Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - How To Draw Sonic - Paramount Pictures

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    Gotta draw fast! Draw along with #SonicMovie artist and designer Tyson Hesse as he shows you how you can draw Sonic The Hedgehog at home.
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    Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.
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    Published on 9 days ago


    1. nawari nidunima

      I need to wait 26 feb

    2. Daniel Peters

      Video on how to draw sonic, half of it not showing the drawing.

    3. Figuero 123

      I feel bad for the designer of the initial design but than again than design was utter trash.

    4. White Alliance

      The real question is... Can you draw Sanic ? That is a unique piece of art

    5. Trickster310

      "Easy to draw sonic" I started with a circle and ended up with Sanic 🤭🤭

    6. sans the comic

      *hentye artist**

    7. Irza Liando

      Instruction unclear. I accidentally animated Sonic running through Green Hill Zone.

    8. royzer slug

      sonic el jeshejojo!!

    9. Marx Galactic Ambition

      *i cant help but notice that his right foot may be too big*

      1. White Alliance

        Its at. A weird angle

    10. Mario Villalobos

      Sonic is really easy to draw; that is where it all started

    11. Gemi Isa

      I make it look SO EASY 😱😱😱❤️

    12. Atomic Spark

      *The background was green screened*

    13. Rae Of An Angel

      "Hands are difficult for a lot of artists" Uh huh.

    14. Sean Hamilton

      @0nyxheart, that was a bad illustration:

      1. White Alliance

        This one is even worse

    15. Myra Dennis

      I could just image the original video of this with the disgusting sonic they had 😂😂

    16. Chocov 123

      Movie Sonic looks good on all the promotional material and when he is mad (when it comes to his eyes), but for the most part Movie Sonic is just a slightly different Modern Sonic with Tails' eyes, but instead of having blue irises he has has dark green ones, which doesn't show off his "dude with a tude" persona that Naoto Oshima originally designed him to have.

    17. Chocov 123

      I watched the Sonic The Hedgehog film and I very much enjoyed it. I hope that Paramount release the original movie design cut with the Blu-ray or something like that, even if it is unfinished because it is apart of Sonic's history and I don't want it to become lost media. I think the (voice) cast, composer, special effects team did a great job; I'd like to give a special shout out to Jeff Fowler for making a pretty decent movie while being a first time director and Tyson Hesse for being a great artist and inspiration to me personally ❤️. I can't wait for the sequel if there will be one, I hope it will be more like the games: a story like Sonic 3&K, Adventure 1 and 2, or Unleashed would be great.

    18. Lord TRex

      im gonna watch the movie sunday... i bet it will be good

      1. White Alliance

        Its sooo good! I wanna go again but when no one is in the theatre

    19. The Muffin Man

      *so you're the idiot who almost fucked up my childhood*

    20. fireresq7

      Thank You for fixing him!!!

    21. Marc Fuchs

      I have to say, I like the final movie design more than his current game design. The seperated eyes work better for me, the overall shape seems optimized, his lighter but more saturated color looks awesome and his animation is well done. And I think blue arms suit him a little more. It's funny that he's drawing in front of a green screen, as where this background looks like it could be legitimately there.

    22. Pyro Puffs

      They should have shown this to themselves a year ago

    23. Hammi4Real

      Well, good thing he didn't draw the _other_ face in this lovely little tutorial.

    24. Maxime Deslauriers

      Basically what you do is not make it look like the Og sonic movie design.

    25. Eetu Halmela

      that background is green screen and i’m so distracted about it

    26. ღArtsy Fartsyღ

      Chris Chan could learn from these "How to Draw Sonic" videos to "improve" his "art"...

    27. Mr Salty

      And still fails to get his arms right

    28. Brenda Hess

      I have been looking for a drawing video for sonic

    29. P3RRI

      His eyes connect tho

    30. morgan mouta

      C'est moi ou on dirait Cyprien

    31. arson135

      Umm....this guy wasn't hired first because??? I have no pity for the money they lost on the Redesign. Could have saved themselves a big headache if they got it right in the first place. They didn't test the original design on a focus group? The fans slapped that Hollywood Smugness off their face 🤣 Thanks for getting it right for the real fans 👌

    32. DSGaming

      thank you, hesse

    33. Damian Klehr


    34. samu hautaniemi

      1. Draw a circle 2. Draw a second circle 3. Add details 4. Finished

    35. Soni-Chan x Soniku

      Sonic flossing

    36. Rosé Goku Black

      the nerve you people have lol

    37. C H I R A G

      i like guy's glasses !

    38. The Bread Slice Master

      Uh wrong design hahah. Sonic needs to have unieyes. Not separate eyes. That was only a change for the movie. But regular sonic is not that way.

    39. Ayumu Mai

      dear sonic, ur da best! -Me.

    40. Fernando Onate

      Yeah but can you draw his bare feet?

    41. Eze Lamartine

      Sonic movie Will be in Netflix?

    42. Tyrone McCleod

      Were u laid off too my friend? Would u like some help?

    43. Paper Story -Short Funny Animatics

      The savior of sonic.

    44. Wyatt Jones Productions

      Im making a Movie and thx to this, i can make sonic better

    45. Nasi Goreng

      Sonic's character in Japanese version is much better

    46. MNB

      I miss mega drive

    47. Graavigala85

      A guy who has been fan of the character fixed the design... Hollywood, HIRE MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS TO WORK ON THE MOVIES!!!

    48. R.

      Dude, ADCArtAttack can draw 100 times better than yours!


      2:21 its called guidelines

    50. DaRk Swifty

      Nice green screen

    51. Ann Shiro

      Furry artists: am i a joke to you

    52. CHAOS

      4:42 *Sonic raises finger* Sonic: Haha... One

    53. Jack-O-bonnie Gaming

      Tyson we love you

    54. Sharon Beevers

      Now draw tails

    55. Jeo Freestyle

      Still wished the eyes were combined, the way it is in the cartoon and videogames.😕 The redesign still definitely was a successful fix, and the movie was wonderful!!😁

    56. Melijah Anderson

      His other eye is a little bit taller 🤪

    57. Absolynth

      Sonic was something that got me that much more into drawing as a kid, and I never got over it.

    58. TwoPairSA

      Alright now show us how to draw Arms the Magical Kitsune, Hesse.

    59. N N

      Nah show us the first drafts

    60. SxA

      He's like bob ross