The Restaurant

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Marco Lopez

      Nigga is that it wtf ๐Ÿ˜ญ

      1. Muhammad Zamir

        cuz he teasing about his next music video back then

      2. ICXOSM

        Marco Lopez ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ข

    2. TheUcheO

      He was so insanely fucking unique during this goddamn beautiful era man...

    3. Oliver Flores


    4. wtf idk

      Didnt he come back to this restaurant for the puma partnership

    5. xoxovoxoxo

      _I'm digging this shit man_

    6. Chad Kimberley

      Abel with the hot pot.

    7. Simran Gupta


    8. Kamilah


    9. Lana XO


      1. Afrasinei Dragos

        HARD WORK

    10. Kakio

      looks like he loves chinese/japanse or just asian stuff

    11. Angelica Ortiz


    12. lenyce Roman

      Can I join???๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜

      1. Bruce Wayne


    13. topazsomnium

      Ooh, he was at that Hot Pot place on Spadina in Kensington Market! Cool! Reppin' in the 6! XO til we OD

    14. Kalila Lam

      ๅไบบ็ซ้‹is this restaurant name

    15. XO OVO

      Does anyone know what is registered on the window?

    16. Jacob e

      John Cage

    17. Lil Sean Boomin

      Hes sittin alone

    18. Queonnah-latrice Coleman

      I swear i did NOT see him at all the first time at all then i seen a comment saying he was there and i rewatched and he was right in my face creeped me out a lil lol

      1. Ishan Saini

        at the right corner

    19. OVO XO

      kkkk ??

    20. ptong226

      this dude fucking loves hot pot!

    21. Afiqah One

      Omg i didn't even see him sitting there. Only when he moved i saw him

    22. JE ENN

      Baby come back to Stockholm

      1. Gangsta Nerd

        who u talking to?

      2. Sam Chen


    23. supportxo

      limited quantity XO til we overdose stickers on ebay.Look for them!

    24. Cathy Beier

      Keep in mind, she commented this a month ago.

    25. FallingLeaf

      The pretty video already came out a while back.... wow "XO" right.... hahaha

    26. ptong226

      that looks like a shot from a wong gar wai movie

    27. The illest

      Man what he said in kiss land was right and i wish he had someone to keep him up

    28. Alexx M

      Is this his real account

      1. EvanNilesDillon

        it was

    29. Vincent Brown


    30. Dariel Hernandez

      Its the video to Pretty. It came out already

    31. Dariel Hernandez

      Not conditioner. Wax. His hair is just dreaded. Not as proper as Waka Flocka or Lil Wayne though. Dreadlocked the same way dudes like Gunplay and the lead singer from steel pulse have it done.

    32. Ash Miah

      Hodor, YOU CAN TALK?!

    33. Vincent Brown

      GOOD DAMMIT ABEL!!! Lol, wtf is all this man??!

    34. lamuarcful

      Pretty, according to Twitter...

    35. Chaslyn Rivera


    36. Chaslyn Rivera

      Whats the damn deal Abel, give us a damn hint

    37. Crystal Rose Brock

      Fuck....someone tell my husband im leaving him to be The Weeknds everything! Dam he is like stupid sexy! Lol

    38. Alexey Rozhkov

      Yeah bro this website here is just sending out 100% free Black Apple iPad 3's for today only. You have to be fill out your address but it's legit, I claimed mine just before. Better hurry up! NPADN.COM To the illuminated mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light.

    39. kayla

      his life interests me ...

    40. Khalifa Montana -

      I hope the girl isn't "ugly"

    41. Danielle Sanders

      Bbjjz b. Zb mbx.b. b.b, b

    42. LILDIVA3229

      I kind of feel bad for anyone who has hooked up with this man. If he's this much of a tease when it comes to videos, just imagine what he's like with a girl lol

      1. Bruce Wayne

        He's the type of guy who'll get texted a love paragraph from a girl then reply "K" a day later lol

    43. xwoodsyx


    44. TheCityofGod

      i thought there was a club at the back of the Japanese laundry

    45. saxjazzman14

      well its a pretty (the song) teaser

    46. KobeBryantFan81024

      This is probably wanderlust

    47. Jessica


    48. J M

      I heard it the video is gonna be like 12mins long

    49. basedgodess

      He's such a clit tease...

    50. Crystal Rose Brock

      Looks like he is at a Teppenyaki restaurant.....

    51. J M

      Why isn't there another video today

    52. Slide Away Give It All U Got

      he's waiting for the girl on "pretty"

    53. andrew resendez

      The upcoming video he is making is for the song pretty

    54. Diamond Jones

      I wanna join !

    55. Anisah Mahdi teaser 1 Abel is getting off a exsculater and in teaser 2 he's walking to the a Japanese store and pays for the soup he's eating in teaser 3 he's looking around before he starts to eat he's probably waiting for someone and to put the puzzle completely together we need teaser 4 :) Abel is a genius how he's making uss guess what's gonna happen next he is one excellent artist can't wait for the pretty videoโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅXO

    56. Ranee

      Come on....give us more haha

    57. Darius

      is this a vine ?lol

    58. Khalifa Montana -

      Well he need to hurry lol I hate waiting :/

    59. sickwitit44

      3 down 100 more to go

    60. jaidsalgado

      Roflmao @Hodor Damn bro you killed me too xD

    61. J M

      You notice how in all three of his videos he's not saying anything? O_o this is for his new song "NO WORDS"

    62. marcus robinson

      I wonder what this is leading to lol this would've made more sense if these teasers came before kissland.

    63. Toya Sanders

      Da fuq is this shit!?

    64. Tari Unique

      Wanderlust maybe?

    65. stephanie campbell

      Because most of the songs on his album was made in japan and also is a japanese theme every mix tape he drops he has a theme for them

    66. Joshua Symons


    67. Juancyto Carreras

      abel said because japan is the farest he ever went from home(toronto)

    68. Liquid Pixels

      Still dont get it...whats the deal with Asia and the asian theme cover (the bear) of kiss land ?

    69. Mia Thomas

      Omg I can't wait for the video

    70. jayman691

      Ay, Yo, Abel looks like Goku

    71. el law

      in reference to the meaning behind the album, that's a good metaphor

    72. Behzey

      He's really looking down into the pit's of hell.

    73. Kelvin Tang


    74. Chris Mercenary

      Is he gonna share the soup??:D

    75. Tiffany Nunn

      I love you Abel

    76. Paris Francisco

      Holy shit this was shot like 2 months ago

    77. Sha'NaeNae nAE

      im so wet lol

    78. blazeicebreaker

      I think this is a teaser to that soup he bout to eat lol

    79. Toronto22

      the song "pretty"

    80. quieteststorm

      what are these teasers for?