The Weeknd - The Zone (feat. Drake)

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    Published on 8 years ago


    1. Carlos Alegría

      listening at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="404">6:44</a>am on a cold misty night... damn this song brings back memories...

    2. delantie peterson

      this is one of the greatest pieces of art

    3. Denver Williams

      Still one of my favorites! 🔥💥💯

    4. Boris Kocak

      anyone who loves this song needs to listen to the BBC Radio version on youtube!!! it takes this to a whole new level

    5. asad ared

      Definitivamente las canciones de wknd son para escuchar de noche.

    6. Christian Romaniello


    7. swphittman215

      5/24/20 nd dis shit still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. Jay Cee

      We need more Drake & Weekend

    9. Jhev Brown

      Late night vybz wid WEED an liquor🔥💥❤

    10. Illest records

      am I just tripping off the acid or is the girls face changing color?

    11. Nurse Plays

      this is the vibe i love.

    12. Anastasia Varg

      Who is still here? 2020 ❤️

    13. asad ared

      Manejar de noche y escuchar esto es de otro mundo.

    14. Guillermo Vazquez Navarro

      Perfecta 🔥❤️

    15. wiIlybobo

      This beat carried me above dark clouds on rainy days..

    16. Abylayhan Tolegen

      Who is this girl on photo?

    17. Jacob McCarthy

      2020, this Drake verse don't get enough shine

    18. juanjosesuarez19

      still a banger

    19. Ghufran mujahid

      You know it's a good song when you don't realise it's 7 min long.

    20. Victoria Nightingale

      6 minutes of greatness.

    21. GanGsta Marcus

      Bro like a 21 hybrid R.kelly WIT DiS SeXy R&B shit... Minus THAT sicko kids Shit...

    22. King Eli

      lost my virginity to this sex music

    23. essence amani

      Does anyone else realize she looks like jules from euphoria?

    24. Kelvin DollarS

      yoo this XO x OVO still slaps different

    25. Arlette Andrade


    26. iiiAMgod

      this looks my ex

    27. JelloW WeeD

      Bu herif bi harika ya

    28. Bhavesh Panchal

      dont ask if someone is here, we never gone.

    29. Jen A Thompson

      SO TRU

    30. 1996killerman

      Song never loses its touch

    31. Damion Burrell

      Up top mad move

    32. Damion Burrell

      Up top mad move

    33. Miaisa Hernandez

      2020 ..

    34. Ken Martin

      Whoever thumbs down, have mercy on your soul. This is a classic!

    35. Greed Greed

      Man, he was so much better.

    36. пирания денег второй канал

      the zone? stalker shadow of chernobyl?

    37. Cindyy

      listening to this song when you are high ✨💫✨⚡️✨

    38. mia miumiu

      this girl looks like hunter schafer

      1. essence amani


    39. Crixus

      Late night fuck, never really planned it

    40. Rachid Bch

      2020 ?

    41. Malcolm Urbina

      Activate supreme annihilation sequence. The last soldier demon . No longer . For your lying eyes hiding in darkness were it frys in hell . Through clear views as a bright and sunny day. So many lie s clear as day like. Bright sun shine. Yes TV who pays the cost. Slaughter blocks for your hoe shit.

    42. no one

      Im tired of seeing white women over these thumbnails. Wheres the beautiful black women, the real queens

    43. Dori M

      I still feel lonely when I'm with u..

    44. Lord Pretty Britney

      Still listening in 2020 ✨🌙🌞

    45. Swornim Rai

      I wonder who this girl is

    46. Liza Uliganets

      walk your broken heart through that door ...

    47. Kyrah Greene

      Dear The Weeknd, we miss you 🖖🏾🔥

    48. zarr Sar

      to understand Abel search for MTdJtIS3ovA here in youtube , his head was filled with her and other Ethiopian singers music since he was in the womb.

    49. superfuzz rc

      Lips so French ,ass so Spanish 🔥🔥

    50. Khizer Shareef

      Imma touch you right - me singing while washing my hands for 20 seconds

    51. Nocturnal Delirium

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> Me coming out of quarantine:

    52. Ed Ed

      Listening and smiling in the corona virus.... ✌

    53. Nellie Broun

      everytime the weeknd fucks a white girl, an angel gets her wings

    54. Klauss Bautista

      I listen to this with the volume blasting so I don't have to talk to anyone in the morning

    55. Veedo

      It’s currently <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> AM

    56. saurav

      iF yOu STIlL lIsTEn, yoU A rEAl XO FAN. shut yo annoying ass babay

    57. ramon galbert

      Listening in Casablanca, Morocco,chill afternoon in the Mariff before curfew...what a fucking trip. Peace

    58. a3

      Stuck in quarantine, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> AM and in a dark bedroom with this video playing on the tv. Me and the blond are havin a staring contest.

