Rebuilding A Wrecked 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Part 9



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    Finally got this 2020 Jeep Gladiator completely painted! This one was quite the challenge, especially the way we had to tape it up. However, after our painting experiences in the past, this jeep was no match for the goonzquad boys. Now it is time to move onto the next step! Be sure to stay tuned and watch what happens!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Richard Thomas

      Hey you girls cook ?

    2. David Esser

      "bone apple tea" lmao

    3. drowization

      That john deere there 7:43 well I picked up a Husqvarna at the same store where I live at the end of the mowing season and the cost $2500, but it half off for abut 1400 out the door. GOD put me in the right time at the right place, per I was looking to pay full price for one 2 or 3 times the weeks prior, but some thing had seem to alway come up to where I wasn't able to get the store. I called and asked if they has a few left and they said two left and there 50% off. Went up and bought one.GOD ROCKS ....

    4. Gamaliel Hernandez

      I’m 30 years old and I still find myself drifting the shopping cart lmfao!!!! #LetHerRip

      1. Rich Beach

        I'm 44 and still do it, you will too. :)

    5. Scrum Reabar

      9:54 that little microwave smirk lol! She's like, these guys....haha

    6. Anonymous Phucker

      all i see is apple peel

    7. devsagar raj

      turned into a cooking show real quick 😂😂

    8. kim jaenicke

      damn that soup looked like gravy, nasty

    9. Mike Robbins

      Looking good guys.... Any update on the “World Headquarters”?

    10. Colonel Crush

      The clear is popping because you did not let the base totally dry. Moisture is escaping.

    11. Kyle Eichmann

      True car enthusiasts drift the shopping carts at the store lol

    12. onemanandhisdog9

      Goonzquad - Almost OEM

      1. Ptao Tom

        “Chef Dude Man”. That was pretty funny.

    13. Joel Harris

      9:43 “I like the, the inline four” 😂

    14. Memeser Jallyets

      You guys would make a great vlog Chanel or seres

      1. Ptao Tom

        put it in the cup and spray.

    15. Marvin Chase

      And here I was thinking you boys don’t use foam tape 🤣

    16. Ptao Tom

      3:05 Did I just catch a glimpse of Momzquad doing some wet sanding??

    17. Xeakpress

      Ok so Next build a Daily Driver thays good on gas snd has s trunk

    18. Ethan Mansfield

      I want to see them build a classic muscle car

    19. REBUILD IT

      Ah to be young again and have enough energy to run with a wheel barrow

      1. Ptao Tom

        Heat lamp

    20. TheBic4

      It’s amazing people are already crashing these.

    21. XxStevenGamesXx

      Hellcat swap it

    22. curtis wilcock

      Super sick :) loving the paint job super fresh that trash will buff right out for sure you can do it you always manage to buff the worst part out your guys are aweosme 😎🙏 thanks for the videos

    23. K2Ri

      More food videos please!!

    24. Cisco Mkd

      7:14 "It's not getting hard enough" sucks when that happens lol

    25. D Ferrari

      Isn’t there a fire hazard there?

    26. NovagamesXX

      Hey guys you should rebuild my favourite car ever à Porche 930

    27. Shane Keaton

      Good vid. When I used to paint in colder weather I also used to take a metal milk crate and flip it upside down and stick a heat gun under it and use that to warm the paint then put it in the cup and spray.

    28. niduoe stre

      “Chef Dude Man”. That was pretty funny.

    29. Alex Tekmenzhi vlogs

      What happened to the boat ?

    30. Superish Mario

      Love the new beats in the latest videos

    31. Stefan S

      I enjoy watching your guys should try to find a Porsche...maybe an Audi but I digress...don't know if you are aware of this product but saw you using a drill and pad to remove the adhesive residue...try using 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner instead...can get it get it just about anywhere and it works really well!

      1. niduoe stre

        Nice OSHA approved booth. Smh😕🤔

    32. MARIO C. RDZ

      hi bro do me a favor use eye protection when you do the paint job, all the particles of that product falls into your eyes, You have to take care of yourself.

