The Weeknd Trilogy - November 13

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Duane L. Russell

      8 years. It’s been 8 years.

    2. Sachmo

      I was one happily lonely 13 year old listening to this.


      Hey there lonely giirrll

    4. BigDee

      fuck i hate these new xo fans, i miss the old crew

    5. xolonelystar

      Happy 2020 xo 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

    6. Rj

      I will play this at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a> 2020-01-01

    7. Rxyalty

      happy november 13th xotwod ❤️


      We out here

    9. Lucas Reis

      I remember this and other promotional videos. Still listening in 2019?

    10. NoShade

      And this is the beginning of a great legend...

    11. Reuben Dsouza


    12. Ashley Huerta

      I always come back to this clip... the nostalgia that surrounds this video...

    13. Malyha Khakwani

      Watching in Sep 2019 ❤

    14. Ernesto Zambrana

    15. WarriorFromAnUnknownLand

      Who remembers when this channel was called xoxxxoooxo?

      1. Ashley Huerta


    16. Literally Sean

      2019.....Still one of the greatest

    17. TJ R


    18. azelliah

      2019 🖤🌫

    19. Elena Grajeda


    20. Cem Ezer

      2019 XO💚

    21. Matt Holliday

      Who here in 2018 feelings those old vibes. Man I remember those tapes dropping so vividly

    22. Naufal Fad


    23. TheUcheO

      God....words just can't describe this man...

    24. GameRiderTom

      6 year anniversay..

    25. Wadah Bottle

      The goat

    26. Autumn Faith

      Something so chilling and melancholic about this video, wish there was a way to describe it

    27. james m

      Hey there lonly girl...

    28. Senanur Turgut

      My favourite song , my favourite video ❤

    29. Sasuke


    30. carloz

      5 years xo

    31. Kendrick Lamar

      5th year 🤘

    32. El Barto

      #5YearsOfTrilogy 🎈

    33. alma delia

      5 yrs you guys 🎊😢❤❤❤❤

    34. Bryan Ramos

      5 Years Of Trilogy

    35. LongLive Jahseh

      5 years

      1. Bryan Ramos

        Abels StarGirl XO'TWOD

    36. welcome hi

      This came out on my birthday😵

      1. Asper


    37. Alex Rios

      I remember back then ITunes would promote albums by having a Free Song of the Week/Month and this song was one of them. I was broke and couldn't buy music so I would download free music. When I downloaded this song I was introduced into a genre of music that I am still addicted to this day. Thank you Abel, you've help me overcome depression and you've grown into this world. Much love Fam. XO for life.

    38. Christian Saucedo

      Still gives me the chills

    39. alom kuddus


    40. _.Triv._ _.Who._


    41. adam corrales XO

      watching this while waiting for starboy

    42. Devonte Urquhart

      I don't think this sound could ever be repeated in life

      1. Avinash Mihindukulasuriya


    43. KrimXO

      me i new year

    44. 77 77

      It's been 3 years.. these mixtapes still slap as the the trilogy. as s he said in DMC, his music is "ageless".

    45. Lorena Sanchez


    46. Drizzlnish

      I still come back for these... Too deep... Too personal

    47. chris trent

      I use to watch this same clip all day long. And now I see myself coming back just to feel like I'm the only guy that knows who he is and that people where sleeping on him...I miss these days..use to be that hidden personal diamond...Now the whole world can see you. Much love XO TILL DEATH

      1. jado a.k.

        4 years later, he's back and bigger than ever before. he earned his love, and it will forever last. great comment btw

      2. WarriorFromAnUnknownLand

        i feel you man

    48. Respector of Women

      god i remember watching this at least 50 times over when it came out. trilogy is one of the greatest projects of all time i hope this next album is just as good

    49. Duane Russell

      Happy Birthday Trilogy!!!

    50. JonesStreetTv

      Now I want to know what is the fireworks symbolize

      1. Matei Enea

        +Cristian Marin he was becoming mainstream at that time, so you're the stupid one here

      2. Cristian Marin


    51. Fiiilll3 X

      most beautiful video he put out

    52. JennB


      1. anselmxo

        @Cemre Ipekoglu 6 years

      2. Mᴀs3FRᴇᴢᴏ

        BallestJenn It’s been over 7 years since House of Ballons was originally released. That’s crazy that it’s really been that long

      3. Cemre Ipekoglu

        BrunoDesignx™ 5 years...

      4. BrunoDesignx™

        Jennifer Tesfaye 4 Years

    53. M Down

    54. ErnestoXO

      The song already drop like a year ago its on the ground

    55. JuliusVlogs

      You guys are fucking idiots i swear to god!!! This song isnt called VALERIE its called Twenty Eight and it has been realsed for a While Now FUCKERS!

      1. Christian Robles

        RedCarpetLook I thought it was starboy or reminder.

    56. Raymond Duong

      last year

    57. galaxysass x

      This. This.

    58. Marcus Spiva

      Ja ja ja ja jizz

    59. plasticammo

      What did he say?

      1. MOLD

        Listen to my vid at mold-_- i have lyrics over there

    60. Resisted1337

      thanks man.. i haven't laugh so hard in months :D

    61. chris Gauges

      Are these videos ever be released??!

    62. Hannah Edgerton

      hes a king look at him

    63. Cassandra E

      Hey there lonely girl

    64. Joshua Rivera

      hey there lonely girl.....

    65. Jay Star

      Nice fireworks, check out this one: watch?v=rRI2IhvESIg You HAVE to be high for this.

    66. Dave Morgan

      drake, the weeknd, love mansuy

    67. Adrian Comic Art

      November 13 is my birthday!!!

      1. siemek

        mine too :)

    68. Jason Thobourne


    69. DLLO Eiv

      haaaaahhhhh aaahhhhhh haaaaa ahhhhh

    70. Amalie Sundal

      eeeh, nope! Its called twenty eight ;)

    71. sk8urmind1

      the actual song is called valerie

    72. Tatiana Lee

      Oh my god this back memories always waiting for this song.

    73. Sav Atthi


    74. wonder8ight

      not a single dislike :O this song is the shit ! My fav no doubt ! XO

    75. KA5H24

      did you all see how he just appears from the you can see his outline.

    76. Adam Man


    77. mandudedude12

      Omg this is so damn beautiful, even tho it's 30 seconds.

    78. kenway leviathian

      Twenty eight is the name

    79. interruption music

      okay the name of the song is "Twenty eight" and you can watch it here: vimeo[.]com/61481547 hit like for everybody to see :)

    80. iRRichiee

      This is the weeknd not no juicy j 2 chainz not compare