Sometimes Apple just does it better - AirPods Pro Review

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    Apple finally gave Airpods a big upgrade with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, with in-ear tips and active noise cancelling. So can they stand up to the competition?
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Justin Kruse

      Lmao my AirPods are just fine no they aren’t pro but come on lol they are fine

    2. Carazy123

      “AirPods Pro then counter it with equal _anti-noise,_ cancelling...” (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a>) *Apple really out here saying ANTI-NOISE*


      Apple wants you to buy their overpriced shit that's the reason when you pair it with android it doesn't have all the features

    4. Kyhia Thompson

      ballroom blitz

    5. John Ford

      Can you guys use a multiband audio compressor on frequencies ~125- to 250? The muddy jumps in that range are distracting. Will EQ my system settings for now. If you need monitors get the Yamaha HS8's

    6. DaNK PaStA

      bruh he showed galaxy buds as 105$ not airpods pro lololololol

    7. Saint Macaulay Culkin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> he looks like he just punctured his eardrum with these airpods

    8. pythonmegapixel

      I don't like ear-puds.

    9. Lil Eyes

      impossible, he didnt complain about the price on an apple product

    10. Ddd

      2,5K android fanboys disliking, autistically screeching ''REEEEEEEE THIS IS APPLE THIS CAN'T BE GOOD''

    11. Tower of Saviors

      Review Jabra elite 75t please

    12. McBain WoW

      Cough cough..fanbitch...cough...😂

    13. Lee Lao-Lim Astete

      Have a review of the pixel buds2

    14. Jerome Albrecht

      The older Sony wf-1000 already had anc

    15. thLilJinx

      i swear some anti-apple techbros are as blind and stubborn as diehard apple fanboys. Yeah, okay they have a good product, it's not an entirely shit brand, even while still having their many flaws but what fucking brand doesn't

    16. Tankigamer101_XXX lol

      *WAIT!* *THIS IS A APPLE PRODUCT I LIKE!!!* *Confused screaming*

    17. Seven V

      I like the idea of having them in that little jeans pocket, but normally I have a little knife in there, and I can’t move it to the bigger pocket because that has a bigger knife.

    18. j Matthew

      Use an eq app and flat line theirs. Eg: equalizer pro app

    19. cenk atalan

      Pahali abi pahali.

    20. Sam Ramos

      Yo Em when is the next LP coming out

    21. Josh Perez

      Watching this with my peasant AirPods series 2 😔😭

    22. Tony K

      I checked the apple store the powerbeats pro are 300 bucks still

    23. Salmon_Boy

      me at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> when Linus said Tim i see you watching out there My name is Tim

    24. HunterDevastator

      Or you can get galaxy bud plus that are the same but $100 cheaper.

    25. Andres Martinez

      Oh canada dollars. I was confused.

    26. Dark Lord Jar Jar

      I love how these people kiss apple’s ass without exploring the other true wireless buds on the market.

    27. My Mate John

      deadmau5 masterclass

    28. Dad it Yourself

      The fuller mids and bass are mostly due to the canal occlusion effect. By removing the path for those larger, more powerful waves to escape the canal, more of their energy is retained against the eardrum. This also should mean that they can be played at lower sound pressure levels and achieve the same perceived decibel level. Of course this also means that they can be played at overall higher SPL which would increase the already significant risk of noise induced sensorineural hearing loss.

    29. Peter Warrington

      Shitty videos whenever you apple reviews, biased fuck, all you do fucking cry and hate on Apple. FOR NO REASON. Bias dickhead, add you too the list of shit reviewers to avoid

    30. Gargoyle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="378">6:18</a> I CANT STOP LAUGHING

    31. Fart Soundeffect

      Still nowhere near worth $250

    32. TheGameFlinger

      Every minor inconvenience that I've heard people mention about these are honestly pretty simple to solve. The Siri thing with the airpods (having to shout HEY SIRI every time) can be solved pretty easily, as I would assume you have your Phone on you. If you're like me and have the button on the right set for Siri, just hold that down and it would activate (pretty sure you can do it with your hands in your pocket too) The second one is lack of volume control on them, which is pretty much the same solution, use your phone to do it. If you don't have your phone on you, I would assume you're using an apple watch and if you have neither, why are you wearing them (other than for the noise cancelation which I understand) I understand the Airpods/Airpods pro were meant for convenience, but I'm just saying try not to view the inconveniences too much when there are more positives than negatives.

    33. Anime Anything

      but the airpod pro look kinda ugly tho i still use them but they a little ugly

    34. bang fadly

      my left airpods pro have cracking noise issue, and I noticed some users have experiencing the same problem. it only craks when i put it on noise cancellation or transparency mode, but works fine if i turn off both mode. latest firmware update doesn't seem to fix this issue. is it a hardware problem?

    35. Peter Hindwood

      I use my AirPods Pro driving trucks, I can now make and receive phone calls I can hear clearly in the noisy environment of a truck cab. I give them a 10 out of 10.

    36. Joe

      Also it is water resistant but don’t tell your android fanboy audience please, they’ll screech

    37. Karl Mullings

      Awesome, just got them

    38. Auramyst

      Who’s listening to this with AirPods? 🎧

    39. Kiva Kk

      Can somebody give me a resume of what his opinion is ?

