The Weeknd - I Was Never There feat. Gesaffelstein (Official Audio)

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    "I Was Never There" feat. Gesaffelstein
    My Dear Melancholy,
    Available now from The Weeknd.
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    1. Yens Aier

      He needs to be saved 😭

    2. adrian tepos

      What makes a grown man wanna cry? (Cry, cry, cry, cry) What makes him wanna take his life? Ah oh (Ah) His happiness is never real (Real, real, real, real) And mindless sex is how he feels, ooh, he feels When it's time, when it's time, when it's time It won't matter (it don't matter) It won't matter (matter) When it's time, when it's time, when it's time (time, it's time, babe) It won't matter (it won't matter, babe) It won't matter (ya) It was like I was never there (It was like I was never there) It was like he was gone in thin air (no) When it's time, when it's time, when it's time (oh baby) It won't matter (it won't matter babe) it won't matter When it's time, when it's time, when it's time It won't matter, it won't matter When it's time, when it's time, when it's time It won't matter, it won't matter It was like I was never there It was like he was gone in thin air When it's time, when it's time, when it's time It won't matter, it won't matter Ooh, and now I know what love is And I know it ain't you for sure You'd rather something toxic So, I'll poison myself again, again 'Til I feel nothing In my soul (in my soul) I'm on the edge of something breaking I feel my mind is slowly fadin' If I keep going, I won't make it If I keep going, I won't make it And it's all because of you It's all because of you It's all because of you It's all because of you Woah, woah Don't you, baby, hey It won't matter, baby Don't you know? Don't you know? Ooh, no Traducir al español

    3. Tisha Williams

      That intro 👏👏👏😫

    4. Antario Pittman

      2 years later this song still slept on hard!! I wish he would have did a video for this hold album cause its straight bangers

    5. Baka!

      Bro that beat switch mad me gasp for air as I drowned into the trap of looping this track over and over again

    6. Natacha Adams

      I love this song.

    7. marina riley

      Abel, Seriously, this album tops everything so far! And this song, is Just, out of this world!!!

    8. Kinga Kinga


    9. 17,450,493 views

      “The weeknd means to say that he’ll poison himself again and again until he becomes what selena prefers, toxic“ Weeknd was right, selena ran to Justin, Justin dipped on her within 2 months for hailey. Selena realized her painful mistake and had a severe panic attack and was rushed to the hospital and now lives with horrible regret and would go back to The Weeknd but can’t because she knows he won’t say yes since she exposed herself. ...Btw Justin was painfully jealous of Selena’s relationship with The Weeknd so he wanted to pay her back to make her feel what she made Justin feel in those 10 months. Crazy isn’t it? The bright side of all of this is this masterpiece!

    10. Ivelin Hristov

      We all want Able to be happy, but when he is destroyed...... Dark demons comes up.

    11. randomgirltv

      Dam the weeknd is so underrated he has so much talent he makes music that gets you in your feelings ❤

    12. Makyrah L

      found this album when it came out and i was still young and i didn't understand until i was heart broken myself and it really does something to you....

    13. Meshia Moneá


    14. Daniele Novello

      03/04/2020 reminds me of my beloved❤

    15. Chy MoneyXl

      Zone , 2020 💯❣️

    16. Rahshaan Waples


    17. kashyab saikia

      XO the weekend fan TiLL my last breath. His lyrics hits hard

    18. Djurdja Djakovic


    19. Djurdja Djakovic


    20. Djurdja Djakovic



      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a>

    22. Georgia Ferrer

      Thank God for bringing Bella and Selena in Abel's life. He will not never release this songs..

    23. Jhoanna Ibañez

      My dear melancholy😍😍😍😍😍😍

    24. Emily Gonzalez

      The dear melancholy album slaps harder than a chancla

    25. Nahiyan Nabi

      That schreechy background music is everything ❤🥵✌

    26. Isaac Duran

      *His happiness is never real*

    27. Deborah Araya

      The beat is crazy

    28. Pamela Tyker

      In Jesus Christ name God give me spirit jesus God that i will Love and keep God in Jesus Christ God amen

    29. Eduardo Maldonado

      It's All beacuse of you ❤

    30. SHAMAR Rxmain


    31. Yoana Drashkova

      You’re my number 1

    32. Vincent Filipov

      What a song!

