The End of the Habitable Zone | Space Time

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    Horizon Radiation
    The Sun is slowly burning through its fuel. Hydrogen is fused into helium in the Sun’s core, producing energy that keeps it shining, and keeping the Earth warm and hospitable to life. But that fuel WILL run out, after which the Sun will swell into a red giant and flash-fry the Earth. But in fact that frying - well, slow-roasting - will begin much earlier. See, the Sun is getting brighter even now. This has complex, and for the most part terrible implications for life. The end of the world will come sooner than you think.
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    1. Thnz

    2. Ed Ventures

      Boy, that was a bit depressing - informative, yes, but depressing. By the way, 4:08, that equation is not balanced as written. I guess you meant to place the "2" next to calcium as a superscript, not a subscript.


      Well sorry to burst your bubble but its already happening now

    4. Gerard Di Cairano

      It's easy guys: We blow up Mercury and Venus! The passing fragments that fly by Earth will help nudge our orbit out a bit. Then, without the gravitational pull of the 2 inner planets, we might slowly drift outward in line with the shifting habitable zone. You're welcome :D

    5. Matthew Edwards

      Incorrect. Mankind will simply move the Earth to a more distant orbit.

    6. William Woodall

      Imagine the luck of being born the same year as Armageddon!! Good times await

    7. LBRichY

      How long human things are on earth? He said it will happen in billion years. We live a bit less then hundreds thousands of years?! So dinosaurs lived for 160millon years! Why do you think that we (humans) will live more then one billion years on earth? Check on USsel what happened in last few billion years on earth? No way humans will rule the earth as long as billion years!

    8. PrimeMac Studio

      I really get bothered with scientists or USsel channels putting up conjecture. This view is entirely speculation. Shoot it is not even seen as a theory. We have not seen this happen. This could be all wrong or right and the fact is we don't know. No one has seen such an event. It is all speculation into a theory but with out any evidence of fact. In fact the many things that is not fully understood also is the Van Allen Belts. Scientists don't fully understand how they work. They don't even know the details that should matter. They do not at times the belts expand and even show a 3rd ring. Yet not fully understood why. Again nice video but this view is more speculation at this time.

    9. Nitzan G

      Dumb question: Why won't humans use the sun's energy output to lengthen the Earth's orbit, driving it away from the sun and back into the habitable zone?

    10. non nuclear Nadal

      What if we nuke a particular island area by dropping 10000 nuclear bombs and cause a nuclear winter? Sun's heat won't effect us.

    11. Dimitar Dimitrov

      We gonna live in houses. With big umbrellas. We gonna cover the houses with sand and dirt and stones. Meanwhile we will not drag asteroids but we will put gold and platinum coins in earth orbit. Those coins will repell most of the sun radiation and cast shadow. And we can put artificial sattelites with huge wings. Moving the earth away is the best solution. But we gonna evolve because this process will take milions years or bilions. And temperature will rise slowly. So we gonna adapt, plants as well. Dome diamond houses with golden and platinum coins on top.

    12. erronblack 0604

      Ninjutsu time boysssss

    13. erronblack 0604

      Teleport earth to a better galaxy

    14. Chuck Philpot

      Couldn't a black hole give up mass through the slowing of its rotation? Kinetic energy=mass right?

    15. Seth Evans

      @9:50 If we're gonna say reflective nanoparticles and etc. are realistic, then would it also be feasible to alter the orbit of the Earth in such a way that you pushed it (and Mars etc.) further out from the Sun as needed to compensate for increasing energy output? I mean we're talking about rather large times, relatively speaking, in the future and giving rather generous liberty to technological evolution.

    16. Seth Evans

      @9:10 To be far, that's not a bad point--if "we" are around in any sense that far in the future, it's any one's guess what state our descendants will be in, technologically and etc.

    17. Seth Evans

      @7:30 Well that could go a ways towards explaining the Fermi paradox--humans show up able to conceptualize the Fermi paradox, by all appearances at the LEAST an event with some proportional improbability given both the vast presences of empty/life hostile space as well as the number of other examples of life unlike us, within approximately the last 20% window of "usable" time for life to exist on this particular planet in all probability...MEANWHILE, we wasting debating about whether or not to treat all humans equally with an inherent minimal sort of dignity. Man shit's FUCKED...

    18. Dorf Zorn

      Battle Star Galactica ...Sitchken &Supposed Sumarian tales

    19. 「 Rami 」

      omg Richard Wright!!!1!

    20. Todd Smith

      Enough, Doom/gloom, people fix problems, how many ways can people/quantum computers think of refueling the sun, extracting elements

    21. Gifted Fool

      It's always amusing how far people will stretch what little brain power they possess to make a dying thing live just a little longer, it never works does it?

    22. golden86

      *The Spice must flow.*

    23. Chris Reickman

      No worries mate! We will all be dead in 12 years. 200 million years, crikey, I suppose this is sigma 6 calculation..beside that everyone here will be long gone. Plant a tree today.

    24. Cuck Socker

      Trump is right that burning coal still has a future, just millions of years too early.

    25. Joe Boivin

      Are we Krypton.

    26. Stephen Hoshal

      I guess the SUN has just made a stupid damn joke out of the global warming that these idiots Liberal Lefts had made up.

    27. Peter Ganz

      Complete rubbish. They know what happens 500 million years in the future. Congratulation.

    28. Gman k

      I want that shirt. Where do I get one ?

    29. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      This idiot has no clue wtf hes talking about

    30. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      Aint no way earth survives 5 billion years

    31. Mex Mexican

      It’s turtles all the way up

    32. Ken Mabie

      hey look at that .. Gretta and AOC proven wrong by science ..

    33. J. Buick

      Ohh, "end" as in "ceasing to exist", I was wondering what a planet at the extreme boundaries (but still inside) of said habitable zone would be like. Would 2 examples be Tattooine and Hoth?

    34. cjnthn

      Fear is funny.. the sun dIe in millions of years

    35. Andrew Bailey

      Carbon dioxide is way heavier than argon, so why are we losing the former and gaining the latter?

    36. Vaperius

      >reflective metaparticles This is literally a plot element of the Matrix and it did not end well for the humans.

    37. DavidFMayerPhD

      This fails to take account of the planetary recession from the parent star over time caused by: 1. Loss of mass of star due to light emission (weakens gravitational attraction). 2. Loss of mass of star due to stellar wind & sporadic mass ejections (weakens gravitational attraction). [I don't list loss of mass of star due to conversion of stellar mass into energy because that is automatically included in 1 & 2 above.] 3. Outward displacement of planet due to combined effects of light pressure (small) and stellar wind pressure (NOT small). Stellar wind effect is much larger than commonly believed if the planet has a magnetic field. Earth's effective cross section to the Solar wind is much larger than one could calculate from the mere diameter of the planet. The magnetosphere is some ten times the diameter of the Earth, meaning that the cross sectional area is on hundred times the naive expectation. It happens to be OUR good fortune that the Earthly recession roughly compensates for the brightening of the Sun. This compensation has been a key factor in Earth's climatic stability over the past 4.5 billion years.

    38. Paul Jones

      Would it be possible to shift the earth’s orbit slightly by applying a relatively small but constant outward force for a long time. We have a 100 million years to do it after all

    39. Steve Lenores

      Ultimate mass extinction. Snap, crackle, pop.

    40. Chris Smith

      I’ve been saying it feels like sun is burning my skin quicker

      1. Chris Provo

        Me as well. However, I also lack proper pigmentation in my my outer layers of skin. My genetics were coded for a Northern European Climates around 13 thousand years ago. That's not real good for South eastern United State. Lol,