Streamers React To TFUE *DATING* JAMES CHARLES | Fortnite Daily Funny Moments Ep.544

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    Streamers React To TFUE *DATING* JAMES CHARLES | Fortnite Daily Funny Moments Ep.544
    Pro players and streamers like Ninja, FaZe Tfue, Daequan Loco, Courage, SypherPK, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, Symfuhny, Moonit, x2Twins, Brookeab, KingRichard, Dakotaz and many more
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      James Charles loven it

    2. Tfaa insane

      James Turner lol

    3. Jace Avelar

      Do you fuse a good person but that’s weird

    4. Jag

      Dark = Fucking simp

    5. den4thewin

      Imagine trying to fight someone on a PVP battle royal :') - Bugha

    6. Travis Peralta


    7. Shaquille Oatmeal

      Corina thinking she’s important in this story because she his ex is like 😑

    8. Call Me Vyper

      Shit video

    9. Akxsis

      Ew gays

    10. Ps4 TOXIC Luigi

      If you see my video I posted you can see a hickey on tfue’s neck

    11. i love shriek

      Y’all don’t wanna accept that it’s true

    12. Teh Truth

      Tbh Corinna's Fn name made me think her FN name was Corona

    13. Nicholas Collins

      few in the beginning there I was beginning to think bugha fell off

      1. Nicholas Collins

        @vloneTJッ tf u mean

      2. vloneTJッ

        You’re sentence’s fell off 😂

    14. Peter btw

      they're so cute!!

    15. Lord Night Villain

      It's sad no one can just let it be. Sheesh.

      1. AkaDazza


    16. MSF_CP


    17. Faze ScxpZ

      Streamers talk to eachother like we talk to our mates on Xbox

    18. jorden dior

      Everyone don't watch tfue ever.

      1. jorden dior

        @XAdrian_Plays13 you stfu

      2. AkaDazza

        @XAdrian_Plays13 Facts

      3. XAdrian_Plays13

        Dummy what if u were dating someone that other ppl don’t like and they said to not be ur friend or either talk to u like stfu

    19. camilaa

      You do know it’s a joke right?

      1. Mano Mant

        @Plu smh

      2. Plu

        No its not

    20. UNKN

      My worst dreams......are coming true

    21. Brandon Levesque

      I think he is trying to make his ex mad

      1. taliban

        with a dude?

      2. AkaDazza

        He could do that with a girl tho

    22. Abid Khan

      what is this

    23. IQ-Jucie


    24. zDiigii


      1. Ricky Torres

        zDiigii super underrated comment

    25. cannibal Pigey47

      So is tfue straight or g@y

      1. -Sw00shii-

        cannibal Pigey47 both

      2. NDL For life

        john sachar Nah he’s bi

      3. john sachar


    26. Ortiz_viane

      Why does corinna care if they not together

      1. Ortiz_viane

        @Games of Pyro that's what the comment section is for

      2. Games of Pyro

        you will get murked The youtube community was wondering the same thing when you comment that

      3. Ortiz_viane

        @Games of Pyro and who asked you

      4. Games of Pyro

        And why you does you care if it don’t concern you

    27. Deramis Garcia

      No Obie

    28. Juan Hernandez

      That’s nasty if they are🤢🤢

      1. Kaleb

        the fifa bros exactly. 13!! You haven’t even reached puberty, how the hell you gonna call it nasty when you still don’t know wtf you like 😂

      2. the fifa bros

        @cali im not saying my last name sorry I'm not 9 I'm 13

      3. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        lol ur homophobic, 9, and probably pray to god and think your a good person

      4. the fifa bros

        @Daniel Budik why do u care so much about our opinions

      5. Daniel Budik

        How so? Just say you're homophobic and leave.

    29. Danny Bikes

      James Charles is getting bullied and tfue wanted to stop it

      1. BTS Rap Monster Truck Fan Bias

        I L L E G A L

      2. BTS Rap Monster Truck Fan Bias

        No One Has To Right To Be Bullied

      3. BTS Rap Monster Truck Fan Bias

        Bullying Is Off Limits

      4. BTS Rap Monster Truck Fan Bias

        @Endless.visuals get the fuck out of here

      5. Danny Bikes

        I know

    30. Goran Perisic

      james is a girl lmao

    31. evenings.

      I don't think they're dating. It's probably a joke

      1. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        @Mexican foo when??

      2. J

        Mighty Brandon ツ could also be

      3. Will Brubaker

        No really

      4. Mighty Brandon ツ

        @J it's not a joke it's to get more ig and USsel followers

      5. LeftUnwatched TM

        Homophobic bitch

    32. Clitz XXIII

      Ha G@@@@@@@@@y

    33. Slim Pump

      James Charles is boy are u guys stupid

    34. Begaa

      Is tfue g@y ?

    35. Christian Salazar

      *Cough* ship *Cough*

    36. Troy Freeman

      Tfue takes peen up his @ss

      1. AkaDazza

        I'm a giver not a taker I think he would be too😂

      2. skinnynoodles mayo

        @Popsicle 2 nothing even started

      3. evenings.

        He's the top...

      4. Popsicle 2

        By who ? James? Bitch James ? SERIOUSLY? How stupid can you be ?! Bye I’m done

    37. Alex Harbula

      So tfue basically came out

      1. Alex Harbula

        evenings. There’s a hicky on his neck

      2. evenings.

        Alex Harbula could be a joke too

    38. josh5902158

      This is why I quit fortnite

      1. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        shitty reason

      2. skinnynoodles mayo

        @AkaDazza I never said I quit you dumbass

      3. AkaDazza

        @skinnynoodles mayo You probably quit because your shit, Don't use this as an excuse to yourself

      4. skinnynoodles mayo

        @evenings. Strange reason to quit a game. Am I right ✔

      5. evenings.

        josh5902158 cause you can't be ok with someone else's relationship?

