The Weeknd - Thursday

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Anyanwu Michael

      Abel still makes reference to this masterpiece 7 years later , XO TILL WE OVER DOSE 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    2. resile debonair

      I want some dick hey did you know if you shoot someone bath in bleach n a different gun power of a registered gun of yours 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🤨🤨🤨🙄😎 I love serial killers I get wet

    3. María Torres


    4. Tpot 0408

      2020 anyone?

    5. Jakobi Mansaray

      Can someone please tell me what time period this model’s look is inspired by?

    6. Mahdi Hasan

      I was listening to After hours, then suddenly started missing this album.

    7. Isaiah Luna

      Just thought of this track just now after some cacking lol gotta admit the music fits perfectly

    8. Pope Stevenson

      Who else is here in 2021

      1. ofek LA

        @Pope Stevenson i saw the movie this weekend lol! omg, i'm waiting for the zombies

      2. Pope Stevenson

        @ofek LA I AM LEGEND status

      3. ofek LA

        so how's the coronavirus in 2021 mr future?

    9. lonelysoulxo

      Came here from After Hours..

    10. Lil Niar

      best time to play this now before after hours drops tomorrow night

    11. AC Jordan

      Been with to many girls to this song.. I miss trilogy/kissland days

    12. KingOfTheFallXO

      Make sure you are thirstyyy oh on Thursdayyyy

    13. Mrb Salim


    14. Bilaal S

      here i am again... on a Thursday :)

    15. cameron brooks

      This my be my alltime fav right next to what you need

    16. Batman

      One of his best songs, by far. Holy fuck.

    17. RESE Freemind


    18. JOKER DC

      О да ладно мужик, как тебе удаётся делать такие классные треки ?

    19. Maurice

      2020 flow, first Thursday of every month this decade I'm here!!!

    20. Player 1

      Weeknd singing about weekdays.... Feels pretty good(jk xo forever)

    21. 2001 Vonthadon

      It’s Friday

    22. Aaron Truth TV

      I listened to this after a shroom high. Wow. Felt like I was back in shroom land.

    23. Jasmine Aliyah


    24. TSM Armyz

      The thumbnails really creep me out

    25. CuddlesCareBear

      Thursdays have always been special for me since this... I always revert back to the Trilogy Bible when things go wrong

    26. Aymane Fajwa

      still listenin' in 2020

    27. Big Al

      Day 1 fan! Met him at a concert 2 years ago and my first words were "Abel day 1 since House of Balloons!" Thought he would ignore me but he was real excited but he was in a golf cart with that model. One of the best days of my life.

    28. Chill n’ Vibe

      I need this Abel back😖

    29. Guille Bautista

      Who still listening in 2020?

    30. lucky miller

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a> I would be happy if he would just repeat that part over and over

    31. A. S

      Who is this beautiful woman in the picture ?

    32. Siobhan Ross

      first time i heard this i knew he was different Trilogy is forever playinnnn

    33. TopGoat215

      2020 still here 🤍🖤

    34. Pope Stevenson

      2020 innis bitchhh ‼️‼️

    35. Pet paradise

      Heartless is water Thursday is fire

    36. Kalese Monet

      I know I’m only 17... realized I don’t think I’m really into relationships. But this stuff got me through depression the entire trilogy album including the kiss land album and every album after those two. I love The Weeknd sooo much.

    37. Nikko Aris McCarroll

      I love her, today Cause it's Wednesday, I won't be late Ooh, now I need to know If you're feeling when I'm free

    38. Grizzly Gang

      I just did acouple percs with my headphones in heaven! 👁💞

    39. Octavia Owens

      🎵🎶🎵Not on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday Sunday but on Thursday....🎶🎶 2019 👉🏽 2020

    40. Joelson Pinto

      Here one day before my birthday

    41. MrElguanako

      12/19/19/ Happy Thursday ❌⭕️family!

    42. Jb Zambada

      Who else is listening to this while taking a shit?

    43. Tracey White

      My baby daddy stay talikng about Thursday. Hurry up then!!

    44. Thomas Banks


    45. Doug the Pug

      why u calling?

    46. Kimberly Castro

      i just realized it’s Thursday haha

    47. LeBeautiful


    48. adham dr

      Who still listening thursday ...2019 December

    49. LaRocha


    50. Hanna Kurowska

      Im starting to really fall for his music now in 2019. His older tracks remind me of Massive Attack a little bit...

    51. Christina Feldman

      It's Thirsday!!!

    52. Antonio Ellison

      Bruh, listening to this song has me in a euphoric state of mind.

    53. Regina Licea

      This song is on another level, the vibe of this song to me is pure sadness something like when you feel alone and loveless for some reason but you don’t want to feel that way because you really love someone but that person can’t be with you and you know it, and then you just keep finding yourself in this lonely places in the city where nobody is there actually but you, just sitting there feeling isolated and empty.

    54. Shandharubini Mohanaraj

      Who is Valerie

    55. Larry real rap Sandifer

      Haha so real i have a girl i only see her on Thursday night 2k19.

    56. Cosmic Drugz

      Xxxtentacion brought me here 🌙👁

    57. Pinky XO

      I make sure I listen to this every Thursday 😌

    58. Tevin Christopher

      Who's here on Halloween, 2019, which is also a Thursday ;)

    59. Celtic Man

      THURSDAY but the song was uploaded on a FRIDAY.

    60. YBN opp stoppa

      Who here from x interview

    61. Eddie Garcia Jr

      Cuz it’s Wednesday, I won’t be late

    62. Christopher Drew

      I play Thursday every wednesday as well as thursday. I have dubbed wednesdays as Not Thursday! simply put.... he sings this song to the thursday girl on wednesday and tells her that it its not thursday!

    63. victor cruz

      As soon as I saw the cover I was hooked

    64. Chillallthe Kildren

      People on Reddit think that this is his best song....I said whaaat? So I gave it a 2nd listen and still didn't think so. I just gave it a 3rd listen and its pretty slick! I must agree.

    65. Doug the Pug

      im high af

    66. Jacob H

      I told my mom that im watching the weeknd and she said but its not the weeknd its thursday then i said hold up bet lemme play some thursday

    67. OG- Hikki

      *Listening to Thursday on Thursday is the best feeling🤘🏿*

    68. Gustav

      Happy Thursday

    69. Ysais Zurita

      The weeknd is like the demons of depression when it comes to heartbreaks. He get’s you feeling sometype of way.

    70. Giacamo Casanova

      Happened to stumble upon this on a Thursday,lol. And I don’t regret it.

    71. Archea AURORA MotherOfNewCreation

      Uriel Aurora day.

    72. itzBlemfuckedyobitch

      Okay here’s the question for y’all.. it’s 2019. Which EP was the best? House of Balloons, Thursday, or Echoes of Silence. Personally mine is EOS

      1. rlyehdate

        House of Balloons.

      2. Hibbs4Prez

        Those were mixtapes, not EPs. And HoB is THE BEST. Always.

    73. jsjs dnnd -Your Thursday.

    74. Gibran Anthony

      XO Til We Overdose, yeah? 🖤🤞🏽🙏🏽

    75. Lisa Ruiz

      this girl has a lazy ass eye

      1. 20320456 Kaneki

        It's cute though

    76. koshan jade

      happy Thursday my beautiful XO sluts

    77. Pastor Martin


    78. Evan Cancel

      When he was our little secret...

    79. RAMY

      Thursday Gang WYA

    80. Marvin Bienaime

      Love having sex to this song!!!!