The Weeknd x Paris

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Samantha Jimerson

      I was there insane

    2. O.U_SLOW

      Queen street nigga making money overseas had a few more debts imma pay it all in cash...shoutout X'O

    3. Noelle Simone

      Is it just me that I want them to BACK THE FUCK UP like yeah I get it but have a little respect dont be all in his face u wouldn't like it if people were trying to fucking touch u and get all up in ur whole space like eww people are so annoying

    4. Ruben Garcia

      This was in 2014, remember

    5. bubblegum strawberry

      I feel bad for him tbh

    6. Sadiya Ahmad

      I just wanna live enough to meet you once, attend your concert while youโ€™re still performing and thank you for the music that youโ€™ve given us. XOTWOD

    7. the Lopez family kids

      I wish I was there and see the Weeknd ๐Ÿ˜ง

    8. Natalia U.

      This is a criticism of this type of situation and few people have realized of that. it's not adorable and respect neither.

    9. Warren The Warrior

      From homelessness to this

    10. Alexiz Gaming

      A lot of kids rumbling...

    11. BRASI Music

      That looks great man. Wish I was there. Thanks for Sharing. Kind Regards : BRASI

    12. bat cave

      The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Brent faiyaz, Love Mansuy, Gambino. Do i need anyting else? they are all i need

    13. Loris Andreoli

      That not a song dats ร  terrorist bomb rรฉaction

    14. Lil Louie2939


    15. Shay M

      well, this is what he wanted and he got it

    16. tonyk174

      People are acting hella dumb

    17. xoxovoxoxo

      _So scary but awesome_

    18. Ernesto Zambrana

      XO ๐Ÿ’“

    19. Letty Renee

      imagine if all them people were zombies lol.. fuckkk

    20. redrocketboy 274

      the weekn vs paris

    21. Moe Rvnn

      I remember back in 2011 when my sister asked me if I heard about The Weeknd. I said, is that a band?

    22. Itz_Auser

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> pause it and look at the weekend

      1. Chakra Zero

        Best comment๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

      2. Vic

        Chris1254 weeknd* idiot

    23. Knainas Seretse-Khama

      That's fuckin crazy.

    24. Mahmoud Wesh

      ouuh putain a paris cest des acharnes

    25. Brandon Tsang

      watch it without the video... sounds like the trailer for an apocalypse movie.

    26. youiloves 12

      ooh no! I would have a panic attack lol

    27. M

      All those people were actually there for Drake.

    28. M

      All those people were actually there for Drake.

    29. Thiago Avelino

      Que loucura haha

    30. Daphkej

      i'm a bit concerned when people, famous or not, can't even wander the streets in piece.. I mean, can't people communicate in a calm way instead of shouting and going ham? Srsly..

      1. last jedi

        They can't fuckoff

      2. Conchaquat

        Daphkej I agree.

      3. Amberlynn Jones

        Peace **

      4. Lana XO


    31. Bre Williams

      bruh that crowd was hype if i ever meet the weeknd in person i would just be lost for words then bust out singing his songs lol! XOTWOD

    32. Marco Marinkovic

      damn i thought this was a new song FML :((

    33. Andrea M

      so so sooo proud of you..

    34. Lucey Luv

      i โค that he is always on his phone!

    35. Cryptic

      Them cars need bulletproof windows lol.

      1. FRANK.

        Lol ikr

    36. xavien

      ุชุฏู…ูŠุฑ ู…ุง ูŠุฏู…ุฑ ู„ู„ูƒ

    37. Dmytro Kovalskyy

      i hate this shitt ,,,, just killed my vibe. i only listen to ur music because it makes me feel good, other than that u can fuck off broo ima roll this join or... nahh

    38. Huda Mohamed

      s/o stixxxxxx

    39. Huda Mohamed

      my nigga hawk. i c u

    40. Sonnie Nash

      why does this remind me of a zombie film?!

    41. Zee

      gives me chills

    42. Paloma Jauregui

      Lol when he gets back in the van he gets on his phone like nothing even happened :p

      1. Ray.OFFICIAL

        He walks through it like nun was happening

      2. Lucey Luv

        bae stays on his phone. i fucking love it!!

    43. nickiblack1990

      When your blocking city streets just to walk you know you doing something rite!