    39. symphony heart

      I honestly think james is paying him like nikita dragun paid for her boyfriend

      1. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        nikita is desperate, i don't think james is that bad

      2. Shamina Tabassam

        No I think true is paying James charles

      3. ツBlessinqs

        Not a sugar daddy but a *sugar sister*

      4. CaptainBr4v0

        Doubt it there has been things in the past that point to him being pansexual (liking everyone)

    40. Philip

      New couples James and tfue ninja and jeffry star

      1. Willie2007 C

        He has a wife

      2. Sylvia Haro

        BingBong ninja has a girl 😭 noo

    41. Pistolz

      Actually what is going on

    42. NoVa L0VELY

      add me on insta @4kt.zekrader

    43. millhouse313

      James Charles is fucking nasty

    44. Xxmr_ meepツ

      Out of all the's....tfue..... What the actual FUCK

    45. Leo Kelsall

      What was that contrail symfuhny was using its cool.

      1. Tunez

        CEO of fortnite mids

      2. XZxy

        In season 5 battle pass trail called ice crystals

    46. Daily m3m3s 4 fre E

      *Is James Charles a girl or a boy* 🤔

      1. jjns Squad

        He’s a boy

      2. john sachar

        @evenings. ye and we can have our own fucken opinions

      3. Envythagoat

        evenings. Years don’t change opinions

      4. skinnynoodles mayo

        @evenings. 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 2020

      5. evenings.

        Dude come on it's 2020

    47. Thomas Ramírez

      Only two words: Bruh really?!

      1. Pacattack 333

        Bruh isnt a word

      2. Pink Guy


    48. raid0cypher

      Bruh who seen tfues insta

      1. parkway 806_

        Not me i ❤ AliA

      2. Obi wan Kenobi

        RAID0Cypher they probably smashed

      3. Perfect Enrager

        RAID0Cypher a kid bullying another kid huh?

      4. Jaay Thegreat

        Lil Syncz fucking cap 😂

      5. ITS JUST Dev

        Lil Syncz fr?

    49. John Dadiz


    50. Titanic

      Bruh lmao

    51. FaZe Dark

      Dude is James Charles a girl or boy

      1. Pink Sheep 58

        He’s a boy but is now transgender

      2. -Sw00shii-

        Leandro Filipe he’s a boy that dressed as a girl and acts as one, but he’s a boy

      3. -Sw00shii-

        FaZe Dark boy

      4. iiiBxbbleTea

        injun sniper but isn’t he a multi millionaire and doesn’t he get 1+million likes on every post on Instagram and 3-2-1million likes on tik Tok, who are you again? Oh wait your irrelevant

      5. symphony heart

        He's a boy pretending to be a girl to match with straight men if he was a girl why didn't he get surgery like nikita

    52. Sad Default

      No longer following tfue anymore

      1. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        homophobic lol, get over urself

      2. -Sw00shii-

        Sad Default how come

      3. john sachar

        @KR 87 agreed.

      4. skinnynoodles mayo

        @fAt gaMer234 he must not like James Charles.

      5. Oscar Woolrich


    53. reima s


    54. Jdlloyd19

      DADDY CHILL 😬😬😳😳😳

    55. Sw1ftez

      Thats disgusting who wants to date James Charles🤢🤢🤮🤮 Tfue posts of him and James Charles dating: Me reacting to the post😳🔫 Being honest here like im serious not targeting any1 btw

      1. skinnynoodles mayo

        @cali im not saying my last name sorry why did I notified by your reply

      2. cali im not saying my last name sorry

        homophobic 9 year old

      3. Jarlin Castro

        Sw1ftez I mean he’s about to get clout James is basically a celebrity 😂🤷‍♂️ and a rich one too 😂 literally makes money by blinking and he has almost 11 million more followers than Tfue

    56. WDRK JustChillin

      What the fuck

    57. Ruen Aguirre


    58. fn_ stealth

      bro ima need of some vbucks hit me up in dms stealth_grrrr

      1. TTV_ U-rgayv3

        Trevor Philips 😂

      2. Trevor Philips

        fn_ stealth broke ass get ur own

    59. Cade Johnson


    60. Cade Johnson


    61. timee to go

      First jk 9th

    62. Teaghon brunton

      TFUE’S G@Y

      1. Aidan Coccia (Student)

        Fax bro

      2. Banana Army

        888 are you stupid he isn’t talking about them he is talking about how LGBTQ is wrong idiot it’s 2020

      3. Turtle & Mirage

        INV ILLUSIONS bitch

      4. Xx Jalo921

        INV ILLUSIONS he is stating facts how is he triggered u sound dum honestly


        Slendzys lol I’m surprised people who play fort nite are homophobic as well

    63. Simon Zuwolo

      Dude no cap I was crying 💀 when I saw this video 😂

      1. Gold Eats KitKats

        Simon Zuwolo me too 😂😂😂

    64. It's Ya boy keifi G


    65. Baby Boy


    66. Patrick Santos


      1. Beyond Toy Reviews

        Patrick Santos I was first

    67. Gareth Smith

      So early I cant see the comments lol

      1. Gareth Smith

        @Baba Yoda true

      2. Baba Yoda

        Gareth Smith so late no one cares about this comment

    68. Nathan P


    69. jack death


    70. Fallen Master


    71. Coodaso Swervø


      1. Beyond Toy Reviews

        Coodaso Swervø I was first

    72. Alief Bad


    73. Beyond Toy Reviews