The Weeknd - Hurt You feat. Gesaffelstein (Official Audio)

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    "Hurt You" feat. Gesaffelstein
    My Dear Melancholy,
    Available now from The Weeknd.
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    1. ______Averos______ !!!!!

      Best song of the EP period

    2. Ben Toney

      This shit fire

    3. arkxed

      i love this song so freaking much , lmaoo .

    4. Aliyah Danielle

      this hits different when u thinking of someone while singing

    5. Jose Montoya

      Damn I feel like The Weeknd was on some spectator View mode In my last relationship. This hit home.

    6. Orkun Cesur

      İntro is very similar with the i feel it coming but its a great song anyway

    7. Megan Alstadt

      “When you’re with him you close your eyes and think of me” hits different

    8. Aino Lebrun

      I don't wanna hurt you ouuuuuuu

    9. Tata Bell TV

      100% good music

    10. Makyrah L

      favorite song from this album

    11. Meshia Moneá

      I’m Warning Youuuu

    12. Randy Arroyo

      Slow down to .75x

    13. Denyellaa Celeste

      How is this 2 years old already

    14. Ali Eren Sert

      Forever XO

    15. Lilian Robiou

      Whom here after realize miss you for Selena

    16. XO_DANN

      This was Freshman Year Anthem for me 🚶🏽‍♂️

    17. April Breezy 507

      2 años hoy ❤️

    18. Dybixs

      This song really sounds like Missed You but faster. I love both

      1. Lilian Robiou

        Dybixs him still love Selena

    19. V


    20. Luan Tinh


    21. Jenna Lynn

      Every time I hear this song, I wish my soon to be ex husband would hold me and never let me go..

    22. Felipe-ROBLOX

      Two years tomorow

    23. Tre Tre

      This is simply good music that brings tears to your eyes

    24. Luna Centineo


    25. Andreas Böck

      Mir geht's gut, ich liebe die Vergangenheit 😁

    26. Andreas Böck


    27. Daniel Nellum

      E 40

      1. Daniel Nellum

        E 40

    28. Michel N

      Who's coming back after listening to After hours?🌌

      1. dhvani pratihari


    29. Gabe Erazo

      $DG$ never came back nor left remain in the same place ,lil mama sticking to the script ,papi came home to his 2 story place on the 3rd degree full thorough pedegree those contrary asking question like an interigation 🖕🖕 fuk your invasion conquered by the congregation and still domination...Cali bear 🐻

      1. Moses Reed


    30. Smile


    31. D Mur

      "Now I know Corona is my enemy, so stay away from me, im quarentine from you"

    32. Sofiane Sekioua

      Gorona virus got me to listening to the Weeknd non stop for almost a week now. So depressing out there.

      1. Peter Ineleo

        Facts, all his songs and some full shows on repeat since the lockdowns, XOTWOD


        same here

      3. Chris Cortez

        Just pray to god and you will be fine stay home

      4. Nick S

        I do that anyway

      5. Makyrah L

        yeah it just be like that sometimes

    33. user super

      я домой не хооооооочуууу я домой не хооооооочуууууу

    34. Olga Santiago

      Great Artis, find your way back.......❤️ I love the music it's Deep

    35. ashley fink

      march 2020... still as amazing as the first time i heard it

    36. V Adhithya

      Whoever got goosebumps while <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> 👅☠

    37. Gresyn3019

      2020 anyone??

    38. MR KHAN

      Anyone here after listening After Hours, whatever you guys tell compare to this album to after hours, this is much better.

    39. kaytan vevo Âll 14 bads vibes forever

      Hurt you his my favorite song 💔❤️😘💔😭💯 out

    40. Ekko

      Bonjour, auriez vous une idée de qu'elle boite à rythme utilise Gesaffelstein ? Hello, would you have an idea of ​​which drum machine to use Gesaffelstein ?

    41. Gersa Balla

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="50">0:50</a>

    42. ofek LA


    43. kendell andre

      At the end it songs like I still love you

    44. pro kill-999

      I loveeeee 2020 🤒

    45. Ari K.

      How did I never hear this.

    46. Kaitlyn Buckingham

      -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>

    47. Jordon Ball

      Whos here in 2020

    48. Veronica Mendoza

      Love him and every single of his songs King❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    49. İpro Acro

      Very very underrated

    50. Marios Agkarai

    51. Oscar Hector Hernández

      Chidas canciones😥😌😄😀😭😭😭😭😉💲💵💵💵💵💵💵💲💲💲💲💲💲💣💣💣💣🎂🎂🎂🎂📷📷 adios creo voy a llorar

    52. Svitlana Bieliakova

      С,упер... Классно...

    53. Lucy Clarck

      Best song ever 💜

    54. Jessica Rodriguez

      My mom has this as her ringtone

    55. Brittany Chambers

      This is my favorite album thus far! Just genius!

    56. Kyleara Bridges


    57. Adam D

      Guy-Man anyone?

    58. Rehana B

      Listening to this in the voice of the narcissist I fell for til I learn my lesson. He never cared, he needed me, he needed the ego boost, he'll say he doesn't want to hurt me but he does. He doesn't care that I'm suicidal, he'll live his life and use me if I let him

    59. Zack B.Zacky

      " I Feel it Coming ", on a Darker Note.

      1. Advait Beatbox


    60. Rachelle Brise

      Great song!

    61. Cee Jay

      “But if you call me up, I'm f*ckin' you on sight” 😭😫

    62. Jori712 Killer

      Can I make a song with you😂 I need to do this


      This is not an insult but his autotuned voice is awwwwwwwesome like anyone!

    64. Monita mo

      My fav song

    65. Abhijeet Singh

      anyone ?

    66. Regal Snow

      Play this driving trust!! Another level

    67. Rich.goblin

      Somebody need to put this on AUDIOMACK

    68. josue201090

      Babe! 😭😭 💔

    69. Master blood

      I dont wanna hi chew

    70. ZAID PALLA

      How the fuck did this song not blow up! I still don’t understand

      1. Hibbs4Prez

        None of the songs of this EP were pushed for mass consumption, radio play and popularity other than Call Out My Name.

    71. Umut Kavak

      Damn. It hurts when its night time

    72. Yoon D

      Anyone still here from 2020 💥

    73. добрый кот

      Ты крутой мужик!салам с челябинска

    74. Zyxthy Zyxth

      This was produced by Guy-man, one of Daft Punk :D

    75. Abd elmadjid Megamez

      I love this song sooooo much

    76. Paras Sharma

      I don't wanna hurt you but you're killing me🥀💀

    77. ramonguz

      This beat kills.... His voice does Justice!!

    78. Jesus is My Lord and My God

      The serpent is a cunning female that will lead many children to great disaster.

    79. Yazmina Cabrera

      2020 AND STILL LIT !!!!

    80. NJ Music

      You left me devastated but after everything I still hold you dear and I won't ever bring myself to hurt you.