Reacting To Tik Toks About Me

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    HI SISTERS! Ever since I joined Tik Tok, there have been quite a few posts made about me. In today's video, I wanted to watch and react to some of the craziest James Charles Tik Toks. Leave me a comment and let me know which was your favorite. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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    DIRECTOR OF CONTENT: Louis Gargiula
    EDITOR: Ryan Allen
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


    1. Devon

      sister schlong-

    2. Maria Quiao

      James is so funny

    3. Fatma Abbassi

      James reacted to Seth reacting to Seth and now James reacting to Seth AGAIN. SETH REACT TO JAMES AGAIN


      I like James charles

    5. Sienna Glass

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="512">8:32</a> when he screams- absolutely not weezing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Paige Teesdale

      In 7 hours you got .1 million subscribers good job James

    7. Sara Crewe92

      I’m watching for 1 minute. I’m a fan

    8. Katie O'Sullivan

      That audio is from Ian buying your makeup

    9. Lexi 3


    10. Alice Jones

      Hi sister’s

    11. Mara Germanoski


    12. Haley conway

      wow James your eyes are so pretty at first i was thinking thos are to pretty to be real but they might be


      its the abc makeup video

    14. Aliyah T - T

      I'm so slow, pp?......ohhhhhhhh

    15. Jakobie Draws

      I caNT AccESS sisters Apparel. grrr

    16. KennedyDownie29

      Michelle visage would not be impressed with your assless chaps

    17. Kati Churchill

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="190">3:10</a> James’s iphone case randomly changed colors mid sentence😂

    18. Neko_Heal

      When the chucky part came on I screamed XDD I got scared, it popped out of now where XDD

    19. Four Awesome Cousin's!

      aint no one gonny talk bout this ok <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="511">8:31</a> he looks just like joey from Liv and Maddie

    20. Bisexual Honey

      Person trying to get to know James: So, you got a sister? James: laughs as gates of makeup Gods open and winged makeup brushes and palletes come out. *"I AM THE SISTER."* Edit: *FLASHBACK MARY HAS MADE AN APPEARANCE ONCE AGAIN!*

    21. alexa uwu

      *sister shlong*

    22. Jonathan Gregory

      You don’t give a crap about haters

    23. Grace Pairat

      him saying its education me nah

    24. Anas Pacheco

      I wach your videos all the time😍😍😍😍😍😘

    25. Super Sisters

      The sound was from your doing my Make up in alphabetical order

    26. Kaila Neal

      I love your videos butttttttttt

    27. Leanne Robillard

      You is drama!

    28. Serena Kornbluh

      HEY SISTERS! Kendel does look like James!!!!

    29. Serena Kornbluh

      Hey sisters! I love James Charles

    30. Kathryn McCormick

      its from the letting Strangers On Omegle Pick My Makeup when the girls picked to mix all three foundations together

    31. Maribel Avila

      Her makeup is flawless 😍

    32. Anete Adele K.

      james :,,my poor pp “🥺😂

    33. Bobby Doab


    34. Malayah!! Harris

      I think that sound was from your only using your makeup palette to do your make up!

    35. Jaz Gurrola

      James this is my tik tok jazgurrloa6 pls follow bc I followed you

    36. daniela cohen

      You look like ariana grande

    37. Mina Ashido The Phantom Theif

      His eyeliner is on-fleek

    38. janiyah davis


    39. Deaniqua Freeman

      i'm a fan

    40. skull trooper609

      People who hate james so much should be called brothers

    41. AJ Toole

      Can you follow me on tiktok aubreyt2

    42. Камелия Стоянова

      James i just love your intro

    43. Layla Banks

      J: Joyful A:Awesome M:Magnificent E:Entertaining S:Super kind C:Cool H:Hot (Not hitting on ya I ran out of words lol) A:Amazing R:Rare L:Lovley S:Stay your self 😄

    44. Ohhmyjesusss

      Wait, James Charles’ real last name is Dickinson??? 😳

    45. Violette Federico

      I am new here but i love how you call everybody sisters!

    46. Kenta Shimizu

      Im not ur sister i can be ur friend😁😁

    47. rahmann laura

      It's the video where you did your makeup in alphabetical order or where you let your haters decide your makeup

    48. Enise Sari

      James Charles: My SISTER SLONG! Gets u know tucked under... Me: WTAF?! I thought little kids watched this dude XD

    49. Kawaii YuWin :3

      Literally James is prettier than you

    50. Pavels Razumovskis

      I love you

    51. Millie Louise

      When Ian picked your makeup and you had no contour

    52. Maddie Okrasinski

      Alot of these are really mean but you seem to handle it

    53. Meryl Brousseau

      Also paiges wasn’t the the first she copied some one

    54. Alexandra Gacria


      1. Alexandra Gacria

        Hi sisters

    55. Kallie Bass

      It's from when your brother picked out a full face of makeup and forgot bronzer

    56. Altynai Zhadigerova

      Он говорит со скоростью света🤡

    57. Meryl Brousseau


    58. •{crystäl cänïne}•

      I'm flat thing was from the video where you were on Omegle asking peeps to pick ur makeup!

    59. Karma_ memes

      Why don't you let your hair grow? Bc your hair is soooooo beautiful

    60. Z & M productions

      Are you a 👦or 👧

    61. Sarah Hickman

      James Charles: that was my worst hair style day. Me: that's my best hairstyle Love ya sisters

    62. Aliyah Bah

      Sister shlong I’m DECEASED

    63. Panelos88

      I LOVE dont be shy ,put some more

    64. Emma De La Torre

      i am a big fan

    65. Oliver Machin

      My mum: you doing your homework? Me:yes James: Hey sisters

    66. Oliver Machin

      James: I don’t have anyone hostage in my house Other fans: knew it Me: Yea there in your mums basement

    67. W.M.T.

      When you went into your rant about the iPhone camera I died a little

    68. Sara Castroianni

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a> *breaks her neck*

    69. Trang nguyen

      * James tries to do Charlie D’Amelio dance’s* me: James Charles dances be like! I know I don’t make any sense ;-;

    70. Riley Montana

      This video was hilarious

    71. Ashley Montagne

      Is your favorite song goodbye horses by q lazzrus

    72. Kennedy Lawrence

      can you pls notice i love you!!! use code james for 10 persent off

    73. Ava BecauseWhyNot

      The audio was your video where your brother picked put your makeup

    74. Lori The Unicorn

      He should react to the one where James Charles was in the refrigerator

    75. K-pop Fangirl

      The king of my country in the ancient days was called JAMES CHARLES!?!? 😂 I’m from Scotland btw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    76. Florida Is Goal

      I love his personality. LOVE

    77. Amina Yousuf

      lol after this vid i think i actually like his personality i mean he isnt that bad

    78. Lisa Noakes

      The audio was from when your brother buys your makeup

    79. Gracie Wright

      I love how James looked like Finn from.glee when he was in high school

    80. LiWeiRoblox Studios

      Me: *looking at james* Me again: wow.. My friend: wow he uses to much make up* Me whispers: alarm alarm we have a step sister here..