The Weeknd - Heaven Or Las Vegas

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Kaustubh Sonarkar

      Faith : I choose Vegas if they offer heaven's gate #xotwod 🖤💀

    2. KANGAL


    3. THE GRAY

      "Now say i am GOD" then I said "I am GOD"

    4. chocolate

      aah yes the atheist anthem

    5. Roberto Thangjam

      Oh that sneaky guitar in the background!! That's illegal 💔

    6. Muhamed Riyadh

      I think this should be if the money talk's about religion sellers (how earn by letting people suffer from politics the sales peoplele their own right and use the Clergy to tell them not to ask for their Rights)

    7. Diego Alonso Tay Leturia

      Los verdaderos fans están aquí dicen

    8. Nicolás Montiel

      After hours 😔👌

    9. PQTAMXO

      Faith brought me here.

    10. TenTwenty4our

      I Chose Vegas

    11. Mariana M

      Amazing still to this day

    12. LT Mackins

      My ATF

    13. Sara nasser

      who’s here after ‘ I choose Vegas if they offer heaven’s gate ‘ in his song Faith

      1. Sisan Tuedor

        we been here since 2011 bro

      2. Sara nasser

        Ева Aнтулеска who?

      3. Ева Aнтулеска

        Not real XO fans.

      4. Fox God

        Everyone is

    14. cristian jofre

      one of the best of this project

    15. Christopher Trent

      Top tier. You just can’t fuck with this track

    16. eboe

      I'm only here cause I thought it would be a Cocteau Twins cover. I haz sads now.

    17. hail jas

      still BANG to dis day

    18. mikeee____

      I made this title my Facebook status 8 years ago to this day haha

    19. punksnotdeceased

      can't believe i used to hate this song, it's a masterpiece

    20. Chillallthe Kildren

      Fuck everybody. This is his greatest song....kiss my ass

    21. Connor RK505

      I thought he covered Cocteau Twins. :(

    22. James David

      wtf way to rip off the name of a cocteau twins song.. come up with yr own names

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        This version is not my most favorite song in the whole wide world. It's my 2nd though 😁

    23. x-Camobear-x

      the little piano parts at the ends of the lines gets me every time

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Xo bitch

    24. REKT clan

      I live in Vegas

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        👏! There you go. That was your 1 hand clap.

    25. Will C

      Got that reggae vibe

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        A couple years ago all I had to play on 420 was the album this song was on and you best believe I played the fuck outta it.

    26. VloneSpartan PK

      The most unappreciated song out of all I love Heaven or Las Vegas 🖤

    27. natisha mason

      Heartless & blinding lights video brought me here ❤

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Eyes open 👁👁

      2. Chillallthe Kildren


    28. Assis Lima

      Listening Blinding Lights we see clearly that he'd made his choice.

    29. Moè CaSh

      No one cares how long you knew The Weeknd so stfu and enjoy the music

    30. Moè CaSh

      I used to always skip this song 😞 Press f to pay respect

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        At Olive Garden they have these never ending pasta bowls and it comes with a dick you can eat. This song is awesome.

    31. Lizbeth Abenue

      I just heard this song and it’s one of his best songs

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Shout out xo

    32. Diamond Monroe

      Had no clue he covered this

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Everybody is more fortunate because of it.

    33. Valerie Corleone

      Here after he acknowledged this on heartless 😭

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        This is the og track. Xotillweod

      2. Clorox Bleach

        Thank God someone else noticed it

    34. Matt Harding

      colourbox 4ad, cocteau twins 4ad vrey nice

    35. Mont Mont21

      I been getting high and vibin to this song since around November 2012. This dude is fuckin dope

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Shout out xo

    36. Candice Can Too!

      The type of song the artist should have sang once then hidden from the world forever. I wouldn't share it...

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Because fuck em

      2. Jad

        Candice Cantu why ?

    37. Xristos Tsinaslanidis

      Who is here after that sign on Heartless

    38. EchoesInTheMind

      Who here is heartless?

    39. Gohvn in thvt very rvre trvcksuit

      8 years later, he chose Las Vegas.

      1. Köftespieß Hrrr

        He knew it, he chose Las Vegas back then

      2. Dhaval


    40. Mike Unkown

      here before he names his new album heaven or las vegas

    41. Chillallthe Kildren

      I want to be remembered by this song

    42. T Money

      This song always reminds me of all the bitches I’ve fucked 💯 I’m paying for my dads sins too lol


      girls call him daddy. Dad = Father - I am God.

