine. All of you stay safe,XOTWOD❤️


      Make a video on faith

    78. Muhannad Mnea

      This kinda sounds like something off Trilogy

    79. Athena Trelopylos

      I love his singing