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    1. Brandon Stewart

      I m the real one. Terminator Mama Connie real son Brandon Jamar Stewart the hundred dollar bill son. Benjamin Frank favorite baby boy. With no evil eye but parts of the White House section home of the White House.

    2. Jacob Hernandez

      This my thing and all the girls are looking good.$$$$$$get @meproper

    3. Alte Vlogs

      Here from addison's toktok???

    4. Bedirhan Arkan

      The Morning: Order plane tickets, Cali is the mission 9 year later, Snowchild: Cali was the mission but now a nigga leaving

    5. nabeela 07

      I came bc this is on addison rae's playlist LOL she showed on TikTok😂😂

    6. Asad Khan

      “Cali was the mission but now a nigga leaving”-snow-child

    7. gianna's edits

      9 years ago... bitch what?!

    8. Tizedboy Zilipendwa Channel

      Uncut gems?

    9. joão vitor


    10. nouf adil

      Addison rea listens to this song

    11. Cheff Janssen

      2020 still here, not a virgin to this game

    12. Princess Nani

      In my feelings taking it back to middle school music 🖤🖤

    13. Abu Saleh Ahmed Roop

      Here after hearing Snowchild.

      1. Borks Aysels

        Best song on the album eh

    14. Yousuf Baloch

      Anybody in 2k20?

    15. Akshay Thakur

      "Cali was a mission but now a nigga leaving" - XO

    16. Bavarian Motors


    17. Arg Etect

      I'm here cause my homies' Hustle is slim.

    18. THE Yordy


    19. Austin Alanis

      Wish I could listen to Abel for the first time all over again

    20. Hayo

      Who else comes here sometimes, just for the nostalgia?

    21. phodder

      who's listening to this in 2041?

    22. Zeynab Ahmad

      Don't mind me, I'm just going down the XO rabbit hole :)

    23. Edge

      this USsel version sounds slightly different from the album/studio version. is it just me? or the "all that money the money is the motive" bit sounds better in this video than the one in Spotify or Apple Music?

      1. Akani Bhava

        u crazy

      2. HF lover

        Yes, the songs in the mixtapes were edited and remastered for trilogy. So they are slightly different (this is better for sure that is why I am here haha)

    24. Cyn Airlia

      Whose listening to this while self isolating 💙

    25. grey lungs

      damn 9 years

    26. Dans la légende

      PNL - Petit Pélican

    27. Samir Afardi


    28. Succulent Roots

      Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work 🎧

    29. Wackaz

      This song hits different at 3am.

    30. Neel Dankar

      Who's back after snowchild?

    31. Matt Viveiros

      who's here after breaking up with their ex??

    32. yvn trbl

      jam since 2k15 🥵

    33. 2sudonim

      What album is this from?

    34. CaptainFlinco

      "cali was the mission but....."

    35. Yayy Areaa

      The song that turned me into a lifelong Weeknd fan 🔥🔥

    36. SY SHIN

      From “Cali was the mission”

    37. Veevo

      The Morning doesn’t sound like this on Spotify. This ones a bit nicer IMO

    38. Gabriel Martinez

      "Cali was the a Nigga leaving" ........... Xotwod KotF

    39. alessia luciani

      i still listen to this everyday like it never gets old

    40. s

      THE MORNING LYRICS [Intro] I'm fucking gone right now I'm fucking gone right now "Listen, listen" [Verse 1] From the morning to the evening Complaints from the tenants Got the walls kicking like they six months pregnant Drinking Alizé with our cereal for breakfast Girls calling cabs at dawn quarter to seven Sky's getting cold, we're flying from the north Rockin with our city like a sold out show House full of pros that specialize in the ho'in Make that money rain as they taking off they clothes Order plane tickets Cali is the mission Visit every month like I'm split life living Let the world listen If a hater's caught slipping Then my niggas stay tight Got my back like Pippen Fast life gripping Yeah, we still tippin' Codeine cups paint a picture so vivid Fakes try to mimic Get girls timid But behind closed doors they get poles so rigid [Chorus] All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work [Verse 2] Push it to the limit Push it through the pain I push it for the pleasure like a virgin to the game A virgin to that money A virgin to the fame So this my only chance And when I'm over only pray That I flow from the bottom Closer to the top The higher that I climb The harder I'ma drop These pussy ass niggas tryna hold on to their credit So I tell them use a debit Watch they image start to lessen I warn them like discretion Why these niggas testing? Always fucking testing Why these niggas testing? Shit that I got them on straight bar hopping To the music of the ambiance Get shit popping Zombies of the night (zombies of the night) Niggas ain't talking if they hyping to the crew Get it in like pockets Downtown loving When the moon coming Only place to find bassheads and hot women [Chorus] All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work [Verse 3] Better slow down She'll feel it in the morning Ain't the kind of girl you'll be seeing in the morning Too damn raw ain't no nigga with her rollin Ain't no nigga that she holding Man, her love is too damn foreign Look at all that money The money is the motive (The money is the motive) All that money The money she be folding (The money she be folding) Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work [Chorus] All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money is the motive All that money, the money she be folding Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work, girl, girl put in work Girl put in work

