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The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Mariana Santelices

      I just looked up his birth chart and he's an aquarius with a scorpio moon. The scorpio moon makes SO much sense.

    2. Victor

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a> .........

    3. 1 23

      Imagine this song being released now of all times😂😅

    4. Shaya playss

      I looooooooove Abel bruh, trilogy is his best work bro idc idc fight me .

    5. LJ Lj

      2020 Whea Ya Attt

    6. Christian Veras

      So yeah if you weren’t here before after hours, you will never understand....Ever.

    7. Pamela Tyker

      A,umus like you.

    8. Pamela Tyker

      Got a woman for you. Here she 💘 you ...

    9. StephanieMarsz

      this is home if you were listening back then you know ♥xo

    10. TJ R

      legit cant go outside 😔

    11. ZayHoven Shepherd

      2020 💜🤟🏿 (prayers during the coronavirus B.S.)

    12. kiragumanyara

      i would go outside but theres coronavirus

    13. keiran

      These are songs you only get if you live through them

    14. Michael Brown

      Day 9 Corona virus quarantine I discover I can play this song while I smoke newport outside*

    15. Isaac Ybarra

      Self Quarantine music rejoice🙏🙏🙏

    16. Whodatgirlali Yolo

      Just got done listening to Escape from LA😭😭 Xotwod✞

    17. Venus Chandler


    18. Su Reka

      Coronavirus theme song

    19. Pablo Montilla

      2020 more relevant than ever

    20. Patrick Holmes

      know every word, adlibs and everything.

    21. Patrick Holmes

      who has played this more than 20 times in a row?

    22. Kookie XO

      People really complaining that Abel got the fame he always wanted

    23. Siera (The Chosen One)

      Abel is a precious gem! I swear anybody would be lucky to be next to him. His powerful and amazing voice makes me melt. If I was sick, the only cure would be his voice! ❤❤❤❤❤

    24. Yee it’s Victor

      He’s the reason why you were born

    25. Ari Smith


    26. dorel mondealu

      every second in this song got a picture of nostalgia :( i don`t know if im gettin old or times were better

    27. Aaron Hassler

      This hook gives me chills. There's something so haunting about how he's what he's saying and it really makes me feel like I'm about to do some really messed up shit to someone

    28. TA Outdoors

      The fact that I haven’t been dicked down to this song yet is TRAGIC

    29. Kami

      Ok but why are all the comments from 5 years ago, is there anyone still on this ???

    30. Janera Smith

      And you go take it like one 🥵

    31. BenDream

      My favorite song of all his career

    32. That Genius Jason

      i just started listening to trilogy today. god its so beautiful

    33. Will C

      Good for Valentine’s Day


      Wait a minute, this is the same elevator Drake used in the Headline's video right?

    35. Ajanae Fletcher

      Listening in 2020

    36. Brandon Starkis

      Bruhhh this voice tho

    37. Imran Vlogs

      Weeknd ❤️

    38. francisco garay

      The Weeknd vale oro

    39. Yungevve !

      Underrated 💔

    40. AlexanderUsov

      2020, this song will never get old 💜

    41. Mr.Classic

      Leave it to the Weeknd to make a song about sex being so good you put yourself on House Arrest

    42. Cristal__Rocks O_o

      It's 2020 and I'm still banging this yall!! #XO🖤

    43. nova_ray

      i feel like this is genuinely one of his most underrated songs

    44. Mitch Brock

      First comment of 2020?

    45. Morion Mcdade


    46. el' Goat

      This song makes me want whiskey and a woman.

    47. Mgh_blaze

      Anybody listening in 2020 💫✨⚡️

    48. Reuben D’souza

      Anyone in 2020?😥😥😥😥

    49. Queen Kisses

      Yessssss daddy love this song

    50. Dave Richey

      2020 xotwod

    51. Marina Annette

      Who here listening in 2020 👏🏼😌♥️🔥🙌🏼

    52. xo rebeccca

      Montreal, Drunk in Love, Outside

    53. cbanitz

      So confused. What I'm supposed to write!? There is so much beauty in his voice and his words...

    54. Chyna Love


    55. Duane XO

      Wednesday 25th December 2019!

    56. geladinho

      o cara é bom demais

    57. Ginelle Gomez

      I love his so bad nice !!

    58. Daniel Yemane

      “ baby I will stay up all night” 🔥

    59. Lenzel Koskela

      Killer song!

    60. Keem3100

      I need this old weekend on the feature

    61. Bernard Washington

      1st song I ever heard from XO

    62. Cee Kay

      Heartless is good , but this classic weeknd is the best shit

    63. Ricardo Williams

      Yes apparently this dude is just simple and significant yea yea its just music .adorable significant music

    64. Travis Brown


    65. dibix87


    66. 6ix7even5ive GR

      If this ain't still his chillest song...

    67. Lane Cooly

      I can’t stop listening to this🔥

    68. Tramaine Johnson

      Listening to the weekend now vs wen I was high school is a lot different, especially wen u going through something the weekend n drake got that down pact

    69. jose ochoa


    70. amine dz

      I swear to god that my biggest life regrets is not knowing the weekend early

    71. ProgeTTrance

      Abel he's back!! 😍🔥🖤

    72. Keo Thg

      Where is the weeknd

    73. Ritzi

      Anyone in 2019 ?

    74. Dejai Tuten

      Been listening to this nigga since this came out and didn't even realize this was posted on my birthday 😂

    75. QueenOfTheClouds

      TMI: I had the best sex with one of my friend’s exes back in uni cos we were both stoners and shared a love for The Weeknd. Imagine having sex to this song and wicked games comes on next, often, belong to the world, the knowing... it was worth betraying my BFF cos those memories are some of my best. 🙈🙈

      1. brittxny_ xfinity


    76. Lord Jorginho


    77. Erskin Malarchy

      Dave east brought me back here

    78. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 ANAUTTP ATRCS

      Before Abel is racist, he swear on his first album called Trilogy

    79. rene rix


    80. Za'kiyah Johnson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>>