The Weeknd - Same Old Song

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. MICH ELLE

      Well... wasn’t expecting that ending

    2. edison sykaj

      2020 quarantaine lifestyle😂

    3. Daniel Solares05

      10 million pls!

    4. Misss April

      2020 still jammin 👅😍

    5. Shynessa Garton

      Much Love And Respect

    6. Shynessa Garton

      I love singing in the bathroom

    7. Telly Casper

      SHUT THE FUCK UP! it's Christmas 😁

    8. Jiggy Food critic

      Kill the bottle then repeat my heart and soul she tried to deplete, a whole army at his feet, angels protecting me while I sleep, I wanna live a long life but sometimes I feel brief, put food on the table for me and family to eat. Break my back so they can sleep easily, god is the reason what really stands between you and me? Loved and lost but now I just bear my cross

    9. Lenick Orelien


    10. Khiley Jones

      Me my uncle love this song

    11. Sharif JB Wilson

      PURE ART:

    12. Ava Vareika

      The beginning of this song inspired me to start playing guitar 😭❤️ and this was the first song I ever mastered. I love you Abel 🥺❤️

    13. George

      Just tripping through time right with COVID 19 shit

    14. Pierce Brooks

      This when i knew a goat was in the making

    15. Dea Yo


    16. MYVIDS Gio /MVG\

      The ending!😂🤣

    17. Erick HG

      2020 on Firee forever XO

    18. N O U R D D I N

      XO ❤️

    19. Aliya 11

      I ain't need any boyfriend,literally I forget all world before Abel😍😍❤️❤️aaaw this voice..

    20. Ulises Sampedro Piscil

      2020 and i still listen this song

    21. ThunderApocalypse

      2020 anyone?

    22. asif shaikh

      2020 and it's same ol Abel ❤️

    23. maxienien

      2020 ?

      1. himOo haji

        for sure

    24. tamia mccollum

      I swear I loved you girl and you probably went and fucked the world !!

    25. Jack E

      Haha sorry for you not believing in me 😂

    26. SoloAbsoluteZero

      I love discovering old songs I’ve never heard before. Today is my first time hearing this, and omg!!

    27. Audreyz Universe

      Miss she miss now

    28. Darwin Brown

      A classic never ages

    29. Rolf Han

      the weeknd music make ladys panties get weeet

    30. drippyvgod

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a> “i swear i loved you girl, and you prolly went and fucked around” 💔

    31. Howisit Ufyfyru

      If you are here then you know that you haven’t forgot his old music

    32. Christian M

      🩸😓😥😭8Years Like wow Where did time Go?!

    33. BukiS83

      2020 and Still the same old song

    34. 21ertydude123 Cutre

      Wow this is shit now it is good

    35. Manash Das

      only OGs here

    36. Tay Kyles

      Great song, but the very ending RUINED IT. It's the most effective way to blow a high I've ever heard Just slow sensual fire and then "WE OUT HERE HIGH AS FUCK. MAKING LADIES PANTIES WET. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK."

    37. Stelka

      As Juicy J said: ''The weeknd's music make ladies' panties get wet''!

    38. kodak513

      9 years later.

    39. Ram

      Abel put a 10 album worth of creativity in his early projects

    40. jossenia rodriguez

      It's 2020 & I'm still listening to this same old song

    41. Ache

      HERE IN 2020, XO FOR LIFE.

    42. 7нe.Black. Gøddess

      *XO til I fucking die!*

    43. Anthony Keegan

      This beat deserves to be on every stript clubs playlist!

    44. Forex cryptocurrency

      2020 hir ?

    45. Jessica Garcia

      2020 who is listening

    46. Ortiz oh

      2020 and im still here with a blunt and mixed emotions on life

    47. KingKongKock Inyourtinyhole

      Xxxtentacion brought me here

    48. Felicia tha Goat

      Wowww ♡ Thats art

    49. Jonathan Altamirano


    50. Bitches & Smeraldos

      When will the new ones come here?

    51. Mrs. MiMi Ebron


    52. oumaima ahmar


    53. Izaiah Fisher

      Damn I'm really the only male in these comments 💀

    54. veer Chaudhary

      Why does the guy at the end sound like Charlamagne? LMAO

      1. Scully tZ

        It's Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia

    55. ForeverPrestige

      2020... still the same old song... who thought potential couldn't ever last this long....? I wasn't here when at the beginning of it, but I'v been around a couple of years now, and often stumble upon the good old ones. The Heartless fans miss out on some really good shit if they don't do a little digging! Rolling stone predicted his path so well! Love it!

    56. Lava

      the ending lol

      1. María Torres

        Lava 😅😂🤣 bruh

    57. Tracy Marshall

      Still fire 2020 😝😝

    58. SouLwithTheDollarSign

      How is this not at 100 million

    59. Undivercity SGT

      2020 still can put someone in their bag.

    60. lord commander1

      Showed this song to my imaginary girl friend she my bae now

    61. Eve Myran

      I bet u mizz me now beh beh ;)

    62. Toni R

      *pussy: wet*

    63. Derek Res


    64. Derek Res


    65. Derek Res


    66. Piniritong Talong

      2020, anyone?

    67. spicy space

      how can a girl hurt really you dont see whats on top of you? a real god

    68. Robert Antonetti

      When he said "Well baby I've been alone for almost most of my life" I felt that

    69. Robert Antonetti

      I swear this is my all-time fave song from the Weeknd

    70. ุ

      It was a good song until some guy came in and yelled "WE MAKE SONGS THAT MAKE LADIES PANTIES WET". Dumb ass mood killer.

      1. Tio Whuelinho

        ุ All I’m saying is if you did know it was him you would know that’s just him being him. Most people weren’t bothered by it because it’s a hype song and what he said at the end fits with the theme of the song. Im a guy so that could also be why I think it fits. Idk if you are a guy but I could see how a girl finds it distasteful. I’m not forcing you to change your opinion I just questioned it. You’re entitled to have your own opinion.

      2. ุ

        @Tio Whuelinho so just because i know who he is that automatically means otherwise right? Why do you guys feel the need to change my opinion? It's it what it is and it certainly remains that way

      3. Tio Whuelinho

        I don’t know how that could kill your mood. Maybe if you knew juicy J before you would think otherwise.

      4. ุ

        @Scully tZ not everyone thinks the same, unsurprisingly. It sounded moronic and annoying as shit

      5. Scully tZ

        Dude, Juicy J adds some nice relief to the end of the song


      8 years ago man

    72. Juan Urrego


    73. Moè CaSh

      Anybody that thinks EOS is the bad project off trilogy can smoke a bbc

    74. Kyriaki ii

      I hope his new shit has some Trilogy vibes, i really miss that.

      1. Scully tZ

        But with Trilogy undertones

      2. Scully tZ

        Sounds like a fusion of Starboy and MDM

    75. Ladawn Silva

      Hell yah bish you the same old song Left your ass on repeat now looking at me hurt and broken over you

    76. TJ R

      its christmas lol

    77. Denisa Stelea


    78. Oliver Bosch

      Damn was heartbroken by a girl that dissed me with this song years ago and now I got a better girl and now I want more my standard still grow it's crazy how my goals keep growing and I want better and better life is about getting the best never be satisfied but my girl doesn't know that I want to replace her lol

    79. Phaedra Peters


    80. Phaedra Peters

      🎼 Christmas 2019 💛💙