Sometimes Apple just does it better - AirPods Pro Review

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    Apple finally gave Airpods a big upgrade with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, with in-ear tips and active noise cancelling. So can they stand up to the competition?
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Rasmus Foldberg

      Dude... you activated siri on my iPad on purpose!

    2. Sawyer Howell

      Thank you for actually calling them ear buds and not headphones

    3. West Ayers

      I’m so confused people say the power beats pro sound better than the airpods pro and then they say the exact opposite lol

      1. West Ayers

        And the price for the power beats are back up again

    4. renatoscutube

      That guy has such a nice face, but looks really weird making those twisted faces... The metal "leaves" on the table are very cool...

    5. Theo Kag

      most of the times are doing it better..

    6. At Close Range

      Warning! Don't believe that. The new air pods pro sound shit. Let me explain: I work in the remastering domain and I just tried them at the Apple Store and all what I can say it is not good at all compare to the previous air pod. There's no dynamic, the sound isn't highlighted, without deep, no presence and flatter. If you don't believe me, go to your Apple Store and ask to try both air pods and air pods pro and you will understand.

    7. Danforce 42

      They kinda look like a Peashooter from the PvZ games

    8. W B

      They sound pants. Rubbish.

    9. chillgreeko

      so ?

    10. Cringe attack

      I’m using the SoundPEATS TrueFree+ and for 40$:40£ they sound great!

    11. MapleCelebrity

      he look like slim shady

    12. Babyballs

      people who say it sucks are just haters. I got a pair and it is absolutely worth it.

    13. Zuulaloo

      Yeah, that 44.1kHz 16bit resolution is sooo much better 🙄 fuckin linus brainlet tips

    14. ムkyanh737ム

      Sometimes Linus Tech Tips video just does it better

    15. Black Toy

      You're an idiot.

    16. Rob

      You using way to many napkins, bapkins

    17. Mohammed Shafei

      Apple won 2019

    18. Peter Lustig

      I watch this video with airpods pro 😄

    19. IraQ Nid

      I'm squarely in the "good enough" group where $7 - $10 headphones gets me 20 Hz to 20 KHz with a 5 - 6 foot audio cable terminating with a 3.5 mm headphones plug.

    20. lolol look

      The first 30 seconds of this vid will eventually end up on a cringe compilation.

    21. Luca

      Linus really looks like eminem

    22. Bojan Taleski

      Stick to computers fam

    23. GunGamer

      They look so ugly ngl

    24. Abhishek Parmar

      Why is Linus dressed like Eminem?

    25. s1n

      audio glitch at 0:59

    26. Rafael Breban

      The guy in the glasses is a great fucking actor. New here...

    27. Jack傑哥

      You are dissing Apple so hard.... and i love it ❤️

    28. yoshinosakura

      fuck dbrand

    29. Jagged637

      I wondered how you got your skin on so perfect. It’s cuz dbrand did it

    30. SoggySoup

      That sponsor transition actually made me chuckle.

    31. Andres Flores

      Love the video 👍🏽!

    32. Cody Raves

      Sample Inversion... its the same way DJ's make acapella versions of popular songs.

    33. RIP Gabe

      What about the amazon echobuds?

    34. Greg B

      Are they worth it? well, not so much. 3 out of 3 have gone bad for my kids (yes, they do take care of them they are adults) each one had one ear go bad and trying several times in different ways, they couldn't get fixed and the "geniuses" at apple had no idea why they failed, or how to fix them. One "genius" even started laughing and told me he hoped I had the warranty. So, unless I magically got three missed by quality control I would say they aren't worth the money. As an aside I've never had any issues with my Samsung Earbuds. That's just my experience with the airpods, your mileage may vary.

    35. Ben Coleman

      What's the app you mention about Samsung ear buds. ?

    36. Kim Jong Il

      Active Noise Cancellation invented by Apple? It was invented when Steve Jobs was 5 for gods sake. Sack your researcher, they're clearly incompetent.

    37. Joseph

      *Laughs in Sennheiser Momentum*

    38. Ab C. Def

      Next time I pass someone on the street wearing these: "Hey Siri: Turn up maximum volume"

    39. E :3

      Disagree, my Galaxy Buds are still better.

    40. shonn surber

      Still look like an idiot wearing them. Nice q-tips.

    41. djpalmer93

      Apple ALWAYS does it better.

    42. rhtcguru

      I lol’ed so hard at reaction face at 1:16

    43. CallMeNoah

      6:25 Fuck You!

    44. Sanki King

      Horrible video setup looks like you’re sitting in a shop that sells home decoration items and there are 5 different lights in the front and background which make the video even more confusing.

    45. ARC12 PRATHAM

      raise your hands if you like linus talking good about apple

    46. Khalon

      Xiaomi airdots pro has ac

      1. Kim Jong Il

        Helicopter pilots in the 50's had it! This channel talking shit again.

    47. Nathan Jimenez

      Sennheiser momentum TW are the best sounding wireless earbud you can buy

    48. Amphicorp47

      but the downside is that they look stupid, so... ehh?

    49. David Kleinman

      But how does it compare to the Sony’s and the amazon buds?

    50. RyantheBearded

      250 dollars for ear buds. give me a dame headphone jack and be done with it.

    51. RuFiOPx

      these arent even worth $100

    52. RuFiOPx

      these arent even worth $100

    53. Mathieu

      I hate the AirPods Pro. I just couldn't get into the feeling of the ANC.

    54. Andy Powell

      I love my AirPods Pro, I recommend these over the Sony XZF339A1VV24L9XS911NVN23Z-AS212UMP7613X, but both are good.

    55. Enrique Avilés

      "their customer service robots" That line hit me

    56. Mh Yu

      When I saw this ad I unsubscribed

    57. Shayne O'Neill

      Although its fashionable to shit on Apple, they DO make good shit from time to time. I've never been unhappy with my iPhone, and until they started doing those godawful new keyboards, the Macbooks where straight up solid machines for business/internet use. Yeah the 2017 and 2018 MBPs sucked eggs. Though the speakers on the 2019s are great I'm not sure if I'm ready to forgive apple for those 2017/18 keyboards. So you know, brand loyalty or hostility is dull. Treat these things on a case by case basis imho.

    58. Monopoly Billionaire

      I can still listen to music on some cheap earphones. These are a robbery

      1. kensaiix

        while quality increases linearly, cost for said quality improvement increases exponentially. if you consider the price justified or not, is personal taste. true to the naming active noise cancellation starts at 50 bucks, but i wager the manufacturer of said product does not public the frequency curve and the product is likely not a true in-ear, but a neck collar type.

    59. Malcolm H

      Appreciate this review b/c if Linus is giving props to an Apple product it's a solid honest review and not sugar coated bias BS.

    60. SAM STONE

      A fucking 250$ Go buy ps4 slime 1tb with that