Proposing to my girlfriend..

Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove

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    We wish this could be real, but we wanted to try it out. We're too young, and definitely need more time. Just remember, one day it'll actually happen. We hope you all enjoyed the video! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE if you did enjoy even a little. It'd mean the WORLD to US! I do this for you guys, every day of the year. I'll see you guys in the next video. Until next time cows.. MOO!
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    PROPOSING TO MY GIRLFRIEND! l Cody Orlove FT. Zoe Laverne


    1. Naomi Robles

      My brother got married at 18

    2. Roanna Shane Briones


    3. Vianny checo

      so cute :)

    4. Breanna Olmstead

      Omg I cried

    5. Jayla Wallen

      In the beginning I think zephen was a bit jealous of your idea because he looked upset when you were telling your dream

    6. Feb Chouinn28

      It will be cool if you're old enough to get married and when you really propose to Zoe you will do exactly the things on what happend in your dreams like remaking it reacreate like deja vu?? Idk what the best word to call it though but yeah it would be cool ●°● I'm still excited stay strong Zody

    7. Carolyn Rich

      Zephans literally trying so hard not to cry n i feel bad. He's like so quiet :(

    8. Carolyn Rich

      *zephan deep in thought about cody and zoe getting married* *oliver mentions babies* "BABIES?!" -cody AND zephan lmfaoooo

    9. riley prince

      i started crying

    10. paper squishys

      You and zoe are so cute together

    11. RLiGN

      So if they are going to fake a marriage IDC

    12. Drawing With Me!

      U know you can get married when your 18 but that’s pretty young still BTW I love Zody

    13. Annika Gelinas

      It's just gonna be for 24hrs

    14. TheKnight - Gaming


    15. Maria Rawat

      My parents got married at 19

    16. Ricardo Bueno

      Cody why did you duet on the roof

    17. Kirstin Mae !

      zephan jealous

    18. Ruby Thelwell

      Zoe is amazing

    19. CiCi Lynn


    20. irene cordez

      When cody said lets talk about the dream in the couch and then he said this is hard to film And Oliver Said your preganant Hahahahhahahahaha lol hahahhahahah

    21. Cameron Dorrah

      love your tik tok Zoe

    22. Sara Dožić :3

      Wait i thinked zoe lost hand

    23. thatbroadway girl

      You said the h word your so bad

    24. Olivia Steele

      Randomly just randomly Cody:u my dad wikie wikie wikie Zoe: -_- I have to spend the rest of my life with him No hate sorry zody

    25. Repair Gamer

      I propose my girl friend but she does not answer me. Why??????????

    26. Here’s the Mutha flipping Tea

      🙄 fake for clout omg didn’t you cheat on her and got her over here crying and shit and people talking about her saying she having mentalBreakdown ❓

      1. Baby Shrek The Artist

        Here’s the Mutha flipping Tea no she cheated on him and he clearly said at the start that they weren’t actually getting married

    27. H o n e y B e a r

      "Will you marry me...For 24 hours" Me: *dead inside*

    28. Shannon Davis

      Zephon is low-key upset

    29. Alissa Hastings

      All she did was complain about everything. If my bf was that romantic, I would be on cloud 9.

    30. Arely Gonzalez

      The boy next to you wants zoe and tell her she is pretty and I also see her tiktoks

    31. Lulu Cookie

      I love you guys Zoe and Cody 💗💗

    32. Amy Carrillo

      No forever pls i gust want to see you together

    33. Jasmine Romo

      No hate but all she has to say is “I’m cold” no hate tho no hate

    34. Lesley Przysocki

      I love you Zoe and Cody

    35. Lesley Przysocki

      It is so cute

    36. Aileen Arreola

      Did anyone notice that Cody said that he had 900k and was so close to hitting 100k😝😝

    37. oof oof


    38. Nairy Baroutji

      Thery're so damn cute together❤❤❤

    39. •Layla zlp•


    40. Teddy Bush

      Zephen is jealous

    41. gaming with taylor


    42. ayanna shelley

      Hate comments are a lie

    43. Rayelle Levesque

      On a roof😂

    44. Irma Rodriguez

      Don't even worry about the haters they are jelous

    45. Debra Cork

      Do anything for clout 😂

    46. Emma Cremeans

      Anyone see what her pants say lmao 😂

    47. Dream Cometru


    48. Carpenter Richardson


    49. Lily -Rose

      Is this the girl who did the chips and salsa meme??

    50. Talia Moran

      the 792 people who disliked thought it meant “dis I like”

    51. Andrew Jacobus

      Nothing is more romantic than a rooftop proposal

    52. Star Roblox

      Her face when you said she fell of the swing 😂😂

    53. Ghostgirl99

      Omg I loved this I wish it was real love you two so much your such an adorable couple!!!!

    54. Coh Hpl.13

      Yall are a good couple

    55. Coh Hpl.13

      Yall should get married

    56. Courtney Hug

      Aw congratulations 🥳

    57. lxvey amy

      This is cuteee

    58. Feishia Nill

      You are faking it …

    59. maria pineda

      I felt single through the whole vid

    60. Editing Tutorials

      Omg Zephan at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="215">3:35</a> 😂😂 “bAbiEs”

    61. Jamie Novello

      I’m am a huge fan!!!!

    62. violet isthebest

      are u pregnant cody: kinda

    63. Jennifer Rozier

      No one: Zephan: BAAaAAbiiiEeEsS?!?!??

    64. Lily Torres

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="582">9:42</a> Cody:and you fell off.... Zoe: 😀

    65. Gladis Macao

      I just subscribed and turn the bell on I also liked please shout me out

    66. anna xox

      Are you okay she cheated on me you not too long ago honestly I kind of knew the breaking up thing was a joke cuz she says you were going to go back to each other and one of their lives and that you are back to each other I'm not surprised it's only white people only white people

    67. Stephanie Herrera

      One day I had a dream of this

    68. Hind Sanany


    69. M Xaphakdy

      18 years old getting married my parents would kick me out- but congrats!!

    70. Violeta Cruz


    71. Charlie Galea

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="250">4:10</a> “give a ring pop” I played that like 10 times it’s funny

    72. Jaelyn Tube

      It was only for 24 hours :c

    73. cookiemonsta

      these too are fucked up alot

    74. Julia Marie Kotyk

      Fake shit

    75. aslaned67


    76. mai-lee te

      my parents married at 16 💀

    77. Emma Nicole Herrera

      Its my bday and you proposed to her 😂

    78. kasyahna silva

      You my dad

    79. XxxSnowxxX ;-;

      That dude said 24 hours

    80. Jasmine Chang