The Weeknd - The Zone feat. Drake (Official Video)

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Gus Gent

      Who else here after watching the until I bleed out music video

    2. Veronica Mendoza

      I can relate to this song 10000% never thought there was ever gonna be a singer that knew my soul like Abel totally in love with him and his music dont ever change your style Abel❤❤❤

    3. Sergio Hernandez

      The last scene of the woman crying, lights flashing, and balloons popping has so much symbolism

    4. Jazmyne Moszée

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> is the best part 🦋

    5. • Moon •

      Xo vibes🖤🔥

    6. daniel adham


    7. TrezLLUMINATI

      2020 anybody?

    8. Rod Burkholz

      It's like a memory of a feeling I used to feel long ago.

    9. AJ GUIZA

      Who listening to this masterpiece in 2020 ??

    10. Andre Neves

      2020 xoovo

    11. Chrissy Arlena

      I've always felt this to my core ..

    12. Adriana Crowley

      I’m so happy he has become big!!! He deserves it so well I love the weeknd 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    13. Abdullah Qureshi

      i am still here since 2011

    14. Boar Reese

      Who is riding with The Weeknd from day 1

    15. Navi VI

      Here in 2019 we’ll basically 2020 in a couple weeks

    16. Helane Ruslan

      I miss his dark stuff

    17. edith

      XO forever

    18. Bekerr Sanz

      XOTWOD 🎈

    19. Peter September

      The song that got me hooked ,followed my Lonely Star which is my favorite song

    20. Raider 509

      Lyrics still deep in 2019!

    21. M N

      It's still 2019 and I still find myself coming back here ❤

    22. Drenscrev

      vibin rn

    23. slozor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> _reminds of xxxtentacion's sad music video_

    24. Baljka Ruby

      if you are listening in 2019, we are friends #xotwod

    25. wbc_mania

      Still awesome in 2019-2020 - this is the weeknds fucking style

    26. Raul

      Haunted Stripper Music

    27. Kieron O'sullivan

      Fucking goat

    28. lilly sosa

      Reminds me of Xxxtentacions SAD video. With the eyes😂so that’s where X got it

      1. Uriel Carrillo

        Jajaa Yes is Gekyume :v

    29. Dame 215

      Who's still here in August 2019

    30. Faith Patience


    31. Bibek Adhikary

      Anyone in 2019 july

    32. BïNGø 22

      2 0 1 9 ?

    33. L U L


    34. Balistictrain

      drake is shit

    35. cherry stargirl


    36. Anna Zikopoulos

      The first time I heard this song years ago was when I fell in love with The Weeknd. I can’t get enough of his songs and his voice. 🥰❤️

    37. Jake Pasotti


    38. Emmanuel Goliday

      "The Zone"

    39. Derek Davis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="274">4:34</a> proof that drake had a hand n x's death..the eyes appear from x's music video sad

    40. Villa'till idie

      I really like Drake, but like Belly on 'Might Not' and Future on 'Drinks on Us', he just doesn't quite capture the mood the way the Weeknd can.

    41. hope verse


    42. TeeCan

      Why dies this remind me of X.... Is it because the eyes in the beginning?. #SAD

    43. Maharshi Roy

      The eyes in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> remind me exactly of the same thing from xxxtentacions SAD music video like xxxtentacion was inspired by the weekend...

    44. Xtermanator

      This song, I can’t actually quit listening to it, it’s already near the end of 2018 and I am still listening to this song.

    45. Naymul Hoque


    46. Ashley Espinoza

      not the same without the mysterious girl

    47. Denise Frantziou


      1. Julio Oswaldo Perez


      2. Dev Guerrero

        Denise Frantziou absolutely

    48. Grind4Slime

      Euphoric Abel puts humans in a trance, this was it.

    49. Encarnacion Ortiz Marin

      Buena canción vídeo incluido 👍👏👏👏👏👏😘💕

    50. good hearted boy

      2018 ?

    51. chanti celin

      I still love this sm

    52. jkr

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> those eyes look like the eyes in Sad - xxxtentacions music video, (known as "gekyume")?????

      1. Cryomaniac2099

        Wouldn't be suprised, Xxxtentacion said he was a huge fan of The Weeknd. Which is awesome cause I am a huge fan of both

    53. Mirage Bamboozle


    54. Autumn Faith

      There’s something familiar about him that I connect to, and I get so immersed in the worlds he creates

    55. young flame


    56. Desiree Ramirez

      Always gunna vibe to this♡♡♡

    57. Mahim


    58. Thenjisiwe Morenne


    59. Jeova Corona

      I want to know the meaning about the video, Ik there's more too it than what we can see

    60. I I I

      2000 fucking 12. Jesus

    61. Thybro

      Low key probably the most underrated song in all of trilogy. This song probably saved the mixape (and maybe even the other two) from dying out. Mixed with Drake and the remaster of this song in trilogy had saved the album from falling.

      1. SweetPea 4EVER!

        by painting the ponies purple it was prestigious

      2. Hydra Jamm


      3. Renz David

        Lol wut?

    62. T Y

      There needs to be a Weeknd x Kid Cudi collab

    63. Xtrell


    64. Zohaib Asif

      Why is this song louder in the left earcup of my headphones?

    65. Ron A

      2k18 still🔥

    66. Diegito Killz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>

    67. Jose Orta


    68. go cubs

      This man is beautiful

    69. Ayycasino

      2017 anyone #xotwod

    70. lae lab

      Trilogy is so unique.. A masterpiece 🌟

    71. Ju Tuub

      I prefer the song where Drake comes in waaaayyy at the end, he sounds a thousand times better that way, like cigarettes after sex. This feels forced.

      1. armando

        Jordan Amini fr the way he rides the beat on the original sounds really good

    72. Johann Øviedo


    73. Jorge Anthony

      Came for The Weeknd *Stayed for The Weeknd*

    74. bittu das

      Right now this guy sleeps with selena

    75. Samillius

      No matter where the weeknd goes with his music i will always respect him and the masterpieces he has produced

    76. Star Player

      The harmonies at the beginning and the end always gives me chills...

    77. iDespiicableMusic

      Abel abandoned the fuck outta this channel

    78. jessehavemercy

      man, being one of the few that actually watched him release trilogy and all the old November 13th videos make me feel like I been listening to this dude forever. I remember seeing my old Facebook spammed with kissland when he released that too. he's amazing, but he is growing, I don't think he'll go back to this music, ever. i loved it though, I love his new music too, also who remembers his limited edition shirts he released as trilogy was being made, should've copped, probably would be worth a fortune. anyways, I love the weeknd, xo for life. his fans are amazing, new or old, also I'm high as shit.

    79. Kidiot