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    Sony officially revealed the controller for the PlayStation 5, dubbed "DualSense." What is it, and what does it mean for the PS5? Let's take a quick look.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. gameranx

      Some of this sounds really interesting. Some of this we've seen before (similar vibration tech in XB1 controller) Too much? Not enough? Ugly? Cool? Let us know!

      1. Alfie Livesey

        @Myke Mellow you meen the ps5 it's the ps5 controller omg lol can't believe you thought that dipshit

      2. Alfie Livesey

        @Lew H xbox controllers are shit fingers aren't supposed to reach that far moving with one is really hard for most people it's shit

      3. Alfie Livesey

        @Tripxplays hope u like your comments being reported cause it is against the guidelines to do commercial content on someone else's vid

      4. Alfie Livesey

        @Adam Ruff also have u used a ps3 controller it doesn't weigh a gram it feels like

      5. Alfie Livesey

        @Adam Ruff I think it's new plastic

    2. Hugo Jimenez

      Headphone jack?

    3. Trey Gotti

      PS5ers: They added some curvature to the controllers... Man just say they tried to get it close to the XBox controllers...

    4. Fasu Fofana

      So beautiful

    5. Mr Zap

      I want ps5 to separate game installs from game updates and optional dlc expansions (as well as single player from multiplayer and co-op modes) install what you want and delete what you want (no more batch delete everything) on ps4 i free up space by deleting a 62gb game i have on disc, then i have to download the 12gb update/dlc again, would be nice if i could just delete the 50gb part that i have on blu-ray

    6. Eva Nakazi

      They are anyways gonna change/make better the controller just like they did with the duelsence 4 controller.

    7. Virtual Moyda

      Also most actual gamers turn the vibration off first

    8. Virtual Moyda

      Really not digging the new controller where as it's modeled after the astro c40(trash) which means the dimensions will feel off. Hopefully it doesn't malfunction at the same rate also. Biggest disappoint is the fact that there is no more finger grove from triangle to r1 for those that play claw. I'm predicting the biggest selling model aftermarket controller will be the 1 shaped like a traditional ps controlor. Pretty sure this controler design just made me decide to go pc next gen.

    9. Aeneous Yak

      The microphone will also pick the sounds from the player pressing those buttons

    10. Jens Liden

      Comparing the Playstation Controllers throughout its years, every controllers has been black and almost looked like a box-shaped, this might be the biggest change PLAYSTATION has done to its controllers - both in shape and colors, i wouldn’t have guessed that this controllers is a PS5 control which is really good and fun in my opinion

    11. Dan Poppe

      I'm not sure how l feel about the shape. I may be seeking out a 3rd party controller that feels like a ps4 controller. I guess I'll have to wait and see

    12. Littleton Carey

      Did he say "would you have sex with this controller?" I 🤣😂🤣

    13. Big H Studios

      Where is the headphone jack

    14. fruits punch samurai

      So the controller also doubles as a vibrator. Coool

    15. AJ

      Dig the futuristic style a lot- really hope that carries over into the actual console.

    16. lord_ dante420

      Took some designs from Microsoft I see

    17. Kenneth Head

      Been playing xbox for 13 years straight now since ps2. Ps5 is really making Me consider my next buy.

    18. GuanJun 1

      It looks so sexy in white.

    19. jan vennegoor

      No one is talking about durability. If you are a frequent gamer you'll know what im talking about. The dualshock starts glitching after 3 months (multiple issues). Especially Drifting ! And the controllers cost about 60 dollars. I Really hope they test these new controllers carefully. So the daily gamer does not have to replace their controller every couple of months.

    20. Christy Kröhne

      Kind help but getting that Xbox look.

    21. Ihate Myself:D

      Might just be because IV been using it for 6 years but PS3 feels most comfortable

    22. Kreator Kayez

      Controller will be atleast 100£ watch 😂

    23. Fit Beats

      my biggest chance: my wall is thinner

    24. Omer Bayer

      It will work with PLANTRONICS Rig 500 audio cable ?

    25. BLACKMOLLY 98

      This might be my first launch day console. I hope it will be great. Who’s gonna buy it on launch day?

    26. Carlos Chavez-Murillo

      There better be a full black version

    27. King Panda

      The ps4 DualShock would be my most favorite

    28. Test Channel

      This sort of job pleases me quite definitely. This paper features pizzazz!🐶🙉

    29. Christopher

      Is that really the PS5 and its controller? Is this an April Fool's joke? Wtf?

    30. ZEUS THE GOD

      I love the *HONK* button

    31. Ghost

      Also they will not work on pc

    32. D'angelo Rhone

      The Wii u already had a built in mic

    33. 100fredkrueger

      I hope it feels great. For me the PS4 controller doesn’t fit in my hand very well. I have large hands and my left hand always seems to hurt. I love the way my sons Xbox one controller feels. This new one actually looks a lot like the shape of the Xbox controller. Besides the feel of the Xbox controller I like nothing else about it. I love the look of the new controller as well. Can’t wait to see the console and to actually get it. With how fast time goes by it will be here before we know it. It would be cool to have the buttons light up though. I think that is neat. Just like the touchpad lightning up around the edge. Gives it a cool futuristic look.

    34. COHCO

      It’s starting to look more like an Xbox controller. The shape

    35. Very nice design ps5 is the winner bevor the game beginning

    36. Karpagam Vijayanand

      Will it be compatible with ps4??

