The Try Guys Eat $1,200 Of Gourmet Seafood • Try Australia

The Try Guys

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    Watch us shuck a ton of oysters and taste some of the finest seafood delicacies Australia has to offer in our journey down under the SEA!
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    1. The Try Guys

      How many of y'all like Vegemite? Should we give it another try???

      1. Schae Lewis-Jones

        Why did you guys put the butter on top?! 😂 you use it like you would peanut butter or jam (jelly) Loading the toast up with butter first helps the vegemite to spread so you use less of it and it’s much more palatable. If you decide to try it again, try it with cheese. Most Australian bakeries will make what’s called a “cheesymite scroll” which is kind of like a savoury cinnamon bun

      2. Angela Cook

        Ok so you need to put the butter on first and let it melt a little and then a THIN scrape of Vegemite!! You put too much on!!

      3. Nightshade - Warroir

        ok you need to try it again. One: Butter first never second holy shit. Two: THIN layer of vegimite, so that it mixes with the butter and turns a browny colour. THATS how its done. Like, you killed my aussie heart when you all had it the way you did

      4. Rachel Uhlmann

        Yes it’s a staple of an Australian Diet

      5. Tereza Howard


    2. BessieRAHH

      That thin spread is soooo thick

    3. Zai-Cra

      im an aussie and has never tried vegemite

    4. Kelly Lammers

      You’re still putting too much vegemite on the toast! You’re putting as much on your toast as a born Aussie. You work up to that amount. Use it like you would use salt or pepper. Just the tiniest amount. A whisper. Fun fact- it’s SUPER good with avocado instead of butter 🥑

    5. Simone Cervi

      Handy hint generally the butter goes under the Vegemite.

    6. Renjun’s Voice crack

      You guys put... the butter... after the Vegemite? I, as an Australian, am disappointed

    7. Djscratchy350

      As an Aussie, I love Vegemite 👍

    8. K T

      Vegemite is an acquired taste from an early age and Aussies love it but you guys put far too much on the bread. I would screw up my face eating it spread so thick. Try chilli mud crab.

    9. Cutie Pie

      While watching this I was thinking, "wow, Australia seems great! I should go sometime” only to realise “oh, wait, I live in Australia"

    10. MACKA THE ALPACA !!!!!!!

      How to make vegemite on toast PROPERLY: 1.toast the bread 2.spread a kind of thick layer of butter on said toast 3.SPREAD ABOUT HALF THE AMOUNT OF VEGEMITE THAT YOU ALL PUT, onto your piece of toast that ALREADY has the butter on TOP!!! 4.GOD FORBID YOU PUT THE BUTTER ON TOP OF THE VEGEMITE 5.then make a cup of milo 😊

    11. Hailey Malone


    12. Nicole Minervini

      You're welcome, Australia has some of the best seafood in the world.

    13. lAmCanad1an

      That Scottish chef looks like an older more fit Iain De Caestecker(Leopold Fitz) from Agents of Shield!

    14. coolkai360

      Too many gay jokes like what’s the point

    15. geeidunno

      Keith talking about God's cum and then telling everyone to behave because they're in a nice restaurant 🤣

    16. bigmikey1979

      Google dorks sellouts of Lucifer

    17. Sweet Sukeule

      The God comment was so inappropriate. I was so close to subscribing, but I think I’ll move on. Best of luck on your company.

    18. Amina Shah

      The best thing in this video is Ned getting drunk and Keith and Zach having gay interests

    19. Meredith Hagan

      I’m not a huge seafood fan but that hot Scottish chef could probably change my mind. A shellfish that tastes like pork, all of Zach’s ancestors just fainted. 🤣

    20. Pee Machine

      nowhere in hell is that vegemite layer thin 😂😂😂

    21. Paradiso Puppets

      Does Eugene sing? I could see him playing King George in Hamilton.

    22. Hazel Cohen

      Well, after seeing the chef in this video I’m booking a ticket to Australia, who’s coming with me? The food is a bonus, the wine is a must

    23. Jordie Jenkins

      Still not doing Vegemite right boys 😢

    24. Reign Lorem

      this is why, if you don't already, you need to watch Australian master chef. It's like a whole other freaking level and its so good.