    33. Bule nane

      Here after listening to *AFTER HOURS*

      1. mentlinc

        I don't think anything on After Hours beats this

    34. lDoxology

      You should have been here before After Hours. A shame

    35. Gabriel Drawings

      When I listen to this song, I feel so depressed, and yet so well ... I can't explain it.

    36. Richard Arroyo

      This is me what I'm going through inside

    37. Maiwand Ahmad


    38. Fellaini Sheen

      Still my favorite song by the weeknd

    39. Darth Yeezus

      *Selena Gomez* broke this man's heart and you can really feel his pain through this Album and *After Hours*

      1. ricky sanchez

        i doubt it was her weeknd been on this shit he just poetic

    40. Las Iguintes Groovin'

      Listening to this while packing all my stuff to escape London before Corona lockdown. Such a vibe 😂😂😂

    41. Amrith. S

      He dropped today and I'm here to say I'm disappointed that I had to come back here

      1. Amrith. S

        @Constance Woolfolk I dont like the tempo especially... doesnt sound as good as these or his old projects

      2. Constance Woolfolk

        Amrith. S Literally same.

    42. KT No


    43. kenjen.

      1 Hour left for AFTER HOURS

    44. Hi Bob

      trilogy started at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a>.

    45. Shiny

      underrated song

    46. LIL B`s EVIL TWIN

      Real sad quarantine hours.

    47. Thisthat XOTWOD

      I’ll poison myself again, again, til I feel nothing, in my soul🖤XO til we Overdose🖤

    48. Victør Røsas


    49. Chloe Lauren

      Fav song 2020

    50. Imovel

      Gamer sem regras?

    51. Jhon Raza

      who's here post-"After Hours"?

    52. Abolfazl Mirzai

      2021🤔 👋 ?

    53. Immanuel Mcnair

      The transition sends me out there, far out there...

    54. Angel L

      "My Dear Meloncholy, would be a love letter to the Weeknd’s only loyal partner: his infinite sadness."

    55. Angel L

      The song for dark cold desert drives, off to where every vice can be fulfilled, but of course I was never there.

    56. samia attoug

      Love u

    57. Dallas Owens

      💥Late night vibes☠

    58. FeelingSuperTeenIdle

      the weeknd’s best album

    59. Josxyz74vvTV

      Was suprised to see that an inspiration for The Weeknd was The Smiths/Morrissey both have such a way to express melancholy. The Weeknd reminded me of Morrissey musically {or the vibes the music gives}.

    60. DAMN. BE #reputation

      The best song of Abel's career

      1. mentlinc

        Very close

    61. Keith Evans

      "Cold Hearted II" sample 🧏🏽‍♂️🔥

    62. juan luis menchen

      why I prefer this more than reggaeton ?

      1. Annette Liu

        Because it's way better than that repetitive beat music

    63. Natasha T

      Thus gives me goosebumps it’s so good.

    64. Blackbane

      "I feel like my mind is slowly fading" *After Hours*


      This song hit so different when ur sad lol

    66. Chakra Zero

      This is excellence!

    67. Dheeraj B

      Abel: what makes a grown man wanna cry? Me : Starts crying..

    68. Erin Thompson

      This was the stem that After Hours grew from..

    69. Crystal Thompson

      This beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. BigBandsOnDeck 51

        for real

    70. Armin Hosseini


    71. Abubakar Suraj

      If I keep going I won’t make it and is all because of you🤔

    72. Sanam 7bangtan

      really always your music makes me feel like idk but it’s feel great !!

      1. BigBandsOnDeck 51

        he got that vibe

    73. Monica Msuya

      what really is darkness?

      1. BigBandsOnDeck 51


    74. ana niniashvili

      i keep coming back to this song...

      1. BigBandsOnDeck 51

        me 4

    75. Autumn Lewis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> always gives me goosebumps 😩 that transition

    76. Mar Fleu


    77. Lekkrnrndbsb Eidkrnneneb

      It’s all because of you 🙏🏼🤩

    78. Possessed Potato

      the instrumental with the weeknd humming in the background from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> is amazing best part

      1. mentlinc

        His voice is like a angel bro

    79. Kezinda At Instagram

      You Rather something Toxic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    80. Rehana B

      The change up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="137">2:17</a> makes me feel it all 💥💔🌌