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Dayna Marie

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    Finally opening up about this situation. This video took me hours and hours to film and edit. it was so hard not to cry while watching it... This is a story i will never forget. i was so hurt in every way you could think of. Kouvr took advantage of me and of the way i supported her. I did everything for this girl and i would never think to hurt her. Alex warren was my best friend and a guy i look up too he is a huge inspiration and i truly miss him. I just lost a-little respect for him when he constantly gave kouvr chances after chances. She truly didn't deserve me as a friend and she doesn't deserve Alex warren as her boyfriend. I truly feel if it wasn't for me or Alex..... kouvr wouldn't even be in California. Kouvr, her whole life has only thought for herself and no one else. She needs to start caring about what other people think and feel before she says something. I know exactly how Daisy keech feels and I will stand up for her any day of the week. She doesn't deserve to be treated the way she was by kouvr and the moment I saw her talk to daisy that way made me remember exactly the person kouvr is. Sometimes i wish the whole world would know the true side of her because she isn't the person that everyone thinks she is.
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    1. Addison Grace

      Damn I think this is fake

    2. Georgia Lindemann

      POV ur looking for alexes coment

    3. Jenna's life

      I'm so sorry kouvr fudging sucks I'm so sorry for you you should not have had to go through tha

    4. Nicole Sophia

      Respect for k0uvr 📉 💅🏼💗🙈

    5. Breana Bella

      *throwing my fist in the air pretending its kouvr and alex* dang that feels beter

    6. Breana Bella

      i am really made at them

    7. Dennis Cole

      Wow its shocking that kouvr did that but to this day she has changed...I think-

    8. Ashten Marshall

      Not hating. But like this is a private matter and if it really hurt you that bad talk to them before you post something like this. Like they can get you in big trouble. And how do we know its all true. Where is their part of the story? I think if no one heard their part of the story then no one can judge. And people make mistakes you know not everyone is perfect and i am not saying cheating is fine. Its not at all but we dont know anything. We just listening to the thing one person says and dont get to hear the other side

    9. Audrey DeMatteo

      I will never look at kouver the same again , like I bet she feels bad but still be an adult once in awhile

    10. Pikachu 363

      Wow I'm so sorry that happened to you I'm unfollowing them...

    11. Katy Riddy

      Wow I'm confused rn, I have been watching kovur on tik tok and Alex on here for ages and was wondering y there was so many hate comments on her tik toks then I found this video and now I'm lost for words about this I had no idea

    12. Savanna Arvizu

      are you and alex still friends now

    13. Arika Bhujel

      You was they friend before

    14. Londyn Wright

      Thats the fakest thing ever that kouvr and Alex did 😒😡

    15. Janice Ighavodha

      CEO of being the best storyteller

    16. Katie Gibson

      i don't understand why Alex doesn't talk to her!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    17. Sarah Manz

      Get rid of that b kouvr is a fake brat

    18. Elyssa Henley

      I know what they did was wrong but...three years y’all that’s a whole lot of time to grow and be a better place

    19. Vika Vlog

      If you didn't like them why were you friends?

    20. Vika Vlog

      You know that this happened along time ago

    21. Autumn fall

      I have 3 words for this Just-for-views

    22. Bethany Rose

      people make mistakes and they probably regret what they did , but life is too short to not move on , its not like they can go back in time , i am not saying what they did is a good thing but they cant change what happens and things happen , people change, forgive and forget xx

    23. Stacy Tran

      Are your fingers okay? Just checking-

    24. Traci Foss


    25. Traci Foss

      STOP talking about how skinny they were and fat now!!PLEASE!! THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT!!

    26. Shamarie Rules

      Kouvr and Alex used to be skinny?😂

    27. Ava varela

      You should text them

    28. H Morris

      You help your accountable for her actions she couldn't run away from her problems because you made her face them head on I had a friend like that I'd it was kind of like kouvr in it took me 3 years to realize that she was right

    29. Meagan Evans

      You need to leave relationships alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Julissa G

      Am I the only one who doesn’t feel bad Bc she only does shit for clout 😂

    31. Yareli Silva Hernandez

      Who has watched this video lots of times

    32. Madi

      Did u even ask them to post this like df💀I can see why kouver left u🤣

    33. Merel Damen

      You can say anything you want about Kouvr, but that she is beautifull, is a fact😊😍

    34. uhg Oh


    35. Fernanda Davila

      It’s not true😞🥺😭😭😭

    36. Dali Dekanosidze

      Dixie is bad deal with it big stupid boys👌👌👌

    37. Kxylee

      did you get their approval to post this? bc if you didnt thats just mean. what if they didnt want you to post this and share their personal life with social media..

