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    We learned how to tap into our mind, body and spirit auras through Tai Chi! Who's adding this to their morning routine? Thanks to #GooglePlay for sponsoring a part of this video! Download Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross from the Google Play Store #StayHome #WithMe
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    1. Sam

      They dont need the tech in tai chi to prove they are friends. But time and time again they enlighten people around them that they were meant to be frienss

    2. Jillian McGauley

      You can tell Eugene was a dancer just by his everything in this video

    3. Unique

      Hold up the try guys watch anime?

    4. Questioning Otaku

      If zach has lycanthropy perhaps that's why his body is always so hairy lol

    5. Breanna Ellen Atkinson

      My mirror neurons are going crazy

    6. Constanza Mendoza

      Ned: bye Felicia Ariel: who the f#*k is Felicia

    7. Vicki Part UwU

      The lady that checked out Keith has an extremely shiny and bright face

    8. GJoy

      So glad you had a chance to work with Arthur. I have worked with him in Arlington, MA. Very sweet guy. I wonder how he likes being out in CA. The aura machine is quite cool.

    9. Irelyn Bresnihan

      While Zach makes the sexual jokes, Eugene embodies the sexual energy.......also Chicago broadway vibes

    10. TheTok3n

      I already have a full team of UR characters soo aha

    11. Katherine Rose Gayeta

      The one video where they didnt get any improvement..

    12. AgentHairBall & More

      My grandpa does tai chi every morning!

    13. Trashie Starr

      I remember my mom made me do this for my ADHD... it didn’t work

    14. Chan Liang

      I think that they would fail twkondo

    15. Chezzka R

      Does Maggie know she’s probably contracted lycanthropy now?

    16. dino

      the try guys are weebs lets face it

    17. Renza Iris

      Person: What is your worst fear? Person 2: Well, you see, my fear is of being bored.


      Zach with his scrawniness trying to look like a Dragon Ball Z character, but if you look at the character in Dragon Ball Z character their ripped no offence Zach. ❤️

    19. TheKinkyBeast

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="340">5:40</a> I've never related more to a person than Zach right at that moment... "oh you want me to list EVERYTHING?" *rubs hands together* hold on while I open Pandora's box on you.

    20. TheFlute Dude

      Keith: is Tai chi a verb or noun? me: *surprised Pikachu face*

    21. Yeow Yap

      I REALLLLLLY want a part 2 😂

    22. xallsparkx

      Now I really want to try this

    23. Michael Fretwell

      Why are you pedaling this woo-woo nonsense?

    24. Aishwarya Nair

      Yoga sucks? Dude, u didn’t even do it properly and ur complaining already🤦🏻‍♀️ why don’t u do trying yoga next? Maybe that will change the way u look at it.

    25. imxurxdreamboy

      At one point you guys looked like you were Voguing.

    26. Piney_ Studios

      Am I the only one that did the exercises with them? Lol ok just me then

    27. Musiclover KeKe


    28. Jen Na

      The edits are so funnt

    29. Matthew McQuinn

      closed captions pls :(

    30. SandraLama21

      This one inspires me: how about a series like The Try Guys Try Again - where you go deeper in things you've already touched once...and start it with Tai Chi!!!! This was amazing! ooh, and then Stepping, and then ballet (jk on that last one) - you guys rock!!!!

    31. Sheridan Charley

      Zach has been saying alot of sexual jokes in this one. Where Eugene? Lol just kidding Be safe everybody.... i mean against COVID 19, nothing sexual. 😂😂

    32. Katie W

      Zach's health problems include: Loves Nickelback and Lycanthropy. You decide which is worse.

    33. A Wondrous Pikachu

      Zach At The End: Well everyone has AirPods now you don’t f***ing get it. Me: I do actually, I have..,Ahem...Earphones the cost of AirPods. ;-;

    34. Alhein Eztokhe

      Btw Ned looks like Armie Hammer.😐

    35. Mae Suppes

      Try Guys Try religion?

    36. sadbøi phase

      My cats name is literally chi lol shes 2 years old today 🖤+🐱= chi Happy birthday chi

    37. Nomi Jecker

      Shout out to that guy on the side that keeps popping in the shots

    38. Zhuilaam

      Has no one made a Try Chi joke yet?

    39. SKY Civic

      nanatsu no taizai best anime in my opinion.... just sayin

    40. Alex Giroux

      wow, i loved this episode!! thank you! did any of you will continue to do tai chi? :O

    41. Brandon Nguyen

      Just don't use it for combat

    42. Fa Tee

      First they had a white acupuncturist now they have a WHITE TAI CHI MASTER?!??! WITH AN ASIAN ACCENT?!?!?!?!

