Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! 👟🎨 ft. James Charles (Giveaway)


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    Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. ZHC

      Subscribe to me, @jamescharles and @leomahalo if you want to enter in the giveaway! Thank you James for being such an amazing host❤️❤️

      1. Noah J


      2. xfoxygaming

        done my guy

      3. idk lol


      4. Andrew Ramirez

        I want the custom iphone 11 so bad i havent got a new phone.its been 7 years ever since i got a phone

      5. alessia martusciello

        Subbed to everyone ❤️❤️would love to win!! I’ve been using a cracked iPhone 6 for years 🥴. Love your work !!

    2. daisy krause

      Scrunchie attack

    3. Jahrelle Gladue

      Everything: James Charles:O,M,G!!!

    4. Meera Verma


    5. Mason Maides


    6. Alexander Hernandez

      7:50 jame Charles touches Zach’s hand on purpose

    7. Cbedo

      James Charles creaps me out

    8. Amanda Wan

      Omg i was actually watching your video and my class started talking about you, your beautiful drawing 😂❤️

    9. lovely wolfie

      Love your vid so much!

    10. Ok Ok

      Imagine being rich 🥺😗✌🏼

    11. Qasoimza Something

      This is how many times James Charles said OMG 👇🏻

    12. Juvanni Okuda

      When I hear more i was like it’s ok put some more it was so funny and I watched the other one to of hype house

    13. Sea Blue

      Him: Takes like an hour to design a 1000 dollar shoe, makes it perfect Me: Trying to design 20 dollar shoe, takes like 1000000 hours, ruins it

    14. wathig?D

      If I got iPhone 11 I don't want to get custom iPhone....

    15. Hunta_does_ Art

      Why do u keep turning things into ur own merch

    16. ScOpeS_Redundant !

      Another banger by the best USsel artist

    17. Do-not

      I’ve unsubscribed

    18. Joy Bhowmick

      Plz can i get one

    19. FluFindsLoveツ

      This is how many times james said omg

    20. Eliza Sabah

      omg i wish i can have because they look so good

    21. its Audrey . B

      Kasi sa space ship i sasakay kita

    22. Brie Marie


    23. William Mutz


    24. William Mutz

      I wish I had a iPhone 11 pro max :/

    25. MATT -_-

      Me want middle Yes

    26. Xzy. Fortnite


    27. NoN lOgIcAl

      who kept track of how many times James Charles said “oh my god”... not me

    28. Abby Todd

      How is he so freaking amazing

    29. Natalia Gutiérrez

      I love how u make people smile it makes me smile to

    30. Elizabeth Speaker

      Make stuff for the Ace Family

    31. Aryan zaps

      I love u ZHC

    32. Leigh Esposito

      Soo goood!!!!! I’ve done everything you’ve said , followed you, James and leomahalo on insta🙏 I don’t know how I would react if I win, probably speechless and screaming with happiness inside...hopefully I get in👍👍❤️😇good luck to everyone🤞

    33. Ash Nique

      So coollllll😍

    34. Phantom Gaming

      Lighting shose nice But big fan bro

    35. Bailey Alexander

      Dont be shy put some more

    36. IM ALTHEA

      I hope u get 10 million subscriber's youre a legend🥰

    37. Pablo On Samsung

      We're just going to annoy the fact that he put a rainbow on the balenciaga and James Charles is.....

    38. AcE Btw

      How the rich get richer.

    39. Lori Baar

      James Charles is the CEO of OH MY G-D

    40. MangoBango Gaming

      Are these customisation permanent? Like will it come off after washing?

    41. alpaca ng

      whAt ABouT tHE RaiN

      1. alpaca ng

        Oop -

    42. Guetty Rene

      um ok ZACH are you rich......

    43. Malak arshad Khan

      I subscribe to you and like your video

    44. Jay Quillin E

      How I hear James: therearelprspftherpoepleinsaneilovetherse

    45. Line Belhoussine

      I love u

    46. Mia Pedroza

      ZHC you are ansane

    47. Kulot 15000

      Zack is so cute in 1:56 HAHAHAAHAA WTH ZACK IS DOING AEGYO😂

    48. Aman Ahamed

      Hope I win the giveaway @amanahmd

    49. Kanaya Putri

      literally, when it says "wait for it" and ad came on

    50. Amysparkeltime crespo

      i love turtels if you every geat a shance pls do somthing with turtels and give it to me like a back pack or somthing i am 10

    51. Shmoke

      Nikcado Avacado or James Charles, which would u live with?

    52. Kathy Killeen

      a please give me a iPhone 11 I subscribed

    53. Juvy Oplas

      Me; lemme try, maybe i can win. Also me; okay nvm

    54. Juvy Oplas

      Me; lemme try, maybe i can win. Also me; okay nvm

    55. Juvy Oplas

      Me; lemme try, maybe i can win. Also me; okay nvm

    56. Aries Lim

      follow me on ig @ar_lim12 twitter @ar_lim12

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      I subscribed

    58. Daisy Chryssolor

      I actually did it and I need it my phone is dead 😂🤣

    59. Jena Bates

      i can't even get any of those and any giveaways from any youtuber because i got no ig. -,- i can just hope

    60. EL1TE GAMING

      yo ur f******* popping remember speed art?