The Weeknd - House Of Balloons / Glass Table Girls

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Precious Jackson

      On repeat..

    2. Aaron Esco

      I will never forget stumbling across this in 2011 on octobersveryown.blogspot...👏🏽

    3. Jaylynn Williams

      We’re happy here. 😊

    4. La'Kia Spencer

      only one here after usher? oh okay

      1. La'Kia Spencer

        Yab T i don’t hear it at all lmfaoooo but if you say so

      2. mya.

        LuRe_KiiNGz fr 💀

      3. LuRe_KiiNGz

        Yab T bro relax 😂 you’re the one snapping

      4. Yab T

        mya. Bum he talkin about house of balloons as a whole fuckin remix not the song plus he talkin about the flow calm ur tits

      5. mya.

        Yab T what part sounds like climax...?

    5. Joshua Ávila

      This is mixed differently

    6. Violet Lioness

      Usher's Climax doesn't sound like this 🤦🏾

    7. bianca44bianca

      Here because he tried to compare it to ushers climax 💀💀

    8. Band Head

      Im here bc he said usher was inspired by this to write climax🤷🏾‍♀️

    9. BreAnna Alexis

      I’m tryna find the similarities to climax after he compared this song to ushers😂😂

      1. Shalebel Davis

        It sounds nothing alike his ass needs to sit tf down somewhere 💀🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    10. Mental Healing with Monique Elaine

      This is nothing like Usher’s “Climax”. You are reaching.

      1. mya.

        Mental Healing with Monique Elaine im confused on which part sounds like it 💀

      2. Che Debnam

        Yeah nothing..

      3. 0g spazz

        Mental Healing with Monique Elaine so u saw that genius post cool nigga

    11. Laura Lira

      He was one of the only artists that was able to capture the darkness of the "sex, drugs and rock n roll" world through his music so deeply.

    12. Sam Carn

      How I not heard this before 😅 came here after “till I bleed out

    13. Tammer Sawwaf

      Bring back the memories 🙏🏽

    14. Z R Y X E

      It's almost a decade! I can't let it go "House Of Baloons" album while Abel trying to escape in "Until i bleed out" and he did! LEGEND!!!

    15. Alexis Ferrara

      Came back after watching “untill I bleed out” video.

    16. Muhammed Ali Korkut

      Until I bood out. Table turned

    17. Abbie Clegg

      Until I bleed out music video is him trying to escape this life in this song but he never will

    18. Ella Cloud

      I started listening to Abel back in 2015, and that was still too late. If you’re just now listening to this song as a new fan, I encourage you to listen to all of Trilogy. You’ve been missing out.

    19. Charlie Toloza

      Who's here after "Until I bleed out"?

    20. Moona A

      Sugar was my cocaina

    21. Tatiana Mnr

      Who's here after watched the music video "Until I bleed out" ?

    22. Valentino Besar Vajusi

      Who's here after his House of Balloons reference in his Until I Bleed Out music video?

      1. J Zanderfi

        It's not a happy house no more

    23. Krystal Galvan

      *Who’s else is on quarantine listening to this song?*


      U can hear and feel when an artist was hungry in their music . Xotwod forever tho

    25. Rx Doom

      Glad I never sold my trilogy cd

    26. Kiran Rajkumar

      Me during Corona "This is a happy house. We're happy here In a happy house. Oh this fun."

    27. jaco5five6six

      glass table girls just gives me that dark Evil Michael Jackson kinda vibe and i just break out dancing like mike

    28. vin trayco

      xoxxxoooxo 🔥

    29. Liar

      Okay but who made the beat

      1. No Name

        The Weeknd, Illangelo & Doc McKinney

    30. Abraham Ruiz

      Love the early nine inch nails vibe from Glass Table Girls

    31. Muka Muka

      If it hurts to breeeeath~ You have Coronaaaaa~

    32. 69K subs without any new vids till 5years

      VIEWS on this song - 18 million. Subscribers in this channel - 18 million. Date - 4 April 2020 and my dearest hello anyone reading this in 2050 or 2070!

    33. Gerard Pare

      That beat switch is unreal tho

    34. Peksy

      This is the first time I listen to this song, it's so good

    35. Netox Mocker

      siouxsie please kill this fat bastard

    36. Duke Ragus

      Here faithfully since 2011

    37. Michael Geraty

      Been listening since "High For This" was on the entourage season 8 trailer 500k views God I've been Into XO to long.. I'm old

    38. Andro Jakesevic

      From this to the most streamed artist in the whole fucking world.

    39. Carl Francisco

      yeah, still here.

