The Flower Shop

The Weeknd

The Weeknd

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    1. Kaspars XO

      After Hours

    2. Pilar


    3. Michael Kelly

      Total swagger

    4. Diana


    5. ICXOSM

      *PRETTY* 2020

    6. hello vlfredx

      I miss his hair

    7. Keily

      nd you will never feel so pretty...

    8. Naimah

      You don’t even have to see his face and he’s beautiful


        Namz you’re beautiful

    9. Anon

      I'm still here

    10. Chroma

      What you say about my mama?

    11. Brian

      I had a dream that i was here and i went outside the store and i was near central park. i walked to the store in a small town but when i left the store, i had teleported to central park...i was going to meet a friend there....her name is Ashley

    12. TheUcheO

      He was so insanely fucking unique during this goddamn beautiful era man...

    13. Bianca Gonzalez

      This was for the pretty music video !!

    14. Irrelevant Jenny

      2018? ❤️♥️💖💖💖

    15. Dan

      Comprando mota el perro :v

    16. M Xo

      2018 ??? ❤️❤️

    17. Yung Al-Ghazali

      If the weeknd was a movie

    18. Oliver Flores


    19. Sevgi Cakici

      That hear ♥️

    20. Sasuke

      Why go to the flower shop, when you have a flower on your head

    21. Angie

      He is going to buy me flowers so he can propose to me by the I will say YEEES 😍😍😍😍❤️

    22. xoxovoxoxo


    23. Abel Tesfaye


    24. Ernesto Zambrana

      XO 💓

    25. Alejandro Dorsia


    26. Kamilah

      c'était vraiment très intéressant

    27. sadieo

      *sings pretty to the video*

      1. Addi N.

        Sadie O'Neill yOu WiLl nEvEr FeEl sO PrEtTy

      2. sadieo

        x✗x why?

      3. x✗x


    28. Flower Completely

      You have a nice flow to your walk, maybe you could visit my flower shop, except I don't make bouquets or cut my flowers they are all grown and potted to continue living ;-)

    29. Darza

      this was in his pretty music video

    30. Rafael Peñalo


    31. 死Pluto

      Get me a flower nigga

    32. Allure Searles

      @Toya Sanders I feel the same way he is so amazing and his voice is beautiful

    33. Allure Searles

      Man he is Sexy love him lol

    34. iSick 77

      a bonsai tree walks into a flower shop...

      1. Michael Faraday

        A florist ask him “How can I help you” “I would like a flower” he replied A florist then say “How much do you need?” The bonsai then say “Tree”

      2. bhoxz justine

        IM DYING BRUUUUH🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Lily Huynh


      4. Kakio

        haahahahahahahhah best comment eva

    35. Eazzy187

      Is that flower market in kennigston market?

    36. Mike Jimenez

      I need someone to shoot my videos like this

    37. iNDiCa SaTiVa

      omg he's so beautiful

    38. Amir Mustafeh

      Canada for life. Nobody gonna take me outta here not even some white rappers or Chinese people! Canada for life!!

    39. Josianne Clarke

      Exactly like in the vid but in slo mo!

    40. Kayalla Lewis

      I love him and about him my sister so luck to have him as her uncle lol I love seeing him and her together

      1. iTzMrLogic

        @Marquise Matthews Lmao

      2. Marquise Matthews

        shut your lying ass up

    41. JE ENN

    42. Son of God

      As Great As MJ.

      1. EXotiC FerRetS

        Anaconda Boom Um that was proven false.....

      2. Anaconda Boom

        at least the weeknd fucks girls his age and not little boys in neverland

      3. Kevin Martinez

        +Son of God woooooow.... i love The Weeknd but not as great as MJ

    43. supportxo

      limited quantity XO til we overdose stickers on ebay.Look for them!

    44. Elizabeth Jaeger

      I absolutely love his hair.

    45. alizedesanchez


    46. oscarcastillo1

      The best one you've seen thus far...

    47. palmer491

      the weeknd is so weird but he has this dark creativity to him that can't really be explained

    48. Berry Beautiful

      I wish he'd go to the flower shop for me.

    49. 1121BoyCrazy


    50. Eleanor Wakou

      When the light shined on his hair, it really showed me how his hair is all types of knappy XD

    51. mia sinclair

      His walk had me dyinggg.

    52. Happyla Marie

      )xoxxxoooxo( Cool To See The The BEAUTY FROM ALL Around Places I May never see...Thank You for sharing such a great art work outside My Sum what normal of A life I greatfuly live Here in the states! )XO til we Ovrdose(

    53. topazsomnium

      Aww, it's OK. :) He did go to Japan to film his music video for "Belong to the World" and for other promotional or recording purposes. ;) We good.

    54. xXKRTXx

      really?! nvm the whole album has japanese stuff on it i thought he went to japan nvm then lol

    55. topazsomnium

      The video for Pretty was shot in Toronto. :)

    56. evelyn .styles


    57. ericholt56

      Could a white guy have his hair?

    58. Waja H

      his hair is so damn dope.

    59. Vincent Brown

      I'm tryna figure out what's going on lol.


      its dreadlocks....


      it only looks like shit cause its semi free form locks...which means he let his hair grow out and it started to lock by its self unlike most people who get braids first then let them turn to dreadlocks...its an old hair style that not many people see. i think the artiest basquiat was the first to do it.

    62. Daisy Bribiesca

      I love his hair

    63. xXKRTXx

      lol plus hes in japan i think

    64. Кыргызстан

      what is this stupid shit

    65. Pelumi Aderogba

      His hair

    66. Anoki Pheonix

      lol his hair looks like shit on a stick

    67. manuel amaya

      I like heir do signifies that music does not have a look that if the music is good on its own that's all that should matter now with that bien said remember he still is an independent artist so his label if he had one would not let him keep his style then again maybe they would cause that's all publicity and its working good for him keep getting your paper

    68. Dirty Harry

      Do you have some stuff?

    69. Dirty Harry

      His hair look like shit

    70. jayman691

      .. A nigga looking like Goku!!

    71. Haylee Richardson

      Who cares? You mad cause he makes a shit ton of money?

    72. Chris Mercenary

    73. Darkwing Dave

      What the FUCK is up with his stupid hair? Did he just wake-up? Is his pillow his comb or brush? Next time... walk into a shower.

    74. vi3tchiick


    75. bibi guill


    76. Briannalovexo-xo

      the way he walks

    77. Lance T

      tease me

    78. 100000000000000000CD

      that strut

    79. Ami S

      His hair so ratchet

    80. Anisah Mahdi

      I just LOVE everything about Abel Tesfaye♥♥♥