    33. John Smith

      As usual the paint is trash

    34. The Umlungu

      TIP: Use Q20 /WD40 to get excess glue off from paint,works well on double-sided tape left behind from the badges.(REF :4:00 min -4:08 removing JEEP logo)

    35. 葉傑

      Heat lamp

    36. Vivian orozco

      What you call “roughness” is actually called orange peel. It is cause for the heaviness of the top coat. It can be smooth out with heat, in other words by Buffing it. And no it’s not cause because of the heat like other people think. Love you guys!!

    37. Edwin Mena

      That one kid always wears shorts lol

    38. goatskindreams

      what happen to the property you guys were working on? holding off till spring?

    39. Lickedy Split

      Those were sticks you grabbed to burn..try a log they last longer and get some real wood ( oak). That wood your using is a fruit tree or something and burns like crap..amateur paint job for sure

    40. Ruchel &John H

      cant you guys talk without using your hands ??, you both look like meth addicts.

    41. Blaine Petty

      The next build you guys do should be a mclaren!!

    42. JG Snave

      Any progress on the new shop?

    43. soinu foig

      “Chef Dude Man”. That was pretty funny.

    44. Lazaro Z.

      It's looking good fellas 😉👍

    45. Craig Voll

      Tryna sugar coat it lol dont hide the trash in the trash lol

    46. Jeremy Driesen

      Nice OSHA approved booth. Smh😕🤔

      1. soinu foig

        Awesome work, inspiration for those of us who are internet mechanics

    47. MTLKEBEK

      Man what’s with all these garage paint jobs? I can’t imagine the quality isn’t the same

    48. TheDirtyDirtMcGirt

      Dude! Being from California, the second home of good Mexican food and seeing dudes eat tacos with flour tortillas is more than I can take. Corn tortillas heated up on the burner or don't bother fellas.

    49. JB Cepeda

      is it hazardous to have those heaters in an enclosed area like that? especially with paint fumes?>

    50. JB Cepeda

      Any professional painters watching this can answer my question? I have a car that's been painted over the original paint, meaning it has the original black color and it has been painted blue now. I wanted to repaint it because the paint is in terrible condition from sun burn and years of abuse. is it ok to repaint over already two colors? will I still get a great job? Or do I have to have it sandblasted to get down the the bare metal and begin from nothing? please advise.

    51. Wyo Chaos

      Y'all should build a kit truck from factory five

    52. Insane Mantis

      I love your fun living mentality! Not necessarily acting like children, but just having a great time doing everything and anything. Y’all stay positive and keep moving forward, it’s awesome!

    53. Fernando Acevedo

      Might As Well Buff The Whole Car 😂

    54. Ask to seduce Miss

      Who remembers the boy's OG paint booth?...the canvas one located where the shop is now..haha

      1. Rich Beach

        Harbor Freight special with led lights and the fans they built-in and the furnace filters. Ingenuity on a budget

    55. Arda Karaoglanyan

      If i had the money, I would have send a portable inflatable paint booth to them so they can always do it in house 😢

      1. Arda Karaoglanyan

        @Nigel Molesworth of course ONLY if you are a moron you can think in that way without thinking why this person is can't afford but nice enough to think. But no! You need an attention! You need to use people's emotions to feel better. Good luck with that 😉

      2. Nigel Molesworth

        Nice one. You can pretend to be generous and not spend a cent!

    56. Jeremy Huston

      Man you guys have to be doing something wrong?? I've painted in a barns before and have gotten pretty darn smooth paint jobs? Have you triple checked tip size, air pressure, etc

    57. Nathan Rbnk

      Bon appétit 🇨🇵🇨🇵

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Hey guys you should do a power wheels build like grind hard plumbing Co

    58. Terry Garvin

      Did not expect to see the Prius! Love the excitement you have for your work. I learn a lot from the content and glad I got onto the channel.

    59. Piotr Pilch

      Be careful guys. Gas heater may produce moisture. So You can have water drops on paint

    60. Matthew Burgoon

      So when your painting in a garage like that it helps to wet the ground down alittle to keep the dirt from being kicked up as you walk around. Also I like to wet sand my base with six hundred after I have full coverage then you a tack rag dust a coat of base then clear is helps to ensure that you don’t have trash in your base and it would have gotten ride of any dry rough areas before you cleared.