Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove

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    1. Molly Rose

      I love u guys💕🥺

    2. Ryleigh Foutz

      I knew she did a tiktolk

    3. Ryleigh Foutz

      I love watch ing your tiktoks mine is zoelavern6

    4. Leah Nguyen

      Why u guys in London and eating Korean food? BIBBLE

    5. Edgar Salazar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="599">9:59</a> I can’t be the only one who the the guy/girl recording them on tik Tok

    6. Amy Hiatt


    7. Jazlyn P

      u were at the Lax airport

    8. Siimplyroses

      Who else saw Zoe yawn at 6.03???

    9. Charlotte Gaudio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> ok Karen 😂

    10. Anna Reavis

      I love how zoe threw it back

    11. Carlene Mcsweeney

      Cody can I ask u a question. Pls reply

    12. Gaja & Julija

      What hurts me is, i was in london the same time u were and i didn’t get to see u guys.

    13. Deanna RAMAIHI

      hes old bro shes so cute zoe

    14. Carlina Xxxx

      You guys should of went to this cinema place it’s next to the London eye and they give u 3D glasses 👓 and there’s this big screen and a dark room u have to stand up and there’s foam dispensers and bubbles dispensers and smoke dispensers and this kid shoots bubbles at you and it looks so 3D and if ur on the middle bit a pigeon flys over ur head it’s so cool and a Chinese dragon jump scares you and way more 🤯

    15. Emmay Murray

      My sisters friend was there lol

    16. bruhhh ._.

      Omg at the start of the vid when you said wait wait a old lady cream ad popped lol

    17. Cupcake & Cookie Desserts

      I died when zoey said : noo don’t he’s old bro 😂

    18. Nicola Jaskrowska

      Zoe : he’s old (had me bursting with laughter

    19. Keri Garner

      I got that same coat as Zoe but muddy and very dirty

    20. Leshaun Ramnanan

      Zoe.is trash

    21. KARINA LI


    22. Laura Carter

      * Cody Being crazy* Also Cody: “ Every body calm down!” Me: 😂

    23. Yanet Ramirez

      🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐆keke bfjr jerks

    24. Kiwixcookie

      Can you come back to the uk but not in London

    25. THIS IS FOR Rachel

      Her baby voice 💛

    26. TWIN USA

      Tell me why I felt the water when he put his hand in the water

    27. Alyssa Panter

      In thw beginning im eating breakfast and drinking orange juice as he says grab something to eat and to drink 🤣

    28. Cameron Adams

      Zoe is so pretty I wish I could be Her and she’s so so pretty more prettier than me

    29. lmf

      Zoes baby voice is cute😍

    30. Mariella Tuzon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="647">10:47</a> them boys, you call them 'roadmens' and thats UK for you😂💓

    31. Rachel Ford

      CODY can you come to Bentonville AR

    32. Rachel Ford

      CODY can you come to Bentonville AR

    33. Camila Vlogs

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a> Zoe in the mirror yawning

    34. Colleen Murphy

      Cody can you come to Newcastle in the UK I really want to meet y'all but I can't go to socials tour

    35. Colleen Murphy

      Why did I get so happy when y'all were hugging the fans

    36. Murph Salvo

      Please come to canada :(

    37. unknown

      They just called the London eye a Ferris wheel 😂😂

    38. Honey Qt

      Go to Montana billings

    39. Gwen

      Cody: *fake throws teddy* Zoe: No DoNt HeS oLd

    40. Itz Abster

      I love how you said CALM DOWN while jumping on your chair like a elephant! 🐘 I love you Zody! 🍩🐮🤣

    41. LilyPlays Roblox

      Zoe:omg I just wanna say London people are soooo nice Cody: FAX Zoe:like ur so sweet Me:NOOO DO NOT BE FOOLED

    42. Madellyn conoplia

      I think Zoe was getting bored when Cody was explaining to us on day 2😂

    43. Jodi Tracey

      your gonna be in canada? AHH

    44. S U N S E T シ

      Anyone else get anxiety when they were up in the thing waiting for the Farris wheel?

    45. Oumaima Abechtah

      I have a good prank for you to do on zoe say that you wanna breake up beceause you like another girl BUT PLSSS NEVER BREAKE UP ❤️😓

    46. Jazlyn Uchi

      Nobody gonna talk about zoe throwing it back

    47. Fluffy earmuffs

      Next go to ireland

    48. Saturday Slippers

      I was there 2 days before u I went on London eye and everything

    49. Aryanna Cerros

      Awww Zoe’s baby voice

    50. Hawa Abdulhaq

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="611">10:11</a> Cody trying to talk His fans yelling WOOOO

    51. Hawa Abdulhaq

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> ....I.have.no.words.

    52. Chloes Cheerqueen123

      It’s sad they had to leave London cause of mean boys

    53. Kayla

      you guys need to do a tour for Australia and do a meet and greet in Australia as well a meet and greet in Brisbane at least

    54. nicole Pignotti


    55. TropicalxMonday

      I wish you could come to Australia

    56. Alixpineapple Heh

      Cody:were going on the Ferris wheel Me:ITS THE LONDON EYE

    57. Sweet_ Cookie Gacha


    58. Sweet_ Cookie Gacha

      Ur voice is so cute when u talk like that 😊😊yahh zoweyyyy

    59. Darcy Mckillen

      Your literally half ginger half blonde lolll

    60. Alaina Rosie

      Where did you get your Teddy Bear? I WANT ONE🥺 :( 💞

    61. Sophia Lebeau

      Can you please go to Michigan

    62. Abby Cruz

      Can you do Puyallup next lol

    63. keirstan Jones

      Can you come Kentucky

    64. IsabellaNation

      eXuSe Me SiR nO fIlMiNg

    65. Pearle_sxftie. gacha

      Sorry for being so nervous on my other comment I am happy u travel the world I have been Spain USA in la calafonia and other places cause my uncle lives in the usaa

    66. Pearle_sxftie. gacha

      H-hello I -I am sorry f-for being late to c-comment but I wish u would reply to my comment I would be rlly happy it is my dream

    67. Jenny Malvern

      50% of the people went to the other shopping mall

    68. elene is ugly

      Im mad yall arent doing boys of summer anymore :/

    69. Isabella Da silva

      When those people were harassing Zoe and Cody Zoe was not there to play PERIODT

    70. Lauren Wallman

      Hi cody

    71. Siba Altaher

      HAHAHAHAH <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> “eXcUsE mE sIr nO fiLmiNg”😂💀

    72. Mia

      cody:YO YO YO YO wait, calm down you guys. me: but- you just- ok.

    73. Juliet. A

      Y’all aren’t first

    74. Maryam xoxo

      come tooo manchester

    75. Nikoletta Klassen

      cody: "grab some food" me: already eating rood

    76. Holly Louise

      I couldn't cause I live in Wales it 6 hours awayyy

    77. StarryErika

      I’m very sorry about the roadmens behaviour 🤣🤣🤣

    78. StarryErika

      Heyyyy I was there 🤣🤣

    79. Darcy Troup


    80. Holly Butler

      Can you go to Leicester next it’s kinda weird but me and lots of people from their are your biggest fans xxxxx