The Weeknd "Earned It" (Fifty Shades Of Grey) Official Lyric Video

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    Published on 5 years ago


    1. Nury UwU

      Me encanta esta cancion~✓

    2. maria sanchez

      ¿Cómo que las canciones de The Weeknd no son para hacer el delicioso?

    3. Judy Lap

      Wolę film

    4. Afshan a

      Week will never ever END !!!

    5. Mary Layne

      Love this

    6. only bernas


    7. Sami Dargham


    8. Rachel Myers

      Rameres right was jail bait yo

    9. Diva Cookn

      Best cut

    10. Harleen Quinzel

      Yo the movie is on abuse and manipulation. He took advantage of her. That movie makes us look bad as part of the BDSM community

      1. Pepsha100

        She loved it, she could of said no .

      2. мιниlєи.

        @Jaque Jaiden THANK YOU. Not many people understand everything that's going on.

      3. Jaque Jaiden

        read the book and you'll understand :/

    11. Jesse James Pereyra

      Lol it sounded like House of Cards the song by BTS, for my information Jiminniee watch the whole episode of the fifty shades of grey.....

    12. Sherri Vonch

      Wow love it.

    13. Thanoos Snap

      I sill shred her clothes to her last breath... and then, with the toys she collected for me, seduce her.

    14. juuh Duarte

      Essa musica e linda!❤

    15. Vale Huertas

      Creo que soy la única que habla español😂🤭😂

      1. Yaretzi S.P.

        No jaja :v

      2. Rety Tube

        No 😂

    16. Sun Flower

      Try in 0.75 speed 🔥🔥🔥

    17. railene Pereira

      ciquenta tons de cinzas

    18. Joice Amaral

      Meu ator preferido !!!

    19. Nam Kim

      When I was 10 or 9 I love this song but I never knew what the song came from or what it mean but since I’m 12 now I understand it😭😂👌🏼

    20. F R ES H A VACO DO

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> "so ima care for u" ughhh fifty shades vibess😭😄

    21. Sharon Hildreth

      This song always gives me one of the best feelings in my soul ! One of best thoughts . Housend miss u sometimes ungodly !

    22. Ana de Grey de harlock Gabriel biagosh XYZ

      Mi Cristian Grey sexy man

    23. בן פריינד

      268,432 לייקים 6832 אנלייק אני נשוי לבילי אייליש

    24. Naddi S.

      Just perfect!♡

    25. Taneciaa

      Why do pretend I to be a stripper seducing someone anytime this song come on 🥰🥰

      1. • Safana •

        LOLLLL same tho 👉🏼👈🏼🥺

    26. Jean Pierre Desir

      '' The Weekend Earned It'' (Fifty Shades Of Grey)...

      1. Mia Grey

        Jean Pierre Desir weeknd*

    27. Lee Felix

      Como quisiera que me cojan con esa música de fondo 🖤

      1. Elizabeth Molina


    28. salem

      When the OST is better than the movie

    29. Rosanna del carmen Rodriguez molina

      Amo esta canción, siempre de la bailo a mi esposo...

      1. Karen Sanchez

        Igual yo jeje

    30. Gaby Rodríguez

      Coronavirus 😱🤧😂

    31. burg is

      Alright can someone explain this genre or style of music to me? I’m really into songs like these. For example Ariana Grande’s Best Mistake and Bts’s House of cards! They all have the same type of vibe to them, please recommend me more songs like this if you know any 💀

      1. YBM Official

        You watch fan fiction huh 💀

      2. Pratheek Bhat

        The actual genre is blues. But this one's modern blues i.e R&B

      3. reem alshmari

        burg is love is a bitch by two feet

    32. viky Mendoza

      hello, it is incredible

    33. whorid


    34. Marianne Marrah Battikha

      "used" serna 2, I said you are me and I am you wahahhahaha, love to alll on here

    35. Siv Teang

      Ahh, I’m in love with this song.❤️️ Your voice like .... so smooth ❤️️ The weekend, I know the true meaning. Mr. Gray dated Ana every weekend to stay at his place.😂

    36. Love Chrissy


    37. tiktok vibezz

      this song melts me . soooooooooooooooooogoooooooooooodddd

    38. Nay Shriek

      Anyone wanna supply me with new earphones?

    39. Natali Tali

      Musica perfeita!! Filmes perfeitos,toda seleção de músicas.tops

    40. Nuray

      this song makes me uncomfortable

    41. Ifa Islandia II

      I love it earned it❤💋

    42. Maria Araújo

      Perfeito!!!!!!!!!! HOMEM DA MINHA VIDA, TE AMOOOO

      1. Shree Sagar

        sahi bola aapne

      2. Shree Sagar

        sach main didi

    43. Kiriaki Kiriakikb

      So we were listening to this song with my ex when we were celebrating our anniversary 😬...

    44. Iszabelle Mason

      Anyone in 2020?

    45. Iszabelle Mason

      My question is for the ppl that disliked this, 😠🖕why?

    46. Peter Singh

      Here again

    47. Short arm Jab

      5 years on, still a bangerrr👌🏼

      1. Marissa Kirkland


    48. Regular Nerd

      Listening to this after workout. Earned it!

    49. Lance. Gaming

      what kind of song is this? ilove it!

      1. Jackie Bai

        R&B :)


      My USO


      Thank you Rose

    52. Pretty Diamond


    53. Hemilly Milena

      Linda música❤💥🎶Brasil🇧🇷2020

    54. Teddy Kassie

      Ethiopia 🇪🇹 Airlines flight ✈️ to Ethiopia

    55. Yana Astuti

      Jamie Dornan 😍😘

    56. Dr Ankit Bhagat

      Dream on

    57. Ming Coffman


    58. Mar Teumar

      Obama care for u... u, u, u 😗🎶

    59. Vishi Viren

      Simple words made to sound incredible.. what an artist.. this one stays with me for life

    60. Alicia Sanchez

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    61. Mangle101

      Teuc Ryc7r556

    62. Hazzelt Hernández

      Que excitante esta canción Like si estás de acuerdo..

    63. Zoltán Bálint Raposa

      This is perfect song! 😍

    64. Emii Emilova

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    65. вопиющая наглость

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> - it’s amazing and I adore this

    66. Ty

      a sexy italian did striptease for me with this song

      1. Henderson

        Oh my god...


      Wir haben auf der Arbeit SWR3Musik und dieses tolle Lied von Weekend leider nur einmal gehört sehr schade 😥😪

    68. Breana Wyrick

      When the violins get all intense.... it hits different 😳😳

    69. Mayla Monique

      Aqui relembrando os hinos😎

    70. Aleksandra Bielecka


    71. Fabio Nascimento

      love my

    72. Syllence

      why am I naked?

    73. Avian Channel

      4 years late but it's great. I'm laying in bed with my boyfriend

    74. Victoria Watkins


    75. Rida John

      Ima gay for you!!

    76. Marcela Vitreras

      Que musica tan ardienteee

    77. Haneul Kim

      Que bonita canción y mas la voz que tiene este cantante

    78. Angie Lackey

      I love this song so much💖 It's soooo hot🔥🔥🔥 The Weekend can do no wrong!!!