The Weeknd x Club Paradise

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Jose Ayala

      This was back when lil cuh was fucked up on stage, it's nice to know the fame and money didn't get him like that

    2. Raykingleaves

      Man this shit feels like yesterday. ovoxo

    3. Homero Diaz


    4. victor valdez

      2020 u have came a long way, been here since the start. Excited to hear the new album, congrats on your well deserved success sir.

    5. anselmxo

      2019 anyone?

    6. prod. By Mobinnn

      2019 anyone?

    7. Piotr Maslowski

      xo is forever

    8. Salman Aljazeeri

      Rip OVOXO

    9. Paula Hernández

      ovoxo forever 🖤 almost 2019

    10. C bastian

      Who's watching in 2018?

    11. TheUcheO

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> Fanboys to the point where I switch genders on the spot....

    12. Shuvro

      2018 anyone

    13. anselmxo


    14. Moonvvixxen

      Who’s watching in 2018 after listening to My Dear Melancholy?

    15. Krystal Rodriguez

      who's watching in 2018??

    16. djbenzo

      Turn his mic up.

    17. bittu das

      Every word he says is sexual but his way of singing, his voice. Omfg .

    18. Joseph Esquivel

      Back when he actually put vocal effort into performances

      1. Info Center

        Ive been to two weeknd concerts. 2015, and 2017. His voice and note are fucking amazing live, i domt know what youre talking about

      2. Antonio Aceves

        Joseph Esquivel you must be deaf then

      3. Joseph Esquivel

        I don't see him hitting high notes live anymore

    19. Enez ll

      he was sp new at performing (obviously). hes come a long way. i cry

    20. juskin1

      The two biggest and best artists out there right now... OVOXO for life

      1. Gangsta Nerd

        Drake is a puss

    21. C bastian

      who's watching in 2017.

      1. ಠಿ_ಠ


      2. D A R D A N I


      3. Cayuana Kelly


      4. C bastian

        I speak spanish

    22. kryptoNITE_


    23. MrManuel1329

      Who's watching in 2016 ?

      1. B O B


      2. Mehmet emin /


      3. Yeily Xo

        MrManuel1329 2017

    24. Reckex

      This is where he started to become mainstream

      1. Broski

        Reckex nooooooooo

      2. Demitei

        He become mainstream when he dropped cfmf

      3. Jaleel Khaleeq

        Lmao fuck no he went mainstream when he dropped Beauty Behind the Madness

      4. stond

        Reckex after he he released king of the fall he became mainstream

      5. Dila G.

        Reckex nah, he started become mainstream after kiss land

    25. Margaret Osei

      this crowd 😭

    26. Allure Searles

      Nice performance love Abel

    27. vochel2

      For everyone wondering and not wanting to read 200 comments like I just did, the song's Drake - Crew Love (ft. The Weeknd, obviously)

      1. stond

        Stephanie's Mouth Guard so true i just thought wtf is this guy commenting everybody know the song lmao

      2. Lavanya Nidhi

        vochel2 Should've been The Weeknd Ft. Drake

      3. Stephanie's Mouth Guard

        +vochel2 How the fuck can *you* not know what song this is?

    28. Matthew Simmons

      1 long sleeve t, a pair of frank the butcher adidas, 1 Levi's vest and a pair 501 matchsticks make's Abel fresh as hell for this concert

    29. Napoleon Calderon

      I would of fainted if I was that close

    30. Jordan East

      Happy 24th Birthday Abe.

      1. anselmxo

        Damn he 29 now

    31. Olivia Sparks

      He is my fave artist at the mo! Love you so so much abel!! I got your album for Christmas too and almost started crying haha I love it ♡

    32. Kartikey Mishra

      Love you Abel !

    33. iRRichiee

      that was panties hitting the floor

    34. umtxaka

      the weeknd should be better without comercial Drake....

      1. ランドキッス


    35. Batouly Ba

      hhahha drake is too much excited with his move but i still love him, i wish i could be there i love the weeknd

    36. Inga Bel

      why d ass dey en hush the F up he en want nun ya hoes lol sound like shit ghetto shit smh

    37. alex R.