    40. Jay

      Leave a like if your Siri activates @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="381">6:21</a>

    41. sirfancypants Mcgee

      Ear pods do not like to stay in my ears. This sounds like a waste of money. They will just fall out.

    42. Naked4FunTV

      249 you can buy something better though

    43. Sofa Overlord

      Dude needs to let his moustache grow. Biggest mistake is cutting it in line with your top lip.

    44. musadiq damji

      Someone tell me how the dbrand skin has been installed so brilliantly, I’ve tried very carefully but it just doesn’t sit as flush as they show in videos and pics

    45. Pawel Wityk

      powerbeats pro > airpods pro

    46. Artur Sulo

      You should edit the vid & recommend people not to buy this garbage, I did buy it, after a month it went to warranty, left bud was defective. I asked the guy who was accepting the warranty, he said around 50% of them are defective and its the left one. And they keep loosing connection, only 1 works, then you re-pair it 3 times & then they both work, I hate them so much now :( Apples quality control seems to be total crap.

    47. Jamzam

      “Apple finally listened to us” nah they just turned on transparency mode finally

      1. Yoyo

        Hahaha probably

    48. attendant corn

      I really dont understand acronyms like ANC... firstly, people are unfamiliar with 'active noise cancellation' and could use hearing the term more often and secondly, just say the name man, who the hell is gonna know what ANC is?

    49. Michael Culp

      I gotta say I respect Linus for being able to put his personal feelings about apple (mostly shared) aside for a product he believes In

    50. SketchTheParadigm York

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a> can’t all just review the damn thing, Jesus. Amy Schumer over here with the same joke every time

    51. Michael Myburgh

      Just imagine Tim watching this🤣

    52. S N

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> Eminem speaking in Gollum voice...

    53. Nxdav

      Why did I get a pulsewave ad with linus in it on a linus tech tips video

    54. Kyle Riedel

      No one is talking about the bose free sports. I really wish this had of considered those

    55. kostenkostreet

      My new AirPods Pro had some strange chemical smell. Weird.

    56. Try Tttt

      Watching reviews becos my AirPods pro don’t come deliver until Monday 11th 😭 UPS hurry tf uppp 😂😂

    57. YouAintRealz

      I love mine 😊 I found one of my AirPod pro in a cup of water near my bed because I slept with them on lol. It worked perfect.

    58. Misbahul Hasan Jinan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="343">5:43</a>

    59. Douglas Sher

      Anyone know how to fix the low volume issue with a LG Thinq V50? I already tried disabling absolute volume in the developer options, it didn't work.

    60. DaveTheDude123

      Hey it’s deadmau5!

    61. Samiul Islam

      I already have AirPod Pros why am I watching this


      When he said Tim I see you watching out there ,,, ME : oh what the ,,, my name is Tim

    63. iHoverZz YT

      Is this dad Linus?

    64. just some minced garlic

      If Linus is admitting that an apple product is actually good, that means us humans will love it. Mine will be here on Monday 😂

      1. Mehwish Mujib


    65. BrawlWithQ

      He sounded a bit like dobby in the beginning

    66. Pat-kun

      Couple of months later, the ANC is kind of messed up

    67. Isabella Grace

      I'm walkin with the old airpods LoUd aNd PrOuD. **FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK**

    68. Aaron Klonowski

      Linus finally giving Apple some love. His face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>😂😂

    69. Ege Efe Çelik

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a>

    70. RebelRedRollo

      *E A R P U D S*

    71. t

      lol at 4 1/2 hour battery life. master and dynamic and sennheiser are 9 hours. 4 hours of ANYTHING in tech is not optimized.

    72. Filip Molczyk

      but are they better than Sony's wf 1000xm3's? also are you really advertising Orgin pcs after you roasted them in your secret shopper for being horribly over priced

    73. A Smith

      Runners beware - very disappointing. I recently purchased the AirPods Pro and all you can hear is the pounding of your feet echoing in your head. Listening to music is unbearable I had to turn off the music but even without music all you can hear is the pounding noise of running in your head. In addition I called three people while walking outside and all three friends asked if I was speaking on another device and said the sound quality wasn’t great. Overall I am very disappointed......👎

      1. Luke Benson

        A Smith I agree. Massively overrated, I actually went back to my first gen airpods! So comfortable I don’t even notice they’re in my ears and the sound quality is everything I need. The Airpods Pro sound was slightly better but not worth the insane price tag and the comfort was horrid!

    74. Santiago Eichelmann

      Thanks for making this awesome vids!

    75. Mozart

      Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ comes with a usb-c offbrand earbuds... I weep while saying this but apple did it better...

    76. clash ott

      every once in a while apple comes with a product which is impossible to fault with ass it does most things right and just works is the very best of them

    77. Dustin Smith

      This video has like 5 different gut busting b-roll segways, BUT YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO WATCH TO FIND THEM. Highly recommend brain explosion b-roll, and airpod hanging from string b-roll.

    78. Making Me

      Don't do that

    79. 박상범

      Yo mau5 whatcha doing here

    80. jordanw2009

      The cut aways on this one are golden