Pittsburgh Dad Homeschooling the Kids

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    With the kids out of school during the Coronavirus lock down, Pittsburgh Dad has to teach the important lessons.
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    1. Gorefeast

      1975 lol

    2. Tom SestitoGOON

      I feel bad for non Pittsburghers that won’t understand the racer joke 😂

    3. Stripey The Kitty

      The 1972 and 1975 work seems modern and correct.

    4. Russ Wag

      Loved you in WACO.. but seriously

    5. jim maher


    6. Melissa Roscher

      Kansas city, born and raised same age as the creators. Really enjoy P'burg dad, thanks.

    7. naplesdaygo21

      I’m officially all out Pittsburgh Dad videos to watch. I’ve been binge watching them for weeks.

    8. Jennifer Baldini

      Pgh dad, when you were talking about Toms tree, made me think of your classic 'Toms roots' rant: "Other day, [Toms] roots came in my front door, sat down on the couch. Watched Jeooardy together. Got the daily double right". "Other day, roots knocked on my winda'. Helped the kids with their homework". "Other day, roots came inta the garage, warmed up the car and backed it 'aut". Im paraphrasing, but still remember you cracked me up!! 😂🤣😅😆

    9. Hadin Landeros

      My wife rolls her eyes at me cause im a yinzer on the west coast and i do things like, before seeing this video, give a 30 min "history" class to my son on the immaculate reception. She said we re all crazy

    10. Michelle D.

      Thank you so much, Pittsburgh Dad for making us all smile and laugh over the years but even more so now!!! I've been a long time a fan & now I find myself wishing for a daily video. Full disclosure: My first job was at Hills, I spent every Friday night during my teens at Century 3 & Showbiz Pizza and my first beer was at the Monkey Bar. So Im pretty vested in your entire theme. Lol God bless you & your family in these trying times and thank you for always making us laugh & remember our blissful youth.

    11. WizardOfWhoopee

      I think he's sending us a hidden message with the colors of his plaid shirts the past few weeks, Red->Green->Blue-Green.

    12. marià Brinza

      This episode wasn't long enough!

    13. tom Knauss


    14. Momma Smith

      Yoga! Yes love it

    15. Michael May

      New music?

    16. Mary

      This was the Funniest thing ever! Thanks Pittsburgh Dad

    17. Alex Brumbaugh

      If we do not see Dad in the next episode it is because he got arrested for putting dog dirt on the side of the rode 😂😂😂🤣

    18. Chris Hitchcock

      Hey dad, tell us what you think about the Tiger King.

    19. yroohj gouy

      Don't forget the class on Yinz is a pronoun

    20. mixio hili

      My grandmother lived in Pittsburgh, and always said “dog dirt.” I love it!

    21. wnnalis cioov

      It’s only what people have to know. So good enough for school.

    22. Scott Chaffin

      I cant get enough of this jag. Everything he does is gold. Should be writing for them comedy movies out Hollywood. Hahaha

      1. yroohj gouy


    23. Weekly Dad

      Haha, Dad nailed it!!!

      1. mixio hili

        The best Homeschooling teacher ever 😂😂

    24. aola wili

      My grandmother lived in Pittsburgh, and always said “dog dirt.” I love it!

      1. wnnalis cioov


    25. bilishu aliss

      Don't forget the class on Yinz is a pronoun

    26. neejoy sola

      CoronaVIRUS?! You kids need to run dahn the store and get dad CORONA BEER! Everybody’s all aught of Iron City!An don’t forget Grams cigarettes, you tell ‘em we said its O

    27. And nothing else happened

      if you really cared about your kids you wouldnt send them to gov schools in the first place.

      1. aola wili


    28. Doug Sholly

      I want Pittsburgh dad to homeschool me. I feel like I would learn a lot more useful stuff...

      1. bilishu aliss


    29. xoobo vola

      I want a Pittsburgh Dad sitcom. with a laughtrack.

      1. neejoy sola

        Do Pittsburgh dad as Buffalo dad


      When handled the right way, school is fun! Through #homeschooling, parents are able to take part in the fun along with their #children. www.virtualschooling.in

    31. Klaus Know me

      Best Pgh Dad bit yet

      1. xoobo vola

        I've been teaching my daughter about Aaron Smith and how teamwork leads to greatness without recognition.

    32. David Schellhaas

      First Pittsburgh Dad was there with us as we were quarantined in the Ben-less Steelers 2019 season, now he’s here with us for this pandemic! He truly deserves an IC Lite. Heck, make it a tallboy.

