Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove

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    Cody Orlove FT. Zoe Laverne


    1. Rebeca Guerrra

      Love them they are the cuttest couple ever ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Crazy._ Isabella

      I’m just sitting here eating a tub of ice cream and being single nothing to worry

    3. Mariah Thompson

      Zoe your beautiful your not ugly you deserve the world love u Zoe

    4. gacha.x.lqverne

      no one like nooo one Not a single soul Zoe:iM kInDa HuNg OvEr HeHeHeEe

    5. FloralRxse

      Me: *sees thumbnail* Also me: Is it just me or do they look like piper Rockelle and Lev Cameron

    6. Adi Khakhu

      you guys did great!!❤ I love it

    7. Amanda Armstrong

      zoe also has my dauters name on her hoopy

    8. Amanda Armstrong

      zoe is sooooo pretty

    9. Violet Storm

      Yesssss Boston

    10. destiny fun life

      lol zoey doing renegade

    11. robert shen

      You look so young

    12. Maddie Monro

      When she says im kinda hungover

    13. ATX Unicorn 2010

      I named my pet in roblox Cody bc it’s a Cowwww

    14. Giovanni Goebel-Cardona

      👇 idk why

    15. Alisson PASTRANA-OREA

      Lmao the intro 😂

    16. fat girl

      Ahh there getting married

    17. Bailee Frigo

      wait no i like zoe and cody

    18. Bailee Frigo

      i love zoe more then cody zoe mearry jake pull not cody plz

    19. Katie Forster

      Cody:what’s up jake paulers Jake Paul: wtf I say that

    20. Katie McCoy

      No cody

    21. Katie McCoy

      I mean cidy

    22. Katie McCoy

      Hi zoe big fan you to cofy

    23. Audrey Leigh

      Cody: cuz I honestly can’t afford one Me: I can’t afford zomb merch....

    24. Avery

      Me: Sees Chick-fil-A cup *gets jealous*

    25. kiera isaacson

      the last picture of you guys was so cute

    26. Kristi Wanzer

      I love zoe in her videos

    27. Vs Edits

      🛸 🏨🏦🏫🏘🏬🏣🏤

    28. Khang Len Kee Yawm


    29. Eliman93 plus99

      Kina hope they get married in the future that’s so cute I love them sm 🤧🥰

    30. Banditbearcaudill 73

      Cute couple 💞

    31. Olivia Mackenzie Stewart

      Why do I just awww every time I se these two

    32. Arielly Santiago

      2hours dang jk I WUV ZODY

    33. mynameislilligrace anxiety help x

      badamin badabum moo

    34. Siiri Ahokas

      guys you are a famous couple! sry bad english 💖 ily

    35. Diamond Hernandez

      You guys never come to Arkansas 😭 so I can't go 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I would love it if you guys came to Paragould there's a lot of fans that don't get to come cuz you guys don't come to Arkansas 😭😂😂

    36. Malyea Bailey

      On the first one what about our vlog belts

    37. Abby VSP

      Why did I think you where tana

    38. Makenna DeMatteo

      Bruh I had a dream last night that I met her and got her number and we made a tik tok and I took pictures with her and ahhh I wishhh it was reallll😩🥺😤

    39. Carsyn Grumbles

      No one: Literally no one: Zephan: DuDe LeAvE hEr AlOnE

    40. brookes

      zoe has to get on her tipi toes to reach cody’s lips 🥺

    41. Nivianas Life

      Hey cody if you see this i Will get a zody merch i’m so happy tiktok:Billieeilishspider but zody fan page i wait to change my usename so dont ask ily zody

    42. your fav musketeers

      Zody is so cute 🥺💕🦋

    43. your fav musketeers

      How did 50 ppl not like this??

    44. Mystik Dillon

      Why don't any USselr ever go to Kansas that makes me so mad because I don't ever get to go

    45. Kayla B

      can yall PLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZ come to minnosota

    46. qt keira

      I'm a Zonut from tik tok my @ is @Starz.lav ❤️

    47. Christina Ramirez

      cody plz check on lexi she has changed alot

    48. Andrea Munoz

      lol i thought you said we are about to hit 90th i was like is this years ago or what i was confused then i was like ohhh 900th

    49. mya dawn

      bro I had a dream that I came too you house and I said “can I pet drip” but y’all were in London so zephen said “i dOnT tRuSt yOu” 😂😂😂

    50. Roba Hm

      When I saw the picture of LARVEY I started cry 😭😭😭 I miss Loren and hrvy being together

    51. Freya

      He said DUDE leave her alone lol🤩

    52. Sa'Rayah Partridge

      And I'm so sad

    53. Sa'Rayah Partridge

      I can't come

    54. Zoe is queen Duh

      Cody lexi has a boyfriend and he is I believe forcing her to vape again and on tik tok she is being rude to people

      1. Zoe is queen Duh

        @Alex Griego she has bruises on her face I think and he said on the live he would never touch a woman

      2. Alex Griego

        Also ppl say he is abusing her

    55. Katie Ryan


    56. Royalty Royale

      When cody said Justin Bieber, Hailey Bieber, we all know this pic will turn into Cody OrLove and Zoe OrLove..


      I saw them todaaayy.In london.I took pic with both of them.I wish the best for them.

    58. Maia Scobie

      Yous are so wired🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😱😱

    59. Juliene Okemow

      No one: Still no one: Zoe:I’m hungover....... (Edited) NO HATE

    60. Kaylie Angeline

      I love zody sm! 🥺❤️😂

    61. Erik Lindquist

      My cousin works at Windsor

    62. Sophie Colburn

      Cody have a talk with Lexi she has changed and she called Tyler ugly

    63. Betito toy Review

      You should a do a 24 hours challenge in walmart “sneaky “

    64. Ariii hernandez

      how much are the tickets for new york city? i really want to go but i need to know the price for the tickets.

    65. Riley Mason

      Ok but I just listened to 8D audio and now it feels like they behind me

    66. I.mogenx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> ayo chill init

    67. Princess Divine Gilot

      Loren and hrvy

    68. Gacha Elaine

      The he said “barabimbaraboom” had me dead😂

    69. KK Kitty


    70. Abrey Lopez

      Its cody its zoey itsZODY

    71. Isabelle Marie

      No one: Every in comments: writing something that happened in the video. instead of doing original comments

    72. Mckaylin Martin

      You guys are amazing it would be amazing for you guys to see this ima cow fan love you 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    73. Genesis Italia

      Wait, they got back together

    74. Kota boo101

      I can not wait to see Zoe in a wedding dress someday 🖤✨

    75. Jonathan Payne

      Cody: oMg hAnA monTanA cAn I Get a PHOTO Nobody Zephan:LEAVE HER ALONE

    76. Lily Baker

      I loved the BaRaBing BaRaBom part

    77. E and G B

      Hi! I really want to get my friend to 1000 subscribers! His channel is: XD kye

    78. Cathryn Downs

      I cant see y'all I live in Mississippi

    79. Ivette Fabiola

      Jake and tana just broke upp

    80. just have fun

      even your nightmare prank is gay