      1. Cortlyn Stroshein


      2. Cortlyn Stroshein

        Me currently

      3. Monique Walker


    59. Brandon Booker Sr.

      In the zone.

      1. Brandon Booker Sr.


    60. Ryne Payne

      If you still listen to this Weeknd then you are and OG. I remember I use to think this man was a group lmao.

    61. Usridkann 123

      Ooh, why Why, why Hold on Why, why Why you rushing me baby? It's only us, alone I don't want to die tonight baby So lemme sip this slow I'll give you what you called for Just let me get in my zone I'll be making love to her through you So let me keep my eyes closed And I won't see a damn thing I can't feel a damn thing But I'ma touch you right Oh, I won't see a damn thing I can't feel a damn thing But I'ma touch you right, oh yeah I'ma touch you right (Let me sip this slow) I'ma touch you right (Let me get inside my zone) I'ma touch you right (Just let me) Woah, ooh yeah And I'ma lean, 'til I fall, ooh yeah And I don't give a damn I felt the ground before I left it all behind, baby I didn't need no one But I'm in need tonight baby I've been alone for too long Oh, oh yeah So, I won't say a damn thing I can't feel a damn thing But I'ma touch you right, ooh yeah oh I can't see a damn thing I can't feel a damn thing But I'ma touch you right ooh I'ma touch you right, oh yeah (Let me sip this slow) I'ma touch you right (Let me get inside my zone) I'ma touch you right (Just let me) Woah, ooh yeah Whoa, all these broken hearts on that pole Man, if pole dancing's an art, you know how many fuckin' artists I know? Got some new bills in the mail, got some big favors I owe Got some good things ahead of me when these bad bitches let go Well girl let's go, walk your broken heart through that door Sit yo sexy ass on that couch Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth I take it slow She in love with my crew She said make enough so I can try some I thought taking drugs just ain't you, be you Yeah girl, just be you And I do this shit for my hometown, it been going down, it ain't new That's that north north, that up top That OVO and that XO Your girlfriend at our next show But it's all good, don't stress though First night fuck, never really planned it Take a deep breath, no one need to panic Lips so French, ass so Spanish She don't really like attention, I don't know if she gon' manage out here But she got me all up in my zone Said she like the view I got in this place, shit I did all of that on my own Aw yeah

    62. Vivek Gururani

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a> am while quarantine. I don’t do drugs but abel’s music

    63. Lim Zar

      I'll be making love to her through you....

    64. Ozzie 242Live

      Press here to rewind <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> your welcome🙄

    65. Rayon Brown

      2020 Banga I was here

    66. Bandwagon for Pelicans.

      POV of you getting some while zoned.

    67. Jenny Montesdeoca

      Whos Listening to the weekend during quarentine

    68. funkydrops

      Whoever produced this beat did a fantastic job: brilliant!

    69. Lê Gia Vũ

      lol i was searching for the weeknd and this video was on top of "high for this" also by his

    70. zarr Sar

      to understand Abel search for MTdJtIS3ovA here in youtube , his head was filled with her and other Ethiopian singers music since he was in the womb.

    71. ZorroRorro 10

      Finally, a comment section to which I belong. Never thought about listening to this on USsel before though.

    72. adam coffey

      big ass forehead goddamn nigga

      1. TheRealMrMackey

        adam coffey hairline on some bron shit

    73. adam coffey

      The Forehead ft Drake

      1. Nocturnal Delirium

        adam coffey I’m fucking dying because of you

    74. Christopher Mayfield


    75. BRAYNZ

      This sounds like Old tumblr posts, air yeezy 2 concept art, TISA snapbacks, MCM back PACKS and TDE wallpapers if you catch my drift 😉

    76. Tracy Knowles

      God find friend me see next life time..sorry bae

    77. Tracy Knowles

      Fu.fkk said my name .. feeling now traceeeee

    78. Tracy Knowles

      You feeling touch said name

    79. Tracy Knowles

      Stop play no die why tripping . Fl .

    80. Catalina Vasilescu

      anyone listening to this while corona?