      The noise ♥

    38. Miruna Norocea

      The moment when the whole people over there started to sing The Weeknd's part

    39. angel mbamalu

      Hey guy its The Weeknd, uppercase

    40. Brandon Alonzo

      The weeknd- " Let the music speak for itself "

    41. Heaven Jayy

      Was i the only one who notice that it looks like drakes bitches slapping the air?

    42. Heaven Jayy

      y it look like drake bitch slapping the air? lml

    43. Heaven Jayy

      y it look like drake bitch slapping the air? lml

    44. Terence T

      Best duo. OVOXO

    45. Yousef Akram

      ABEL WROTE ALL THE BEST SONGS ON TAKE CARE any prick that says drake made the weeknd is just fucking stupid


      Song:this aint no fucking sing along, so why you singing along Crowd: singing along..... Loooooooool

    47. Brittany David

      Once again. Drake supported Abel. Which was great and helpful. BUT drake did NOT give ABEL HIS GIFT! Period

    48. elazteca313

      i hate when ppl say drake made the weeknd! -_- if you didnt know about him before he came up with drake then you prob lived under a rock js

    49. annaliesemarieee

      Omg I would die !!!! Too perfect :)))

    50. Jay Barker

      So by that logic, we should all like Lil Wayne and Nicki minaj.

    51. Jessica Kszos


    52. puno266


    53. Onlybluskys

      I hate new weeknd fans half of yall didnt know him till crewlove,only know one other song witch is wiked games and never heard of house of balloons,thursday,or E.O.S.but yall quick to say drake needed abel cus abel is "hot" now drake is a gammy winner, he is nomminated for like 7-12 grammys each year and sells millions of copies of albums globally, abel is just getting allitle shine so dont go overboard

      1. YouHeartMe

        Now look 6 years later...

    54. swagonmyass

      too get into the zone

    55. Tyler Singh

      why does the crowd sing? they came there to hear themselves sing or the performer?

    56. s4ych3ez3

      Yeah you are! drake is a beast

    57. LongLive Jahseh

      My baby Abel

    58. Jhonathan Quinto

      it's all abt that XO's .

    59. IdenOfficial

      hahahahahha Drakes music was getting old and repititive thats why he had the weeknd help him?? are u fuckin stupid. drakes album sold over 600k in the first week more than any other hiphop album thats come out since 2011 when it came out. and u sayin his shit was getting old lol. u fuckin stupid. dont argue with me. you dont know shit. drake benefited from collabing with the weeknd way more than the weeknd did...rofl you dont know hiphop cuz drake has the most #1's than even jayz.

    60. IdenOfficial

      lol youre trippin. yah of course people knew him and he had a little following...nothing close to what you're calling worldwide fame, but drake put him on with all the shoutouts he gave him, doing a verse for the zone, and putting him on like 3 or 4 songs on his album. he mad showed him love, and drake being probalby the biggest rapper out right now definitely helped bring the weeknd into the spotlight. i love r&B, but i wouldnt have know about the weeknd if it wasnt for drake.

    61. IamHiyatiger

      disappointing, this will probably be the last time we see OVOXO together.. :(

      1. Andrei200013

        IamHiyatiger They will tour soon... OVOXOTWOD

    62. fashion4point0


    63. Jelena Lazic

      Awesome! :-)

    64. isabel rose


    65. HosiOvids

      I would phucking freak out if I would be there

    66. Atheist Kenny

      That's just envy, man, we're all humans, it happens.

    67. Zaynab Haydar

      This is fucking amazing

    68. LUE GforLiFE


    69. Andrew Garcia

      The Weeknd stole Drakes concert lol

    70. Laura Zoé

      OH MY FUCKIN GOD. *-*

    71. Rock'ca Holic

      When he spotlight hit The Weeknd i got goosebumps

    72. Naila Hassam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> !

    73. RobinTheBoyWonder1

      lmao I know right!

    74. helenalexandraaaa

      hes so beautiful *_*

    75. purplepryana

      Crew Love ! ( :

    76. RicoTwan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> whoever that girl is singing in the back sounds like she's 60 lol

    77. RicoTwan

      The Weeknd verse: every bitch singing along Drake verse: aint a goddamn soul rapping along

    78. Sessi Wanku

      yeaaa youre the only one

    79. MissTia777

      Damn his hair nappy

    80. TheKingsHeree

      I like Drake but The Weeknd could be it and is it without him