The Weeknd - Live For feat. Drake (Official Video)

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Iskander

      one of the fav songs from weeknd

    2. alae kassmi


    3. Sachindra Bhattacharya

      This is the shit that I live for. A Drake and The Weeknd collab.

    4. Lebogang Mokgethi

      This song still slaps even in 2019

    5. Asap Vbek


    6. Faith Patience

      Hello sexy 👋💋

    7. D Rodz

      Why are there 2 videos for this? One on vevo and one on this account is there a exact reason as hes never done with his other videos?

    8. Hellboy666

      2019 anyone? Still one of my favourites 😁

    9. Tea

      dude ovoxo is dead now

    10. Emily M

      omg why does this have so few views! it’s a classic of the weeknd & drake xovo

    11. 1xllok0294


    12. cherry stargirl

      Here after Abel dissed drake

    13. Freddy A


    14. LifeOfMel


    15. H H

      Who hear 2018؟

    16. Tioluwani Ogunade

      2X018 🔥🔥

    17. Sicily Nelson

      Who in 20018

    18. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑

      Please grow the hair back Abel 🙏

    19. Nafissa Akhter

      Freaking gorgeous 😍😍😍

    20. Carlos Martinez

      People askin for that OVOXO but i don't see many views on this 🤔

      1. Δημήτρης Τζέκος

        Carlos Martinez I mean USsel isn't the only way you can listen to this song.

    21. Sevgi Cakici

      That lips ♥️

    22. David D

      Got the like to 23k - XOTWOD

    23. Paul Toldo

      Fucking love the weeknd

    24. UnhingedXO

      Play this 0.75, it sounds like accoustic

    25. Layla Walters

      I think they’re time travelers

    26. リリーローズ


    27. Charlie Tang

      ovoxo pls

    28. Lil Short person

      OVOXO FOR LIFEEEEEE !!!!!💗💗💗

    29. Laura Davis


    30. Luana Da Rosa


    31. Skaterbun

      people in the UK are not allowed to say nigga lol

    32. fréd vardanyan

      xo twod

    33. MASCHA


    34. jen dibley

      whys this only got 2m views?!

    35. Adaylton Teixeira

      still listenin in 2016


      i love niykee heaton

    37. alxia

      r.i.p ovoxo :( ♡

    38. Stoica Florina

      omg.... perfection😀

    39. YourDad

      Never thought I'd say this but, Drake ain't shit standing next to The Weeknd.

      1. Yasmin Williams

        The Weeknd is da best

      2. R3JWAN

        MuserShadeRoom idiot

      3. Maisy Allen

        MuserShadeRoom u mad weeknd made take care 2. Drakes best album!

      4. OMG Blast

        Drake is the biggest rapper in the world.. fuck off the weeknd has the worst lyrics

      5. OMG Blast


    40. Shamicsha Lamb

      Love this

    41. BR DayTrading

      There's some shit I need to work on but, I know you see me working nigga.

      1. abell Xavier

        +Don't Worry.

    42. Ndrinkwine Nathalie710

      I didn't like drakes part in this song. this song could of been so much better if the weekend did the whole song and did a few more verses himself. the chorus is good and the beat is nice. I can't wait to hear the different remixes people on USsel add.

      1. Timur Awais

        Drinkwine420 Nathalie420 listen to hucci's remix of this

    43. Revolution R


    44. Mekseb Eskender

      this song is what I live for

    45. Peace.Love.Respect

      The Drake part sucks :(

      1. XO Soap

        no it doesnt

    46. MrUndeadPanda


    47. MrUndeadPanda

      XO' TWOD

    48. carson.

      can i use this in a video or is it copyright

      1. TempRay

        No problem!

      2. carson.

        Oh that sucks thanks for replying though

      3. TempRay

        +Its Revive Copyright

    49. Aseel Ali

      My favorite song so far lover the weekend

    50. Alex Melendez


    51. yikes


    52. Injustice Anywhere Threatens Justice Everywhere

      This^ is the shit that I live for!

    53. Adria Vinhort


    54. Esma Ajdinovic

      I live this song♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!!

    55. violetta Loli


    56. violetta Loli

      dich mag ich auch drake

    57. violetta Loli


    58. violetta Loli

      ich liebe dich the weekend

    59. KAYZ

      #Pillz&Mushroomz Subscribe if you

    60. pandabear_57

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> did he just say "scream exo"?

      1. Δημήτρης Τζέκος

        Mary Geee also it's his label's name

      2. Procopio Sanchez

        pandabear_57 XO LOVE

      3. La So

        hi FAM E X O❤❤

      4. Kronoa

        kpop fan spotted.

      5. bovine joni


    61. Staying Up 'Til 3am


    62. kitsune_sun


    63. Pony Smofor

      I like this hair more than his current hair

      1. GalaxyPlayz _

        +Nate Henson the "pre Kiss Land era" I assume is when he filmed Twenty Eight but if it is then yes

      2. Nate Henson

        his hair from pre Kiss Land Era to post King Of The Fall era was when it was at its best

    64. Keshun Richardson

      Getting sober for a day got me feeling too looooooow love that part!!!!!

      1. rawlikesushi3

        best part.

    65. kiana Haskins

      Drake didnt ruin it. Its still great asf

    66. camille biron


    67. Drowssword

      OMFG rap and singing do not go together well this song could be way better without drake

    68. Grozdina Petrowic


    69. Savannah Hernandez

      hips all on 45" waist all on 24"

    70. Genet Geberkiros

      wowwwww i love you

    71. Danielle Sloley

      Drake lines are soo awesome

    72. H Z

      Oh my god, I never knew that was him singing this song! Apperently, I fell in love with his voice before I even knew him :)

    73. Philipp Warkentin

      That hair❤ so fucking good #specialshit

    74. Coskun Gedik

      thats it baby!!!!!

    75. やたこやる


    76. Sonia Penado

      idk why but I always hear 'piece of shit that I live for' lol

    77. Amberlynn Jones

      OVOXO is genius

    78. arab Hawamdah

      When I hear their voices i feel proud to be canadian ❤

    79. LuMCda

      I fuckin loooooove this song