The Weeknd Trilogy - November 13

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Mia Bork

      Gives me goosebumps to come back Xotwod

      1. Chris Breezy

        Same man two more days and after hours is out 😁

    2. Ashley Huerta

      Now this clip is in all of those edgy instagram edits.

      1. Chris Breezy


    3. Kavindu simpson

      I was listening to Till Dawn when i clicked on this video and it continued without skipping a beat.

    4. Paola xo


    5. Rxyalty

      happy november 13th xo ❤️

    6. Lucas Reis

      Who else feels this should have had its own video? 2019!

    7. Regan Moreau

      im so sad this is the only visuals we got for eos

    8. Natsai Mundaz

      Happy 6 years everyone ! 🖤

    9. Usha Vaidya

      I'm scrolling for #6_years_of_Trilogy comments!

    10. Kyla Kiratomwe

      Like if you’ve been here since 2012🔥

    11. Anthony Ramos

      Who would have known how international he became

    12. Colleen Dunham

      💃 all I got to say

    13. Baagoat

      Damn 4 and a half years in for me and I'm still listening.



    15. Lost

      Happy 5 year anniversary of this masterpiece XO fam 💕🙏

    16. Masie Jawed


    17. Bryan Ramos

      5 Years Of Trilogy

      1. A A

        7 years now

    18. 雌犬 LANAY XO

      I connect to this video emotionally I feel as if I'm the girl in this video.

    19. Caroline Dotson

      what changed, abel?

      1. Ely

        his environment

      2. Ely

        @carloz nothing is sad about trilogy

      3. SudeXO

        Eesyraf Eerfan his voice? seriously? just check his lately trilogy performances and you’ll see that his voice is same.yes he changed his style so much everyone knows that.but his voice is the only thing that not changed.

      4. Eesyraf Eerfan

        His voice

      5. The Last Hunter

        mindelo23 Bella Hadid*

    20. alom kuddus

      All red dress with the devil eyes.........

      1. bhoxz justine

        You love her, but you can't deny the truth, the truth

      2. Victor Stewart

        So obsessed with the camera lights

    21. _.Triv._ _.Who._


    22. lamisha farrukee

      My birthday's on November 13

    23. koi coy

      the hazy days

    24. Jaauna Clark

      In love with this song,always will be

      1. SAM sam

        Jaauna Clark song name

    25. trilogy


    26. Glxorious

      Fav song

    27. Melina Willems

      this video is still gold to me

    28. Drizzlnish

      I still come back for these... Too deep... Too personal

    29. John Doe

      The weekend smoke that Xtreme shit lol

    30. Kajan Gnanasegeran

      Today is November 13th. What a coincidence.

    31. Blanco Yamaguchi

      ayy 💃

    32. Quroy

      I still find myself coming to this video after almost 3 years. I love this clip, it feels so deep. The Weeknd's music changed me as a person. XOTWOD

      1. Avinash Mihindukulasuriya

        +Vitalyzdtv 2ndChannal couldn't have say it any better

      2. Vitalyzdtv 2ndChannal

        exact same thing bro, he makes me think of life a lot and his videos give me a strong feeling in my mind. especially this video it makes me just think. Also Twenty Eight is amazing

    33. Nia Williams

      what song is this

    34. cece lewis


    35. fgyty tyyt

      limited quantity XO til we overdose stickers on ebay.Look for them!

    36. Ivan Valerie

      This video just gave me awesome chills

    37. Ivan Valerie

      Omg just watching this gave me chills.

    38. Cristhian Pena


    39. Quroy

      I absolutely love The Weeknd's music! His lyrics put such a vivid visual in your head.

    40. JennB


    41. Taylor Wilson

      Unlike you I got nothing to hide. I don't pretend to have any shame.

    42. plasticammo

      It's just a snippet from the "The Zone" Video

    43. Ian Lowry

      This song got me to buy trilogy haha. Remember watching this the night before

    44. ED

      *The Weeknd

    45. Chyna Milhouse

      Love this song

    46. chris Gauges

      Wen is this video dropping!! Wtf!?

    47. lakeofeyes


    48. Dave Morgan

      drake, the weeknd, love mansuy

    49. Rinaldi Alphonse

      This is a dream.

    50. guerrajocelyn

      I still obsess over this video and how it just makes me feel like the weeknd is Dracula and that lady is Lucy from Bram Stokers Dracula.

    51. Razz P Berry

      It's already out. ._. Till Dawn.

    52. argenis hernandez

      This song is already out

    53. saxjazzman14

      ill thank him for you i go to his trailer every day and suck hi... i mean clean his boots

    54. puno266

      this song came out a while ago,you're late

    55. egyptian art

      no he didn't

    56. cameron brooks

      ........... a long time ago

    57. Leon K

      whens this song coming out?

    58. Devante Williams

      i dont pretend to have any shame

    59. Legeniz

      bro... come to munich!!!

    60. Deborah Amato

      omg, it's beautiful

    61. michelle g.

      til dawn (here comes the sun)

    62. Radha Patel

      so beautiful tho

    63. saab lowl

      why so short?

    64. Serena Lolly

      Here Comes The Sun.

    65. Jacqueline Denisse

      on November 13th Abel tweeted "thank you to all the fans that have been supporting from the beginning." His empire of fans now is due to the foundation of fans on the bottom that tweeted his videos, lyrics, shared his music etcetera in 2010/2011. Together collectively we are the foundation and now he has an empire. Of course he's going to be really appreciative of us (the first ones). And yeah he loves ALL his fans. That's all I'm saying.

    66. Alex Ryder Carter

      He don't give a shit when his fans came along. As long as we like his shit he knows he's succeeded.

    67. themot shue

      my music

    68. themot shue


    69. dashun smith

      thank you i found it

    70. Taneicha Sanders

      What is the name of this song in this video

    71. 00000 1

      It's funny how this was uploaded on my birthday

    72. Youtube Youtube

      Amazing as always!

    73. Sam Tesfaye

      The Weeknd - Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)

    74. dashun smith

      what is this song called or when it coming out

    75. Cass

      J downloaded trilogy the day of release and got the cd copy 2weeks later, now thats real.

    76. Hannah G

      he hasn't even tweeted in 10 days...

    77. Khadijah Secka

      I love him

    78. Ayto Sinan

      what teh name of this song?

    79. Hector Acuna

      I love this video cx

    80. Arleen S

      I remember watching this before the trilogy came out. I'm still get the chills. Xo til we overdose