    44. Yasmin .Nimsay

      ok, he deserves recognition and respect for his talent..but holy shit what is happening over there?! ^^

    45. Soledad

      But it wasn't for you Abel, people were here for Drake and Rihana and they get hysterical each time they see a Limo!!!

      1. Topsznxo

        Hahaha that's true

    46. Janesha Moses


    47. Alpha XO

      Can't wait for him to drop more Mixtapes

    48. Makaveli DonDon

      He Needs To Come To Atlanta Georgia !

    49. Leanna Uemura


    50. Cris A

      Dam I remember him seeing him in a hole in the wall in Brooklyn. Now look!! Good for him. Xo

      1. Ingrid Estevez

        who is this ?

    51. selfexplanatorychiq

      Did they ask him to leave because of his fans? lol that's crazy. It's nice to see how genuine he is though, he could have asked them all to chill instead of leaving.

    52. FS


    53. TeeReal Takeover

      He never cracked a smile lmao..i would be laughing my ass off or waving atleast to my fans

    54. BasedGuilherme

      wtf is wrong with these girls. you don't need to fucking scream like that...

      1. Conchaquat

        GuilhermeMattos I agree.

    55. pullom clifford

      Michael Jackson swagg

    56. Chris Maisonet

      Video looking like the Dawn of the Dead intro. I still enjoyed watching this.

    57. Abderezzak Bakhat idrissi

      weeknd voice: the hook from in vein with rick ross

    58. Tylisha S

      I bet that had to be scary! Abel make the girl go....

    59. L A

      Damn I love Abel, met him twice in LA already and I never acted like this. People have no chill. Kinda scared me! I'd hate to be famous I like my privacy. hahaha Beyond proud of his success tho. I feel like a proud momma :')

    60. Beyza P

      No chill. Reminds me of Michael Jackson & his wild fans

    61. clogerie


    62. Bablooka Jonez

      Good golly, Ms. Molly!!!!!

    63. ALYoungFuture

      #ALYoungFuture Check my music out ! #AL #Aljamere

    64. MissTia777

      DAMNNN Weeknd is HUGE in Paris! They going crazy!

    65. Valerie Adel

      I think Abel get nervous when it comes to fame =)) I dnt knw just saying

    66. Valerie Adel

      lucky ppl โ™ฅ_ โ™ฅ

    67. tahnyahrochah


    68. VicaMOOR

      i seriously can't blame 'em... i'd be star struck too... even though I never seem to appear that way.

    69. Baltimore Mack

      That was wild

    70. Austin Paz

      damn lmao , shit is like a zombie Apocalypse

    71. FAR

      Shit why I wasn't there ? I left Paris today and now I'm so pissed off..

    72. Tomi Oginni

      guy said "go,go,go" was like some zombie movie lol

    73. No Newfriends

      It's that voice and the fact he kinda comes off as a deep thinking hard edge. I bet Abel had panties dropping all over Paris.

    74. king pin-zo

      It's like it didn't even phase him that's a lot of people.

    75. El Sueรฑo

      i LOVE The Weeknd, but i could never go that nuts, because that's just pathetic. Have some respect, and grow up.

      1. Pack Of milk

        @Conchaquat dont play funny u pThetic

      2. Pack Of milk

        agreed. why tf are they even screaming. WHY

      3. Conchaquat

        Nancy Martinez Ohh, so shouting in poor Abel's ear and disrespecting his space shows that you love him right? RIGHT?! That's your logic anyway..

      4. Conchaquat

        Abyssinia Unltd. Sound? The hell are you on about? You were READING her comment. Not hearing it lmao.

      5. SwaggyPete

        So going fucking crazy like that means you're xo? Stfu .

    76. Andre Carasic

      Paris going crazy, guys listen please some of my covers !

      1. Sky Stewart

        @Nikeeheadx02 -______- *the weeknd come on honey...

      2. hhoun

        Why when we can listen to the weekend :)

      3. KeepitAhCNOTE


      4. mvndo mane


    77. Chollette

      Reminds me of high school when people found out you had gum

      1. coldboi ๆ‚ฒใ—ใฟ

        Most underrated comment

      2. ๋ฐ”๋‚˜๋‚˜ํŒŒ๋‹ˆ๋‹ˆ

        they all had high school breath, eh? lol

    78. Musab Mohammed

      Bout that life

    79. Yara Yaraxo

      Holy shit the thirst is real. HAHAH

    80. ECPLO

      Niggaaaaaa fuuuuck that out the car shit lol