    43. Hasmik Senanian

      You guys are in right place ! It's good for your body and mind and more important you can find true self !

    44. illmeaningfaery

      I always feel for the instructors or experts that have to work with these goof balls. 😂

    45. Rachel Hackam

      I relate to Zach on a personal level. I'm jewish, I'm anxious, and I have a sensitive stomach

    46. Alec Schmidt

      Zach's kink is talking about his chronic pain.

    47. Pastellion

      After watching this video my inner asian came out cuz my grandma does it all the time and i would call it slow mo kung fu

    48. Lani Meyl

      so cool to talk about auras guys! it is really a subject that fascinates me, I'm happy to see to talk about it freely! (it can sometimes be seen as a strange belief)

    49. Mysterious Phantom

      7ds grand cross is so amazing..

    50. Destini Henry

      There’s tapping for anxiety, it’s called the emotional freedom technique and I’ve found it really helpful and relaxing. Interesting, I should try some tai chi because it has the same principles

    51. Ianne Lee

      Try guys try arnis?

    52. Daichi Ayato

      Well Guys 5 Days Ago I learn something Horrible My Girlfriend pretend to my Girlfriend and she doesn't like me at all.... I feel horrible and sad, I will be the boyfriend for her but she did that to me when this video came out I feel little bit happy seeing you guys. That day was My Worst Day EVER and you guys make me happy

    53. M . E .

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> 1342 CORONAVIRUS!?!? 0_o

    54. Sam Pal

      Dang the instructors teeth are yellow!

    55. Mariah Souza

      “Loves Nickleback”

    56. Tejasvita Rajawat

      i'm just constantly thinking about kung fu panda 3

    57. Hanna Nagy-Leranth

      Ni hao Kai-lan's grandpa would be proud 🤧

    58. Shannon Moyer

      Welp, now I know something I'm going to seriously look into for my anxiety and depression. I really loved this video 💜

    59. Jasmine Madeyski

      How about a mental health series? Different therapies, meditations, exercises, opinions. Could be the most extensive and relatable series yet.

    60. maddison Newell

      Keith, trying and failing at Tai Chi: "I want it I want it so bad" Instructor: "No No dont want it let go of- Keith Habersberger: *I w a n t it*

    61. lauraluvsyouu

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a> Keith's first aura reading was: body-82, mind-15, spirit-3 , but then at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="784">13:04</a>, they changed it to say that Keith's first aura #1 was body-88, spirit-12, mind-0.. & then put his aura #2 as what his actual first reading (aura #1) was.. (82, 15, 3) .. wtf lol.. his stayed exactly the same why did they change it to try to make it seem like it got better..

    62. Lintang Ganesha

      The editing made me laugh my ass off

    63. TheClayxmore

      Love that you did an advertisement for Seven Deadly Sins:Grand Cross. I'm a huge fan of that game.

    64. Maria Ana Ortiz Botero

      So chi is electrostatic! what a scientific fact!

    65. Sampayan Brucal

      Eugene, how did I not know that you were part of Steven Universe. . . I just saw the "We Will Always Be Your Family: Fan Tribute" video and you were in it. It is sad to see Steven Universe end.

    66. Ha-ha-ha-hapa

      This was oodles better than I expected and super interesting, I loved the aura readings and seeing the lady's aura was amazing. I've done jow ga, wing chun, self defense courses, and yoga and I think tai chi really occupies it's own space in healing physical activity. I'd be super interested to start practicing it

    67. Angela

      In conclusion, each try guy are just a piece of the puzzle to a well balanced Aura. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    68. Kianna Britton

      Zack you little perv..i love you lol

    69. way.kooks

      honestly just watching this made me more relaxed

    70. lilli the german

      I love this episode 🧡 showing the world that aura readings are the real deal, and yes it’s way better than yoga !

    71. aistis

      Social distanting

    72. PickleFlop

      i was thinking they were gonna start tickling each other while eugene was sitting in the corner, don’t know y i thought that but yea

    73. uh yeh

      thos might be one of my fave try guy vids so far

    74. uh yeh


    75. G Amorel Foster

      Vin Diesel obsession OMG

    76. Narv

      "When you tap somewhere the energy goes to that part of the body and your mind focuses there" yeah, basic biology bud my body has sensors that send signals to my brain so I notice when something touches me, and if something sets the sensors off consistently like wearing clothes my brain tunes it out unless I choose to focus on it.... ooooo mysterious tai chi wisdom :P

    77. love

      promoting some lame ass game is not very Tai Chi.

    78. Jessica Day

      LOL so cute

    79. ALIAHBLT

      With their powers combined, they are almost in balance!! Amazing!! Which planeteer do you think each Try Guy is???