    25. Makayla Sudron

      Yeah, I’m an Aussie and I don’t like vegemite either. The rest of my family does though!

    26. Josie Parker

      awww no SA love.

    27. Mikayla Brenia

      Why the f*ck did you put the butter on top of the vegemite...

    28. Winning By Name

      Keith: Carrie Ned: Charlotte Zac: Miranda Eugene: Samantha

    29. roouit patan

      Thanks for sharing! ??????

    30. KOBENATOR 123

      Try guys: where gonna do this right Spreads on Vegemite before Butter Australia: are you serious!

      1. roouit patan

        This is extremely inhumane if you ask me.. wtf

    31. The Family Bree

      these videos get worse they would be so much better if the tone wasn't lowered to gutter level.

    32. squishy bloob101

      Ha ha omg the butter goes on first not the vegemite

    33. Macey Oludare

      N e d's d a d j o k e t ho

    34. OliveKS

      Vegemite is delicious ya'll just eating it wrong :)

    35. Payton Mogg-Roberts

      when they still tried vegemite wrong! butter first then the vegemite god

    36. jade

      if you didn't catch that disney channel reference this video is too old for you lmao

    37. Liz Thompson

      To be honest you put too much vegemite on your toast butter toast first then a very light scrape if vegemite

    38. Mikaela Grace

      When you still can’t do Vegemite right. THATS NOT A THIN LAYER!! Excuse me, I need to take a moment to gain composure.

    39. Mad House

      the fact that they put butter ON TOP OF THE VEGEMITE?!

    40. I’m not good, just good at it

      No no no. Hot toast. Heaps of melted butter. THIN layer of Vegemite into melted butter. Done.

    41. Sam Renee

      The butter is supposed to melt into the bread and THEN you put it on!

    42. Sophia Cherry

      on the vegemite teams i am on the “too scared to try it because one time at camp someone was dared to eat a whole spoonfull of it and then threw up” team

    43. portia331

      The butter goes on the toast first, then the vegemite! Why did they put it on top?!

    44. Sydney Lim

      16:56 Ned saying Sí se puede made my day😂

    45. Isla Gurney

      "In northern Queensland" *shows a picture of Sydney*

    46. dani

      This is extremely inhumane if you ask me.. wtf

    47. Isla Gurney

      Why the FUCK did they put butter second?!?!?!?!?!?!

    48. Sierra jamison

      Zach was the one that asked about the drinks but couldn’t drink them

    49. Sierra jamison

      Did the try wives get to eat any.

    50. russian_man69

      All the dislikes on this video are vegans

    51. coco cat

      Ned’s Christian self was so uncomfortable w that conversation 🤣

    52. Banana Bonanza

      Spanner my lovely boi from Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn-- ❤

    53. Gemma Neuendorf

      Vegemite for the win. Welcome to the motherland boys.

    54. Ya boi Ethan learnt de wae

      But they didn’t try the mea pies and the steak

    55. Human Unknown

      guys... at 2:39 why does Zach react that way

    56. Riley Husted

      Am I the only one that finds their constant usage of the phrase, "fucked this to death," highly offensive?

    57. AnaxErik4ever

      Mmmm, some people live for beef and terrestrial beasts. Give me the sweet fruits of the sea ('les fruits de mer' as the French say) any day... except for salmon. For some reason, I cannot abide the taste, regardless of how it is prepared or where you source it from. Mussels, honey bugs, oysters, prawns, scallops, spanner crab, abalone katsu-sando, Spanish mackerel crudo, Marron (aka the mini lobsters) tail, spanner crab French toast with sea urchin, whiting, vegemite (deliciously salty but must needs be used sparingly)... good grief, I'm salivating just thinking about these things, and I've only tried maybe two of them.

    58. Tahnee Edwards

      And once again South Australia gets fucked over and gets no representation! Not even in the wine. We have world renowned wine districts here but not even a nod.

    59. Goldenicy Yeet

      5:31 The guy just looking grabbed that Marron as it was escaping...

    60. Becca

      17:39 is me not sure what to do with my life