    44. Danielle and Lj Serna and Hernandez

      I was typing Heaven or Vegas and found its also an album by an band called CT. they got some what the fucck shit, but I wonder if the weeknd got anything from that album/song when he was making this song

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Uh duh

    45. John Jones

      Who likes this version over the remaster Trilogy

      1. XO The Host

        John Jones the guitar riffs sound better on the remaster but I prefer the original as a whole.

      2. Elian ッ

        John Jones I agree with you. Sounds way better here than the remastered version.

    46. 愛Bayonetta

      Man why did he never sang this Live?

    47. James Coleman

      If they still ain't listening they still don't get it... XO til I OD

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        This song says more than what a church can even pronounce.

    48. Klassy K

      Bob Marley vibes...

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        It's so difficult to choose a favorite Weeknd song but this one says a lot. 5 years later and I can still relate to the words.

    49. klazo_mania

      Remember when this was posted by “xoxoxoxxxoooxo”

    50. Nikko Aris McCarroll

      [Verse 1] I'm paying for all my father's sins So I'mma thank him for you I'mma thank him for you My serotonin's gone a while ago Girl, it's gone cause of you It's been gone cause of you [Hook] They say, they want heaven They say, they want God I say, I got heaven Well I say, I am God [Verse 2] I never prayed a moment in my life Girl I'm rewarded with you I've been rewarded with you So baby let me kiss your inner thigh Let me kiss it for you I can kiss it for you [Hook] They say, they want heaven They say, they want God I say, I have heaven I say, I am God

      1. Dhaval

        Thanks for lyrics

      2. Chillallthe Kildren

        Powerful words.

    51. Warren The Warrior

      Wasz good

    52. Archons

      Wtf how have i not heard of this until now This should be in season 5 of Lucifer

      1. Blackbane

        @Chillallthe Kildren true that

      2. Chillallthe Kildren

        I think people would be outraged at him saying he's god.

    53. Warren The Warrior


    54. Warren The Warrior

      Hmu 7609051766

    55. Esquimo Eskimo

      The amount of views on this video shows that we are among the few that have listened to real music. we are blessed.

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        Blessed is a biblical term and I wish I could use another word.

    56. Laettiia Brisbois

      Still my favorite song of all time that guitar is EVERYTHING 😍

    57. Anna Carollina


    58. Iloveprettyfeet Women

      It sound like he’s saying what the hell happen to me at the end🤔

    59. Iloveprettyfeet Women

      If I was homeless with god talent I’ll sell my soul too..💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾the weeknd my dude

    60. Ccmire On The Beat

      Good lord this version is so much better than the re-mastered version.

    61. Nikko Aris McCarroll

      I've been rewarded with you So baby let me kiss your inner thigh Let me kiss it for you I can kiss it for you

    62. Nikko Aris McCarroll

      I'm paying for all my father's sins So I'mma thank him for you

    63. Jad

      XO is forever

      1. Chillallthe Kildren

        N ever

    64. The Xo Lover

      Still Here XO Lover FORVERRRRR 2k19

    65. Stark Targaryen

      i clicked because it was a Cocteau Twins cover track. but this is still pretty good.

    66. Lynch LaFlare

      this shit stilllllllll fucking knocks

    67. Night Owl

      O R G A S M I C ! Out of this world......

    68. A -

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a>

    69. GonsalvoDeCordova

      Exactly like the Cocteau Twins, an amazing cover! jk

    70. Kra-Z Kidd

      I love this song and every song ever made by the weeknd js 🤷😂🔥

    71. NikaMcGuin

      It's kind of ironic that reggae beats are used here being that reggae music is known for being spiritual and political - yet this song is the opposite of religious.

    72. Lamar Hill Studio

      How does this masterpiece only have 2 mil views???

    73. Christina Feldman

      Thiz shit go on Molly I'm hella high chillin in this song bruh

    74. M M

      First time I listened: Didn't really get that into it, skipped over it Now when I listen: Omg this is AMAZING, how did I not love this at first??! Seriously eargasm.. The more you listen the better it gets.

    75. όλα είναι κύκλος

      this fucking song..

    76. Kazi Shadid Raiyan

      Why is the audio quality like this?

    77. Kazi Shadid Raiyan

      Anyone's favorite song this is? This is his least viewed song... just saying...

    78. Max Gregory

      Play this at 0.75x playback speed. You’re welcome

    79. Albert Garcia k


    80. CJ Aiken

      This song needs more love 2019