    37. Meme Funny


    38. Clark Kane

      Literally play station copied the Xbox controller for a fact I mean it’s petty and sad I guess they just realized which console is better 🤷🏿‍♂️

    39. Glen Samu

      Not sure how I feel about this controller

    40. Clark Nebres

      I like the use of football memes like Pep and Kovac

    41. Joshua Martinez

      It looks like an XBOX 360 controller. Not the XBOX one but the 360.... the old one.

    42. Sanic Master268

      I like how all the ps4 players were fighting over how fat the Xbox controller is and now that they have a fat one there like no no it’s fine

    43. karlospeedi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> a Croatian football coach Niko Kovac

    44. For head 3

      Lol it looks like the Xbox one controller 😂

    45. Moshe

      I dig it

    46. JOLLYGaming

      In conclusion, Huge upgrade and big step. Fantastic

    47. Virgino Rikaryanto

      Built in microphone *exist* Me:Ah yesss a new way to rickroll my friends.

    48. EYESPAMML2

      They better give us a full headset

    49. EYESPAMML2

      I got a samsuge s20 ultra i alr have like 4 chargers for my ps5

    50. Nicholas Noriega

      Pretty sure the Mic will be off on default with that button toggle it one, probably vibrates and notifies you that you turned it on.

    51. Nicholas Noriega

      It’s freaking Beautiful

    52. Ali Gh

      Xbox controller?

    53. Water Sniper

      I wonder how is the longevity of the senor memory. In about 6 - 12 months will they have a recall on controllers and gamers sending in their controllers to be replaced for a new analyzed version ?

    54. Nemesis Fox

      The should make the buttons triangle, circle, x (cross) , square glow up and maybe the d-pad as well. It would be dope

    55. mrfld

      Shooters and driving games need thumb accuracy. Turn off vibration.

    56. Romefeller

      Way to catch up Sony good job!

    57. Wiziliz

      Gamecube shoulder buttons, cool. And the sense of the feel is similar to HD Rumble, by the sounds of it, sounds good.

    58. yroohj gouy

      I immediately thought Detroit Become Human when I saw this controller. Love it!

      1. yroohj gouy

        does anyone have that thing where: when u walk away from the controller for a period of time that the lights dim but if you aprouch it the light goes full again like it knows that y

    59. o o

      I'm glad they added some bulk to it and the curved outer edge. It will feel nicer in the hand for sure. One thing Xbox controllers always won me over with was the feel in the hand. However, the fact that they always had to use batteries or you had to buy a separate recharge pack for them really pissed me off and made me think that someone at Microsoft had shares in a battery manufacturer or a mine. lol

      1. o o

        @yroohj gouy That's nice. I'm not a fan of anything. I just buy all the systems.

      2. yroohj gouy

        I have been a true PlayStation fan sense day 1 and now I can say that this controller looks super ugly as long as they let us use a different controller we straight

    60. Mr. Red

      Looks dodo

      1. yroohj gouy

        Looks like they just further copied the Xbox controller with the triggers and the shape.

    61. alisuo toko


    62. Whyx Nowx

      Hopfully that controler can be used with windows PC's. I hate the fact that fascist microsoft uses it's influence so now you can only play pc games with the x-box controler.

      1. alisuo toko

        This is actually brilliant


      I’m getting a ps5 on the first day

    64. robbe hendrickx

      Man I loved the general playstation controllers, one of the reason I never got into xbox is I cannot stand to play with those controllers, they feel clunky, big and uncomfterable. Them going with this design kinda blows for me personally

    65. ReeVise

      Wow... can’t wait to take my rage out on it 🙃

    66. Jacob Ajavananda

      All the dislikes are just the toxic Xbox players that still believe in console wars

    67. Kevin Handal

      i live on long island please hire me

    68. Nate Head

      I'm also big on "raw input" myself 😏

    69. APT4Tech

      Sony needs to release a gaming tv alongside the ps5 😉🤫

    70. break_a_bull _

      I don’t think I can play claw on this it looks too big

      1. break_a_bull _

        xoobo vola dude I have small hands I’m 5’1 so I have small hands and I play claw all I said is it looks too big for my hands

      2. xoobo vola

        they moved some stuff from the xone controller but OK fanboys

    71. StopMotionLive

      It looks like Baymax from big hero 6

    72. Matthew Lowery

      I love the controller

    73. Jake Delizioso

      "Please let us know if YOU would have sex with this controller" bruh

    74. Matthew Martinez

      Looks like they just further copied the Xbox controller with the triggers and the shape.

    75. Your God

      I have been a true PlayStation fan sense day 1 and now I can say that this controller looks super ugly as long as they let us use a different controller we straight

    76. Not a happy kermit

      does anyone have that thing where: when u walk away from the controller for a period of time that the lights dim but if you aprouch it the light goes full again like it knows that you are coming

      1. Not a happy kermit

        srry not really that english

    77. karthikronfils

      would bang 10/10

      1. okow tina

        Will the DualShock 4 work on ps5?

    78. senseixhanel

      anyone else hear what he said at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="322">5:22</a>

      1. okow tina

        Comtrole perfeito

    79. footballdude629 3

      Oh added curves a just like the xbox controller

    80. Justin Greene

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="306">5:06</a> What monstrosity is that