    41. ioKOALA

      Oh that voice 👌🏻😍

    42. Marvin Alexis

      Cali *was* the mission

    43. Sonia Ramirez

      words cant even described !

    44. Neeks Joseph

      Obsessed with the ending instrumental, sometimes I just go straight to it ❤

    45. Brooke On A Break

      Anyone listening to this during the 2020 apocalypse?

    46. hiroko

      Good good old child times dancing in a sunset garden with my dogs

    47. Johnny Figueroa

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a> he says Cali IS the mission. Now it’s 2020 he says Cali WAS the mission & now a nigga leaving. DAMN.

    48. Vaku XO

      On this day, nine years later. After Hours. Time flies

    49. Luka

      girls built like her will be the end of me

    50. Nick Locker

      Cali WAS the mission but now a nigga leaving 💨 Who else was reminded of this masterpiece after hearing Snowchild?

    51. Kavindu Sachdeva

      Girl put in work girl girl put in work❤️❤️

    52. Dimon12Ananiev

      I hope that girl did some squats, hip thrusts and deadlifts since 2011

      1. Charmaine Matake

        Dimon12Ananiev you've just made my life 😂 😂 😂 💀

    53. khOoOkZzZ Gz

      Xo till we overdose

    54. Christopher Conrad Barragan

      Dope shit! New album is fire

    55. Gay Ghost

      Who’s listening to this song in March??

    56. Jorys

      Discovered this song 9 years ago thanks to Soulja boy on a video, since then this song always got me on my feelings. and now escaping my mind with this during the lockdown. PURE ART WORK.

    57. Max Vun

      I was 9 when trilogy released, lucky u guys to witness the whole path of the weeknd, he truely is a gem!

    58. Arpit Bharti

      "Cali is the mission", holy shit I understand now. Damn.

    59. Young Chin


    60. Genesis C.

      Cali was the mission, but now a nigga leavin..

    61. NileshR12

      I've heard this song before but I didn't realize how much I liked it till now

    62. Mr. Wuowrut

      Still slappppppppppppppppps 💕

    63. Willy G

      Uncut Gems who here ?

    64. Caymon Melvin

      Here after IN YOUR EYES and still love every song ❤️❤️❤️

    65. SuperTezzzz

      now a nigga leaving 2020

      1. Ryan

        leaving... leavin' into the night.

    66. Ravin Soni

      Till this day he never reached this level anymore

    67. Roza A

      Back here after listening to snowchild

      1. Caleb Brown

        Cali was the mission

      2. K E

        same here :)

    68. Raihan Ahmed

      Cali was the mission, now a nigga leaving...

    69. XOTWOD

      All time fave song

    70. Olt Latifi

      Snowchild referenced this song

    71. XXXUZIWRLD999

      Cali was the mission

    72. Flex L

      Drugs are bad

    73. Music Is life

      It’s sequel is Snowchild

      1. Jeny Carbajal


      2. Anukarsh

        *until I bleed out

      3. K E

        absolutely, instant flashback to this song after hearing snowchild

    74. Justin Rus

      this sounds way better than the remastered version...jesus

    75. Beats Under 5

      Look I’m sorry i hadn’t bothered to this to this amazing album earlier but man am I enjoying it. The best artist of the decade full stop.

    76. Abhishek Chhettri


    77. jbohbby

      Ahhh I remember when I first heard this song. I was in 9th grade lol I'm 24 now. I've followed him ever since 🖤🖤🖤


        how many views was he getting back then ?

    78. Christopher O'Donoghue

      9 years ago? Bruh, seriously my feels

    79. Lil Andy

      Cali was the mission but now a nigga leaving XO

    80. Virginia Vargas

      you can listen to these songs over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 love it