    40. Daniel Rodriguez

      the weeknd x siouxsie and the banshees

    41. Asjeie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a>

    42. watch banana fish for clear skin

      *this is fucking amazing, im questioning if i really was alive before i listened* *i can see the scenario, the drug addicted female walking through the streets of town underneath the tunnel, it’s empty* *she trudges through, sells her body to feed her addiction and then the beat drops* *random scenes/flashes of her drugs, her hating her life, makeup ruined with tears and yet she smiles when she shoots up, her high, her high, her highhhhhhhhh?????????????*

    43. unkownguy

      This is a great song but I have to accept that the weeknd grew as a person and he's songs are different

    44. [ライム]Raimu

      i love this i play it during my drive to work as a hotel housekeeper and i dont tell anyone about it i clean the whole hotel bro

      1. [ライム]Raimu

        @Sudharshan it shut down because corona but i can't wait to go back

      2. Sudharshan

        you a real one, keep makin that paper 🙏🏾

      3. [ライム]Raimu

        its a 30 min drive, so about 5 replays including the one when i'm just sitting in the parking lot before i go in

    45. Jithin Kalesh

      The good old days 🖤

    46. ruben hernandez

      who else is here cuz After Hours was Trash And The Weeknd Went Mainstream

      1. Pulse Gamin

        I dug After Hours tbh, not as good as Trilogy but still a decent album

      2. chri shinobi

        It was meh but not necessarily trash

    47. deathstroke.17

      First starboy, and then after hours and then beauty behind the madness, my dear melancholy, and now I'm here. Gotta say this dude keeps growing and growing . He has this thing with his voice he can express his feelings so easy. And you can feel the same feeling he is feeling in the song. It's just unbelievable and amazing..gotta say this has to be my favourite track ever. LEGIT.

      1. deathstroke.17

        @DBZayan I listened to the whole trilogy album and I will listen to kissland now

      2. deathstroke.17

        @ANXJR aye sure

      3. deathstroke.17

        @DBZayan thanks man sure thing I'm in love with the old Abel

      4. DBZayan

        Yeah, may I reccomend Tears in the rain, adaptation, love in the sky (listen til the end on that one, it changes), kissland (Also has a transition in the middle), pretty, the birds, wicked games, twenty eight, the knowing and high for this. The rest will come to you.

      5. ANXJR

        dude, kissland!!!! listen to it, like rn

    48. Achraf Ben

      This is the song that made me fall in love with his music.

    49. Kelvin-Takunda

      Honestly H.O.🎈 is my ultimate escape whenever I feel low

    50. Kelvin-Takunda

      Honestly H.O.🎈 is my ultimate escape whenever I feel low

    51. Dante Enriquez

      2020 quarantine anybody??

    52. StephanieMarsz


    53. Sara Sara

      Hate to say this but... the old shit was the best shit

    54. April Markowski

      This is . .... Magic

    55. JP

      The song After Hours is better

    56. Faith H

      Deadass just touched a part of my soul I didn’t even realize was there. My new favorite album idc how old this is

    57. Usamah Khalifa

      Me tryna convince myself this is a happy house during quarantine 😪

      1. Aline Khoury

        noooooooo you didn't just do that. my hero

    58. kath

      so many memories , thank u abel

    59. none of your business

      He'll never top the trilogy era

    60. NAyF DOc

      Let me tell you!!! This is one of the greatest songs ever fuckin written/produced!!! Absolutely exceptional

    61. HappyTurtle

      I listen to After Hours when I'm with other people. I listen to this when I'm by myself.

    62. xoxooxo

      The old songs are the real after hours

    63. Mia

      Imagine : you and your lover just vibing. Dancing and holding each other and feeling the moment.

    64. Josh Cota

      Pretty sure he was fucked up when he recorded the second half

    65. κόστάζζζ μάχέρόπόύλός

      here after my gay friend sent me!

      1. No Name

        lmfao he's not your friend but your gay friend

      2. Nikitas GR 21

        Μα, τι λες τώρα;;

    66. Ash M

      catch that drop its like a hot reference?

    67. Khalil Lambert

      Its bin forever since I heard this song again😭❤ i love it a lot fam x

    68. Norah Pumarol


    69. Enrique Aguilar

      This song changed my life...

    70. Ralph Gerodias

      i'm home

    71. lostboyk _

      LMAO 9 years later i just realised the siouxsie and the banshees sample

    72. MJ

      Such an incredible song! the futuristic production, his flow in the second part and that beat switch... everything is top notch

    73. xsayz.23

      If your here then your reppin XO till you OD

    74. Mister Fox

      Back here after AFTER HOURS

    75. Joey Coffey

      Abel does this with his beats. I get it, to show flexibility but. This song, Gone, Party and The After Party. All seem to have 1/2 beats that I love and I thunk compliment his voice so well. But the other half of the song doesn’t hit as hard. This one after <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> is just ehh. Like obviously amazing vocals and I’m X.O. but just my opinion

      1. Fran Buthet

        bring the 707 out

    76. mr 8r

      The melody on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> is just perfect. I'm not even joking

    77. Yesenia Reyes

      Realest xo fans had the trilogy 2 years before it came out gone is my fav song everrr...and all of u who hv a problem w this man go hit a glass table bitches he’s fucking amazing🙌🏻

    78. Jad


    79. Juan Guerrero III

      Abel makes music so you can experience drugs without doing drugs

    80. FC STAR

      just coming back to appreciate this great song