    38. Abeer Zafar

      Baby boo it does matter i never thought of kovur like that but bro ily so much i never thought thought that she would cheat 🤦🏽

    39. Mackenzie Mclaughlin

      Your neck is reAlly red

    40. Kiera Ryan

      I am crying cause its happened to me before

    41. Yee Yee

      Omg I remember those ticktocks I actually thought they were twins

    42. For heavens Bake

      I feel bad for ALL of them

    43. Anna Ray

      Omg this is so sad! You should have shared this earlier🥺

    44. For heavens Bake

      Look if Alex was so mad about this why are they still together also I love kovur plus we all make mistakes also why do you have to leak all this info

    45. Jaroskanok Cheecharoen

      Why did you just post this vdo. Why didn't you just post it when it happens🤔🤔🤔

    46. Anna L

      Kouvr is the best human being in this planet I refuse to believe this story I’m sorry that I am saying this but she is my idol and I can’t believe ur talking trash about her like it’s in the past don’t bring it up she’s happy now happier than ever don’t dwell in the past she’s happy every one is happy just stop pls these people are people they have feelings they don’t want u to bring this up kouvr is my idol and I will back her up no matter what.

    47. Amina Coco

      Wait why are her fingers purple

    48. Isabella Aponte

      You should go visit the hype house to see them

    49. Oof Army

      So your taking credit for him being famous.....your such a clout chaser

    50. Vals Perz

      Umm you shouldn’t be posting that like it’s private bish and I’m not hating

    51. Reana Beana

      Ngl.. they were my favorite tiktokers.... now idk how i feel.. (keyword "were")

    52. Reana Beana

      The montage at the end hit me at the end... but dont worry... i lost 6 of the most closest people ive ever jad in my life to rumors losing best friends is hard.. if you need someone to talk to, we are all here ❤️

    53. Kameryn McKinty

      Hi dayna I’m sorry you had to go through all that I can tell you are an amazing nice person I would kill to be one of your friends I can also tell you are really nice

    54. Holly Baker


    55. I love the Norris nuts

      Why are you revealing all this she probably is insecure about it. If it’s true.....

    56. ella burbury

      This has changed the way I see kovur and alex

    57. Autumn Bennett

      It doesn't even really look like them..

    58. Talia Bear

      The fact that dayna shared this with us, gave the full story, and spoke the truth and kouver still hasn’t said any thing Is just rude, sad, and mean. I would love kouver to make a video apologizing to dayna and saying what she did wrong because this is just rude how dayna was being so supportive to kouver, and being there for kouver when she needed her most and kouver just gave up on her. Like kouver I thought you were all nice and positive but now I know the truth.

      1. Talia Bear

        Oh yeah and also now 3.5 million people know the truth. Wow kouver I’m disappointed in you 😔

    59. Kristyna Sivakova

      Did u see kouvr dating Tyler?!! No hate

    60. Jayden23 Bonfiglio

      one no one asked you to make this video because no one cares. and if anyone is fake it is you no one should ever throw their friends under the bus even if you aren’t friends anymore.

    61. toffee

      Maybe u could talk to her

    62. Jessica Wright

      You literally did nothing like really and yph still could have been friends to this day And she wasnt even greatful for what you did for her This is NO HATE i still love Alex and Kouver

    63. toffee

      I feel bad for u

    64. Isabelle Romero

      You are a LIER!

    65. juniva tavita

      It’s just better to move on

    66. Regan Tayler

      Are you Canadian

    67. Ellie Blount

      i love you and don’t be sad, one days eh might come around and then she’s gonna wonder where you have gone and she’s gonna realize that she f***ed up

    68. Madisyn Willett

      okay but first of all, you dont need to make videos about throwing shade at them even if they did you wrong. it doesnt give you the upper hand at all in this situation. literally FORGET about them or NOT talk to them at all. yeah its not gonna be easy, but you dont need the sympathy from others online. so, by making videos like this, youre bringing in way more attention to the situation then what was there at first. im sorry, but this needs to be said.

    69. martha bridges.x

      What was the point in this video

    70. Izzy Bruh

      How is this your place to tell

    71. Annabel Moore

      But I love u soooo so much and I want u to be happy so I’m gunna tell them wut I think so don’t try and stop me and say like oh ur starting hate and stuff but I can’t believe that they would do something like this to u and I am so sorry and sad and hurt for u

    72. Annabel Moore

      Okay well txs day a for sharing that and I’m gunna give them a piece of my mind

    73. Jay Brown

      Ok but she changed so don't hate

    74. hanna illingworth

      dude I understand that loosing your best friends will have an impact but that was going too far. like you told everyone about kovurs past, you have no right to leak that information this was not your story to tell, I've been through a lot with friends and family but I would never, EVER expose them like that, its just wrong. they are now on their feet and striving and you popping up after years and 'opening up' about the situation is putting their careers in jeopardy. have you ever thought that maybe they wanted to move on from they're past and have a better future. idk dude this is low, release the part of the story that is about you because if=t seems like your making it all about you when really Kovur and Aex e the ones who were affected and who decided to move past it. not saying it didn't effect you and stress you out I think maybe your hoping for something to happen that wont, stop holing on to the past and move to the future remember that you have an amazing career and amazing friend and you are beautiful but next time don't blow this info into social media.

    75. thymagic bread_YT


    76. Madi M

      Everyone had a past and people change sometimes

    77. Ramisa Moumi

      tbh it seems like kouvr did wanna break up with alex but then after he got more fame she started to change her mind more and more

    78. thymagic bread_YT


    79. Addison Foster

      WOW this is crazy but it’s good to tell the truth but the past is the Past and I still lovE all of you.

    80. Abby Gartner

      This is such a sad and happy story, and I’m so salty that you had to go through this and I wish you the best and I love you. Good luck. 😕☺️