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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Dan Ade

      Its pronounced charades (sHa-rAid-s).

    2. Ushimada

      JJ:cow and chicken Goes on to hum ed edd n eddy

    3. Poisonous Python

      Please put personal microphones on and or make subtitles. Most of these videos (in my opinion) can be hard to watch at times because you can’t hear what each of you are saying

    4. Noob Artist

      This was sick

    5. The Kilted Wolf

      Big up to dem sidemen yeah! Fae scooooaaaatland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    6. Karnak Gamers

      Your all sack add zorenium on cod multilayers set of shucks

    7. Theo Trimatis

      Did anyone saw the women at 7:51?

    8. Chris Miano

      Did anybody else get really long ads throughout their video??

    9. Archie Brown

      I got dancing queen as he was dancing

    10. Xeno

      They spelt "Inteligente" wrong. They put "Intelligente", it would then be pronounced "Inteyyigente" in Spanish.

    11. Joseph Vernon

      Why ares there always people in their house?

    12. Shmoo Shmell


    13. Mohammed Iqbal

      He sang ED EDD and EDDY for Cow and Chicken

    14. Harrison Rayner-Smith

      Ethan putting on weight again just a Lil tho

    15. Elizabeth Hannigan

      Vik: points at ear Points at neck, stomps. Josh : Shreck

    16. loadie yt.

      Do smash bros game

    17. NTDKgaming

      Yo jj that was Ed Ed and eddy not cow and chicken

    18. Ben Whitty

      Jj said dancing queen

    19. IcyTigerPvP

      The Sidemen: Harry the Autistic Vik the Curry Indian Josh the Old Creepy Uncle Simon the Lanky Virgin Ethan the Outrageous Laugher KSI the BBC Boxer Tobi the Big Nose

    20. Resp Mic

      Inteligente is spelled wrong...

    21. Phil Jones

      No one : Harry ✋👱🏼‍♂️🤚

    22. Ami covers

      when you see wish you were gay and SCREAM the words

    23. I’m O’ gallagherosaurus

      Why Tobi and JJ always matching🤔

    24. Luke Stickland

      Vikk had the longest yawn I've ever seen at 7:15 and also what is vikk doing at 7:20 -What is the noise.

    25. Zz Zane zZ

      Pull up, pull up in the gold I’m leading, ksi’s hairlines receding

    26. Zz Zane zZ

      9:06 of course they give Vik the kid question

    27. Prospekt

      Ethan and Ksi are dumb 😂😂😂

    28. Gadge

      JJ and Ethan are the dumbest guys out these lads by a mile how they putting them on the same team lmaoo

    29. Rory Forsyth 10

      Comment Who would win a fight JJ KSI BABATUNDE AFRICAN MAN

    30. UGOTREKT Youtube

      Who's here after KSI wins

    31. FrenzyGames FTW

      Took me 15 seconds to get the whole of jj’s because I always pull the pirates of the Caribbean charade whenever I play this game

    32. Michelle R

      11:22 what has happened to Josh lmfaoooooo😂😂😂

    33. Noor

      Josh and Vikk’s chemistry is next level lmao

    34. Lamb Chop

      For the dancing queen I was literally yelling at my screen lmao.

    35. Zorc

      Simon please wear socks.

    36. Umar Ahmer

      arent they supposed to post these type of videos on the offical channel ??

    37. Cris 1

      Is no one going to talk about 11:21?

    38. Slippery

      Who is here after JJ beat Logan Paul

    39. GoldenLemon

      11:20 My brother walked in the room and saw this on TV


        GoldenLemon oh shift that’s 😵😮

    40. Multimelvin

      at 5:56 jj says dancing queen

    41. no


    42. Skye

      Harry lowkey looks sexy in this video

    43. Jaquitoz

      7:51 some lady in the back: ight, imma head out

    44. VAIZAN HD

      That’s not even cow and chickens theme song it’s Ed Ed and eddy 😂😭

    45. TheOneGuyGamer

      Here after ksi’s victory

    46. Maxi Gunn

      Ksi beat Logan let’s go

    47. Chelsea

      The fact they couldn’t get “dancing queen” hurts my fucking soul so bloody much

    48. The Boys ASMR

      here after the fight

    49. BytoviakMKS

      When JJ showed 10 words I knew immediately it's going be one of the "Pirates...", but my first guess was the last film (which is actually 9 words :)

    50. DeInfiniteGaming

      Anyone else noticed when they guesses harry's for the first time they got 2 points

    51. Alex RDM

      Do sidemen mafia

    52. Lloyd culver

      Shit shout out to the people that actually saw Toby at the end

    53. Pack Davis

      This is Logan 🧔🏼 👕 👖 One punch = One like

      1. Izlex

        This is Pack Davis: Moron One like, one fuck off

      2. diss dissor

        It's One like= one punch Fucking idiot

    54. W!L. CO

      why are JJ and simon the only poeple not wearing socks?.

    55. Moist Ravioli


    56. PLAYPRO

      I love Harry! (No homo)

    57. Yusuf Challenge

      we want to see speed dating part 2 like if agree


      15:20 watch the scores intelligente goes up 2

    59. Justin Angelo Alvarez

      Is Harry too young for Cow and Chicken? haha...

    60. Justin Angelo Alvarez

      Harry's disco dancing though...haha