Pokémon GO Community Day-Featuring Ralts!

Get ready for the Pokémon GO Community Day in August, featuring Ralts! And watch out-maybe one’s already behind you!
📅 August 3
⏰ 4-7 p.m. local time
Download Pokémon GO for iOS and Android: bit.ly/2SzzVJb

Official site: www.pokemon.com
Shop: www.pokemoncenter.com
Facebook: Pokemon
Twitter: Pokemon
Instagram: pokemon

Published on 4 months ago


  1. 0o.Althea.o0

    0:18 *Precious, oh precious*

  2. Anime Lover

    0:18 That's a little Creepy on the eyes but Ralts is Cute!

  3. Grayson Alexandee

    I love that Pokemon!

  4. Grayson Alexandee

    I never knew that ralts could teleport or turn invisible.

  5. Happy Time Boredom

    The first shiny I ever caught was a Ralts on that event

  6. bobbl boi

    Whats the next one (after that sloth one

  7. Valian G


  8. Sobeitut

    😭 I couldn’t catch a shiny a Ralts because I was coming home from vacation, and I was in a rural area during the time ( the bad thing about being a kid is that you can’t choose where you go on vacation ) that it took place and there was only one Pokestop, but I still caught about eleven Ralts, and evolved one into Kirlia

  9. Furret

    They need a Furret community day

  10. Dieu Ha Xuan

    Ralts are from arena 51

  11. m rizqy abd

    waifu seed WAIFU SEED

  12. Rus Atını Çalan Suriye Hamsteri

    0:14 this is the closest thing to heaven on earth.

  13. Wendigo Van Der Blitz

    *_(teleports behind you)_*

  14. Heitor Terra

    The best comunity day ever

  15. Koua Vang

    So ralts does have eyes

  16. Ariel Ruh

    I got three Samurai Jack , Cosmo and I'm trying to name my other one

  17. Adını vermek istemeyen oyuncu

    I found shiny ralts

  18. TheFoxWorrior

    I don't know if its me but if you look at the slit at ralt's hair there is a red circle... does ralts have a third eye?

    1. Ariel Ruh

      I don't know

  19. Link KnightOfHyrule

    Was really happy the last Ralts I caught that day was a shiny

  20. david paw


  21. Andrymations _Furry_Official

    Noooo can you make it again?

  22. Tove Pettersen

    I played 2 hours no shiny ralts

  23. mandarinduck

    This is kind of terrifying lol

  24. Miguel Martinez

    It didn’t even show up for me on Saturday

  25. robin sanders

    So cute :)

  26. PeWds Pie

    I got 7 shiny ralts


    Got 6 shinies out of it, best run ive done. Evolved one into Gardevoir.

  28. T Johnson

    I caught 23 and saw 28 during the event and 2 of them where shiny!!

  29. Yankee 1147

    I got 3 shiny ralts. I though I got 4 but I miss counted. Got one to a gardevoir. I sadly dont have the sinnoh stone for a shiny gallade. Best 3 hours of the day

  30. BrazilianNut

    Why does the Community Day sometimes happen at the start of the month and sometimes at the end?

  31. Gurminder Singh

    So good animations

  32. * Peachy Crumbs *

    this is a great makeup for the nightmare that was slakoth day

  33. Kunosaki- sama

    Thx for the up date

  34. Shadoboy

    Ralts everywhere? I'm in heaven now.

  35. Autism And Gaming

    finally i can use a Gallade on my team :)

  36. Meminous

    Dangit i just got a Gallade with great stats. Oh well.. at least i can get a Gardevoir now.

  37. Walter Ralts


  38. Mioriuz Sempai

    Hey dudes of gamefreak i found a beheeyem in the Área 51

  39. うっぴー

    How cute!😍

  40. Gacha Blueberry [Razzle Blue :3]

    Ralts has.. eyes?? O. O