    33. Elanimal2323 Gaming

      I couldnt understand what he was saying im not hating just being truthful

    34. Anthony Cerqua

      Good job yinz guys!!

    35. kc 3182x

      Lol if classes teach this subject, I would had never slept in classes lol!!

    36. Carl Malone

      Republican history.

    37. African Girl


    38. okow tina

      The best Homeschooling teacher ever 😂😂

    39. Ak3 Life


    40. Spark E

      You look like a hick that brainwashes his country hick children with the bible and god

    41. Ta Yann

      រឿង ចិននិយាយខ្មែរ អ្នកខ្លានដាវទិព

      1. okow tina

        How very typical of blue-color trash from Pittsburgh

    42. Jaimie Mills


    43. Min-Pin Papa

      Do Pittsburgh dad as Buffalo dad

    44. Dan Adamczyk

      The dog dirt lol

    45. leathertrench

      Thank you so much. I really miss living there...

    46. AwakenedLemming

      I've been teaching my daughter about Aaron Smith and how teamwork leads to greatness without recognition.

    47. E S

      Google yes, encyclopedias no

    48. kevin cronan

      the teachers i know , LOVE this , now you guys can get a load of your crappy , spoiled . nasty ass kids,,,

    49. townandcountry073

      Not feeling the different music please go back to original music

    50. d lee

      more outtakes pleeeease🧡

    51. Jason MNfrost

      this guys needs a netflix series

    52. Jim Fox

      ROTFL - talk about being half a bubble off of center.... Ummm there isn't even any level here!

    53. Jim McIntyre


    54. ChrisTSB

      Do you want a sub? Cuz thus is how you get one.

    55. J Z

      How very typical of blue-color trash from Pittsburgh

    56. IHateAlmondMilk

      Homeschooling is food but these kids will never have anything close to a social life

    57. Allan Pohlman

      Nothing past 1975???? Should have been 1979 so you can get that last Bucco world series in and then you leave out all the Pens Stanley Cups. This learnin' stuff is tricky

    58. SMK

      Aww he broke charcter at the end. cool

    59. Justin Nieman

      light the dog dirt on fire on Tom's lawn

    60. Ms So

      Jesus... This channel is 8 years old?

    61. Julio A Palacios Jr

      This is why school was created.

    62. Debra Moll

      I home schooled both my kids without a virus, they are awesome grown-ups! Of course, I was a, "House Wife" remember them? Back when kids were healthy, and did well....

    63. Ranapution

      Iron city beer! 🍺 the shitest. Beer I’ve ever drank 🤢

      1. buddymax46

        Subbura 1988 Shitest? What are ya? A Brit? 🤦🏻‍♂️ SHITTIEST!

    64. PropaneMafia

      Oof I’ve been watching him sense I was in 4th grade, this stuff never gets old at all

    65. Pensfan 5919

      Rest of world: Welcome to Pittsburgh stereotypes. This works, by the way.

    66. Burke McCabe

      you're really representing Pittsburgh, getting #25 on trending

    67. Valencia's Life


    68. Matt B

      I’m having a Pittsburgh moment out here in NJ-here’s mine (stay well everyone): “Tuition n'at. hauscome I gotta pay this month’s tuition to da skul fer me to homeschool my kid da ABCs, 123s, anna kellers of da rainbou? I already taught that stuff to ‘em anyway before she walked into that skul n'at. I read her 3 stories a day -how many stories does that skul read em anyway n'at. Let me tell ya sumpin- Back then, we had Sesame Street and Mister Rogers. I started preschool whenever I was 4 and had only half day Kindergarden, and looky how I turned aht!”

    69. Danny Dee

      Anyone watch this with a straight face?

    70. Patricia Bentley


    71. yarchman

      Make a streetlight stories part 3, with uncle rick and aunt Linda

    72. truckdriver7696

      The greatest thing to ever happen to Pittsburgh since the immaculate reception. Funnier than John madden crying it doesn't count. Thanks for all the laughs. Please keep up the great videos

    73. Buff88

      6+1+2020=7th Heaven. Hope so!😊 Go Steelers!

    74. Shade _

      Why is this on trending?

    75. kevin 157

      Good yoga poses! Lol.

    76. Rebekah R

      Pittsburgh Dad is on trending!

    77. AJ Constantine

      Nothing makes gas like Chris’s cackle! MORE CHRIS LAUGHS!! 👏👏🤘

    78. Odeca

      #25 on trending, nice